The Free SWTOR Bots are Coming

Free SWTOR Leveling BotsSo with the soon to be released star wars the old republic MMO, that means bots are coming quickly. Here we can chat about bots already out there and ones that will be soon to come.

To start there is already some basic bots out there. TaultUnleashed for example has some basic afk macro bots to keep you in the game and stop you from actually being logged out. As well there is a nice ranged farming bot. Its extremely basic, but with the simplicity allows you to be undetected by more advanced means of detection in the game.

For upcoming more advanced bots you are going to want to check out MMOViper. MMOViper has already created major farming and leveling bots for games such as warhammer online which is an EA owned game, just like SWTOR. This means that when it comes to detection policies MMOViper will not be detected in SWTOR. The SWTOR has not been officially announced, but here are some facts we have gotten about what the bot will be able to do in the near future.

MMOViper SWTOR Leveling Bot Perks.

– Select skills you want to use for farming.
– Set what mobs you want to hunt for.
– Set what loot you want the bot to farm.
– Set the path you want to farm around in the game.
– Decide when the bot will heal you
– Select what types of anti detection you want in the bot.

Those are only a few of all the features for the MMOViper farming bot thats soon to come out.

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