WoW Cataclysm Orgrimmar Auction house bug patch 4.0.3

Here is a pretty big bug with orgrimmar auction house for world of warcraft patch 4.0.3.  This bug basically requires you first of all to have a large mount and that mount needs to be flying mount in the game.  With this bug you first need to fly into the wall.  Near the auction house as shown in the video.  From there you then find a small crack.  Then you keep on trying to summon your mount again.  It will take you a few times to get your mount properly taken out in the game.

If you have done it correctly it will bug you on the other side of the wall.  Then you just need to start trying to move around.  After a few tries it will allow you to actually bug out under the game world.  From there you can start traveling around orgrimmar.  Then when you want just dismount and you will now be able to spawn back above ground in the game.  Its a great feature for players that want to get around the game world easily with this world of warcraft bug for wow cataclysm.  Keep in mind do not use this orgrimmar wow bug in the game around any game world mods as they may ban you or give you at the very least an account suspension for using it.

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23 Responses to “WoW Cataclysm Orgrimmar Auction house bug patch 4.0.3”

  1. Moongrock says:

    Tss this is really simple buggin, It’s not necessary to put out stuff like this on youtube

  2. 0peanutman0 says:

    1 person doesnt have a mount

  3. jamalama4ever says:

    @MrNinjacunt Haha, yepp 🙂 But it isn´t nice for me.

  4. MrNinjacunt says:

    everyone flag these videos so bliz doesnt put a patch on it 😛

  5. domirenn says:

    thanks….. that worked!

  6. LuckerLol says:

    @jamalama4ever när jag är under AH och försöker flyga upp (vid 1:50) så kommer jag antingen utanför där alla står vid AH eller så kommer jag ingen stans och går inte att flyga upp :/

  7. jamalama4ever says:

    @LuckerLol Jo det gör det, men dom har nerfat den.

  8. LuckerLol says:

    funkar inte längre..

  9. jamalama4ever says:

    @Zirrcamelot2 Så kan man ju inte tänka 😛

  10. Zirrcamelot2 says:

    Snälla ta ner denna videon annars patchar blizzard det =(

  11. jamalama4ever says:

    @supercoolis93 Nice Willhelm 😀

  12. supercoolis93 says:

    yaay jag har också den mounten 😀 håller på med en lvl 41 hunter nu

  13. supercoolis93 says:

    yaay jag har också den mounten 😀

  14. Schmoodtheman says:

    @DahlTheGuy yes, an ugly one!

  15. DahlTheGuy says:

    @jamalama4ever That worked thanks!

  16. jamalama4ever says:

    @DahlTheGuy Nope 🙂

  17. DahlTheGuy says:

    Do i need to be a Tauren ?

  18. jamalama4ever says:

    @ThaPivguy Jump Exactly same times up you mount up, jump forward 🙂

  19. ThaPivguy says:

    i cant get the mammoth up

  20. jamalama4ever says:

    @gronsaksgrej Nice you liked it! 🙂

  21. gronsaksgrej says:

    Worked perfectly!

  22. jamalama4ever says:

    @EODBugmaster haha lol 🙂

  23. EODBugmaster says:

    Hmm.. This music (reminds me) 😀
    Nice1 bug 🙂 ‘[I got downloadlink for sony10(but im not using it :D)]’