World of Warcraft Cataclysm Release Date

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Release DateWhat is the world of warcraft cataclysm release date?
So i have been trying to find this out but there is still no official announcement when the release date for world of warcraft cataclysm is going to come out.  My question is does anyone know exactly when its going to come out.  The FAQ for blizzards official website doesn’t actually give a release date either so im kinda stuck waiting for it.  The big reason is i have x amount of days for vacation time for work and i want to use maybe 2-3 days when the game comes out so i can play it.  However i usually need to give a 2-3 month notice of when im taking time off.  I know its an early notice but my company needs me really badly so when i leave they need to prepare for it.  So any suggestions?

Well there are a few different calculations as to when blizzard is going to release world of warcraft cataclysm. The first one is going to be from If you go their official site and type in cataclysm you will get 2 categories. The first one says they have no official release date for world of warcraft cataclysm. However the second product is the official wow strategy guide by brady games. They have a release date of October 26th. Brady games is normally pretty close when it comes to release dates so that’s one big clue as to the release date. Keep in mind gamestop also had an original release date of November 1st 2010 listed.

The other clue is we can by go wrath of the lich king which was released on November 13th 2008. Now this wont tell us for sure when cataclysm is going to be released it does give us some insight as to a target date for the release date. Blizzard has said previously that they are aiming for a 4th quarter release date for cataclysm. Reason being is they can count it on their financial statements. So releasing it in 2011 would hurt those figures. Also blizzard is sure to want some of the big thanksgiving shopping dates so you can nix out anything at the end of November and all of December.

So based on those clues you are looking at a release date anyways from October 26, 2010 to November 27, 2010. I know that’s only giving you a one month release date range which still kinda sucks.

Your best bet if you have to is go for broke and do Oct 26, Nov 1, and Nov 13. Because those are going to be the 3 biggest contenders for release dates. Once more is updated we will be sure to add i there. But there is the best calculations as to when you can expect to know the world of warcraft cataclysm release date.

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  4. sardorn says:

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  5. blacktiger230 says:

    *sigh* i cant believe people think gaystop has accurate info its just bogus date so they can take your money too

  6. marc2926 says:


  7. thefunnyguy93 says:

    @Thrills001 3.3.5 is out… thinking sept time…

  8. 777vasil says:

    for free even !!!

  9. 777vasil says:

    guys i know where you can download it.

  10. OOZiTen says:

    gay song
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    no need for a video
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  11. VeteranOfHell says:

    LOL dude i love how when u go to the site, click on wow:cataclysm and it says “No release dates have been set. Pricing and dates are subject to change.”
    nice job making this fail video. and yes cataclysm should be release somewhere near october and november… beta keys are getting ready to be picked, screenshots are on the site

  12. vlad94isback says:

    11.1.2010 XD its beta start

  13. WinterFix says:

    This video.. looks Bogus!

  14. LocalWoWPlayer says:

    i just went to gamestop and it says Pre-Order only

  15. LocalWoWPlayer says:

    @hamslab Hollywood Undead – Undead

  16. zyber0003 says:

    @wiz101rox1 yep ur right there was a maintence the otherday and it was for catacylsm it comes out in a month or 2 cant wait 🙂

  17. music4meh says:

    @wiz101rox1 3.9 is the gnomer and echo event

  18. music4meh says:

    cataclysm has been worked on for over 18 months. big game, but we could suspect it in november 2010:P if you go try to guess it, we could suspect 3.3.5 in a month or so… and we could supsect 3.9 3-4 months after that. then 4.0.2 will come out:)

  19. hamslab says:

    song name?

  20. wiz101rox1 says:

    I think there gonna have Patch 3.3.5 around summer then Cataclysm during July or August. (It would make more sence cause Patch 3.3.5 is just gonna have a new Instance and 2 events to bring back Gnomeregan and Echo isles. And new features with social and PvP/PvE)

  21. hashbrownforever says:

    I checked on gamestop and it has gone passed that date. Lol they got it wrong. Maybe i could sew them for it.

  22. randomdude7272 says:

    it must be a hell of a game if it’s taking them this long to make it

  23. darkkirby23 says:

    theyll prob tell the realese date during bizzcon

  24. axenhexberg11 says:

    its just showing that the game will come out around that date but its just a holder spot

  25. Michaelmop says:

    Game stores don’t know more about the release date than we do. So this vid was useless tbh.