How To Get Free Aion Online Cheats and Bots

How To Get Free Aion Cheats and BotsHow can i get free download hints cheats trailers of Aion Tower of Eternity?
I want to play aion online with cheats, exploits, bots and other things that will make my character stronger in the game.  Also i want a lot more kinah.  Does anyone know the best way to get free cheats exploits and more for aion online.  I don’t want to pay and most free sites are just junk because they only give me things i don’t need in the game.

Best answer:
Here is by far the best way to get cheats, exploits, bots, and hacks for aion online. First of all go over to taultunleashed. When you are there then create a free account on the site. You just have to make a free one and not a pay one. After you do that then go to the aion online forums. Now you can do one of 2 things. First of all if you have any cheats that you know that others don’t, post it in the submissions section. What happens is the community will read the stuff you posted and if its considered a good cheat or exploit then you will get an easy 6 month to one year membership to the site. On top of that they give you access to also mmoviper which is great for bots and hacks in aion online. Its always updated the quickest and they add stuff the community wants.

Another great way is to just post some. You only need 1000 tu bucks and you get 3-4 for every post you make. They do have a limit on how many points you can get a day but if you post like 20 things a day helping people, posting news, and submitting good guides and cheats from other sites you can get premium there pretty easily.

Many people do that and in turn they are able to get free cheats, bots, guides, and exploits with little to no work on their part.  I personally posted daily news and just helped people for a few weeks.  Then i gained premium and i continue posting daily and i have had a free premium membership for years now.  Its easy to do and the community is friendly.

2 Responses to “How To Get Free Aion Online Cheats and Bots”

  1. Kaysee says:

    There wont be any ‘cheats’ unless you find hacks that are illegal.
    Not sure if you’re eastern or western but the game won’t be released in the us/europe until Sept.22 for US and Sept. 25 for Eu.

    For videos check youtube there are lots of videos and has some zone previews and such.

    There was an awesome site just released. Has much of the quest/skill/item information.

  2. Jonathan S says:

    You will not be able to get Cheats for this game, hints sure, hints will help you with quests ect ect.

    In Aion there is no skill tree / stats, you can view trailers from youtube, or from their main site. The game is set to be released on September 22nd in the USA and September 25th in Europe.

    If you wish to get into the beta, fileplanet will be giving away some keys soon, and if you’re unable to get it that way, you can always pre-order from Gamestop / Ebgames, Best buy, or Amazon.