How To Join / Create Your Own Cataclysm Private Server

Here is a video of one of the very first working world of warcraft cataclym private servers. This server is according to many the very first video of a private server running that is not just a sandbox. You can join it as well by doing some easy steps.

1 – First of all you need to go create an account at
2 – Now download cataclysm release number 11927 (this is for people that have wotlk for the us servers)
3 – Install the enus installer (this can take awhile up to 2 hours at times)
4 – Now go into your wow folder and find enUS/data/ (Use search if you cant find that file)
5 – Delete everything in there and put instead
set realmlist
set patchlist

If you have patch 3.3.3a or above you can do the following.
1 – find your wow data folder in program files wow data
2 – Delete the file patch.mpq
3 – Now hit repair.exe in the same folder
4 – Make sure everything is unchecked in the repair.exe screen and just hit check files only
5 – The repair should bring you to version 3.0.0
6 – Do steps 1-5 from above.

Enjoy the first and only working world of warcraft private server out there for cataclysm. It is still buggy so dont expect anything amazing going on. However you can still interact with other people, check out new upcoming content, and while we haven’t tested it out just yet im sure you can fight mobs and do other things as time goes by or now. This is a great update for anyone that didnt get in the beta but really wanted to just check out what the game has to offer. Well anyways go enjoy the game and enjoy checking out the new landscape after the cataclsm.

50 Responses to “How To Join / Create Your Own Cataclysm Private Server”

  1. Mahthan says:

    @WoWCataFlame actuly your the noob for one this aint your server so stop saying it is and two the fucking beta has a new build and now the server is useless and theres only one fucking one server that works and thats naxpgaming

  2. chrisrox62 says:

    @redfangtheworgenlol noob

  3. The101Enrage says:

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  4. Tommilee09 says:

    @redfangtheworgenlol u twat fuck stfu i cant go to Jail lmao

  5. SkillRogues says:

    Cant ge t on website

  6. jarvGM says:

    hi , i can´t enter in the site , send a e-mail to, for you creat a acount to me

  7. trevormays102 says:

    @redfangtheworgenlol You do understand you are the most ignorant person I have ever seen comment on a video on youtube right?

  8. lifedshadow says:

    server is offline fuck you noob

  9. biker4lyfe says:

    Site dont work.

  10. masonawsome5 says:

    does it require a hamachi server cuz it wont connect to the website on my computer

  11. redfangtheworgenlol says:

    @Spyxen1 1 week

  12. redfangtheworgenlol says:

    DO NOT GO ON PRIVET SERVER YOU COULD GET BANNED OR GO TO JAIL!!!!!! or go on it for 1 week then quit 🙂

  13. trainerpaper says:

    this work because i cant enter the page

  14. freebird963 says:

    it just did all i had to do was click the link

  15. PokemonAwesome999 says:

    @freebird963 OMG HOW?!??!?!

  16. freebird963 says:

    the site worked for me

  17. ryuk1123 says:

    hey does the website work cuz i cant get on

  18. trozei1997 says:

    when will the website open up? cuz it doesnt i keep clicking tha link n it doesnt load

  19. Sonyflash360 says:

    i´m still trying for three weeks to go on this webside and it is always down or offline xDD

  20. demonslayer540 says:

    k buddy ur peice of shit server is always down

  21. spoofanator says:

    @V1DE0 ORLY MAYNE so you cant afford enough support for DB files and DB patches you stole to play on through a barely alive computer connection PROGRAM filled with evil furries and society’s worst trolls to ever exist THAT IS INDEED IMPRESSIVE MY GOOD SIR

  22. familyjazz says:

    i cant access website someone help me, my internet connection fine

  23. oBLACKIECHANoo says:

    i have a good dl link on my vid of the beta if any1 needs it.

  24. HotdickingFilms says:

    um i tried to download the thing but it wont work can u help me please i dont think im downloading correctly

  25. bloodwawe says:

    Ahh man i cant log with my account… it tells i write bad password.. but i can log in at web.. pls do someth

  26. jackfudgeu says:

    @Mahthan search Novos easy wow server, you can make your own cata private sever with that if you have the beta client.

  27. Mahthan says:

    damn and i just got the open beta client

  28. jackfudgeu says:

    @Mahthan i know it doesnt, it hasnt worked for about a month, but some fucker stole my video, said it was his server and that its still working

  29. Mahthan says:

    server dosent work sorry waste of time

  30. flare8809 says:

    @jackfudgeu I also heard that the WoW directory doesn’t work unless it’s patched to 3.3.5 and it’s an official Blizzard realm =/

  31. jackfudgeu says:

    @flare8809 um it depends, not really, like you cant .kill someone, but you can lvl yourself, and create phases and put objects down, but you have for it.

  32. jackfudgeu says:

    @apl48x yeah the site is updating

  33. apl48x says:

    for some reason i cant connect to the website an i rlly wanna know how cause i wanna test out the server

  34. flare8809 says:

    @jackfudgeu Isn’t echlonedwow the one with all GM but 98% of commands are removed? And do I need to have the original realmlist to patch WoW? Mine keeps downloading the same one after it’s finished

  35. naikele1 says:

    im looking at the wrathfull and t10.5 heroic gear atm lmfao

  36. freebird963 says:

    @jackfudgeu ya its a great server i used to play it i was a donor for awhile but quit

  37. jackfudgeu says:

    @UltraGanja The site does work they were probly updating, anyway,

  38. UltraGanja says:

    site dont work boom x]

  39. jackfudgeu says:

    @sesshoumaru999 idunno i dont play that server anymore sorry i play echlonedwow google it, its a good server

  40. sesshoumaru999 says:

    stupidest server ideea ever we fkin start at lv 55 and must level killing some custom supid mobs with lv 1 starting gear this just sucks and its very anoyng to get killed at the starting zone instantly WTF

  41. TheNightfear says:

    The Real Wow Folder

  42. Thyc0unted says:

    But I have a question now …. When I make a account should there be a option on the website saying, Wow : Catacyslm active . Or something like that?

  43. jackfudgeu says:

    @Thyc0unted beta

  44. Thyc0unted says:

    Wait u have to go to your regular wow folder and delete Patch.mpq or the beta folder?

  45. matthew8895 says:


  46. killertator333 says:

    is it still offline?

  47. jackfudgeu says:

    @nikussousalolpt is it?

  48. jackfudgeu says:

    @lonewolfavila dude, the srever is offline due to people not even wanting to play the game but just explore, i am trying to get them to put it back on just as one relm and still have the others but we need more people cheers

  49. lonewolfavila says:

    i cant connect to the web, and as u answered Goony03 u said that when the server is down so is the web, but why the web? whynot just the server?

  50. nikussousalolpt says:

    the serve is working now ??