SWTOR Bots So Far


Here is a list of all the current Star Wars The Old Republic bots on the market and how you can start using them for your own gaming pleasure.

– The first SWTOR bot released so far is a simple anti afk bot. These anti afk bots will allow you to stay in the game. These are extremely helpful when the servers are at over capacity and you have to wait upwards of an hour to just log into the game. Instead these anti afk bots make it look like you are playing and doing rather mundane tasks. Such as walking around town or jumping up and down. While these are not very advanced they are great for players that dont want to be logged off or want to leech in PvP areas.

– The second is going to be a swtor farming macro. While these are not in depth leveling bots you might be accustomed to in world of warcraft or lineage 2, they still serve a nice purpose. They allow you to do basic farming in the game and help you level. You cant pick what mobs to kill but you can pick when you heal, and just let the macro run around in a specific area killing minor mobs. These can be useful if you are trying to just farm a low level mob for a specific item, or helping you level by killing a few minor mobs in the game.

– The third released bot so far is a basic crafting bot. This bot can be set up to do some of the boring crafting tasks that come with all MMOs out there. It would be far more fun if MMOs has a fun mini game when it came to crafting. Something along the lines of Bioshock when you lock pick. This would allow you to enjoy crafting more and if you are really good, craft even better items. Anyways its a nice time saver.

– The final bot on the market is a swtor resource gathering macro. This will allow your player to run from point a to point b. Harvest the resources you can, then move onto a new area. This is great as well because it can help you skip the grind thats require to start farming resources in the game.

So there is the entire list of current bots on the market. The big one is going to be the leveling bot released by the people over at MMOViper soon.

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