World of Warcraft Cataclysm Secret Island

Here is a video showing some of the new things for world of warcraft cataclysm. Keep in mind this was a very early alpha of the game. What happened is someone got their hands on the alpha and in turn made an emulator for it. What tends to happen to alphas is its a very raw code. So for example things that might be released halfway down the year for the game is put in the alpha build and taken out of the beta build.

In this video you can see a brand new major island in the game. This secret area is located next to the badlands as the video shows. There is a major town near the badlands that has a dock. When you travel out from that dock in superman mode you can see a new island in the water. The island consists of 2 parts. One is more rocky and like a mountain, while the other has a flat surface to it and is a lot thinner in size.

These 2 islands where removed immediately after it was leaked of their existence int he alpha build. This only leaves more speculation what their point is. It is rumored that during cataclysm another major landscape change will take place after the first patch. This will release these 2 islands which is a major part in getting to deathwing and the final boss battle of the patch. However no one is for sure what is going to happen.

Well anyways enjoy the video and seeing the new world of warcraft cataclysm island that the developers dont want you to even know exists in the game. If you want to see more hidden things be sure to check out our other posts in the wow cataclysm section here.

22 Responses to “World of Warcraft Cataclysm Secret Island”

  1. Sebatiger says:

    i found this too and i was like “k”

  2. drumstickNL says:

    Goblin mines!

  3. slayerskugan says:

    Wow.. i just swimmed around the eastern kingdom some days ago, and nothing of this was there 😀

  4. Bloodsoldr says:

    Not so much a secret, if there are light’s pointing you in the direction.

  5. MrSquidbeard says:

    Looks alot like the texture/model of what will become deathwing’s scar

  6. Veeeets says:

    flying mount landing strip?

  7. PhantaxZdC says:

    What could be there in the future?

  8. Act1996 says:

    no,it includes Northrend for Wotlk and Outland for BS

  9. chocoegglet says:

    they’re expansion packs so nothing changes from the 1st game it just adds new stuff like in the burning crusade, you get to have blood elves and draenei as playable characters with shamans on the alliance and paladins on the horde, it also adds a new place to explore called outland and lets you lvl from 60-70. then in the 3rd game it does basically the same and allows you to create a new class called a death knight and a new place to explore (northerend) and 70-80.

  10. stridetide155 says:

    lol ur a pro clicker

  11. rockleegaara22 says:

    First there are the 3 Warcraft games. then World of Warcraft.-From there are two expansion packs. First is Burning Crusade and the next is the newer Wrath of the Lich King. And yes you get new ablilities and such in each expansion

  12. WoWzebro says:

    that glich happened to me

  13. toppersrock says:

    thats happens to a lotz of people it just does it sometimes dont belive it

  14. WorldWarcraft222222 says:

    Do you also get better or more or special abilitys in the newer world of warcraft games then the old one the first one which I bought!!!!!!!

  15. WorldWarcraft222222 says:

    Whats the difference between the first game second and third isnt it the same world except different characters to choose from????????

  16. VoltageG60 says:

    it’s probally a mage GM that .npc infod a mob flying on that mount, he got to deathmines and just casted shit, sucker ..

  17. 0okamigirl says:

    P server

  18. WoWfreak000 says:

    either glitch or private server

  19. GOWFAN11 says:

    priv server

  20. LaurieA11 says:

    how the hell ?!?

  21. badesoflink says:

    Private server?

  22. HiFudgeBunnies says:

    wow lol