Aion Online Account Hacking (Hack) Solutions

Aion Online Account Hacking SolutionsMy account for aion online was hacked what can i do?
A awhile ago my account for aion online was hacked. In order for me to stop that right away i made sure to cancel the monthly payments coming out on my credit card. Is there an easy way for me to get my account back with all my items? Or am i basically screwed and there is no way for me now to get my account back with all its items.

Best answer:
Well you have pretty much 2 different options. The first one is what id recommend doing just for safety reasons. Id contact aion online’s main department and tell them about how your account was hacked and you want to know of the best way to help fix this situation so you can get your account back. While i have never had this situation with NC Soft i have had to do something like this when my wow account was hacked a few months ago. If they are doing things the same they will probably have you verify some previous information. Such as your old credit card number, your old email address, when you might of created your account, your old password (rarely do companies do this one), and they might even have you send in a copy of your drivers license to help prove it was you. This way they can be sure you are the real account holder and give you your account back with all its items. However the downside is you probably cant get your items back there might be a chance but its less than likely. Also if they account hacker was evil they might of deleted your account and if NC Soft has no policy on that then you will loose your account as well.

The second option is a tad more evil but you can always try it. First of all find out who stole your account. You can log into the game and find if your account is one and then try to figure out if he joined a special clan which then is more than likely the same hackers. Also sometimes with games you can find out what the email address of the hacker is since they do change them a lot of the time to their email address they are using. Then you just need to first of all find a good key-logger program or Trojan program. Put that in an email address and make it seem like a password retrieval page. Since a majority of hackers are from china and other 3rd party countries sometimes English is still a harder language for them to read. They will then go ahead and check out the link and sometimes install the Trojan software. Then you can get your revenge. Keep in mind this is in a gray area and it may or may not be illegal depending on where you live. But now you know all the facts of what to do when someone steals your account.

2 Responses to “Aion Online Account Hacking (Hack) Solutions”

  1. Sier B says:

    Yes, getting in touch with NCSoft account support can fix your problem. They can change the password for you and give you back your access if you explain the situation and can identify yourself as the owner. You holding the card goes a long way towards that.

  2. Micro says:

    Contact game customer supports and they will get your account back, but I am afraid it will take you a few days maybe.