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The world of atlantis is no longer a myth. Atlantis was actually a real place populated by the great atlantians. The atlantis created an amazing substance called oriharukon, but because of the greed of others they where forced to close their doors to the outsiders. This gave them much time to actually work on figuring out all the secrets of this great item, however it lead ultimately to thier downfall. Because of the thier thirst of this great material they used it in an excess and in turn ran of out oriharukon. After the depletion of the valuable resource the peoples of atlantis had a civil war which all but destroyed the entire civilization. From the great battle of all these factiosn they in turn destroyed the once great civilzation they help built.

Fastforward a few years and you, a descendant of atlantis, which to find your home. You have gone on a great quest to learn the secrets of Oriharukon and ultimately find your true home. Enjoy a great journey througout the world leading you to many great locations. Engage in giant battles with monsters, fight along side or against players, and meet others to aid you in your great quest. Using this you may find the clues to where the great civilization rests and join your people and the secrets they own.

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Atlantica Online Cheats and Exploits!

Atlantica Online cheat sand exploits come in many forms but here are a few examples of what you can expect from a cheat or exploit in atlantica online. The first example would be a cheat to help you exploit the turn based battle system to give you a extra turn for your attacks. An atlantica online cheat like this would make you nearly unstopable to players or monsters in the game. Another example of an Atlantica Exploit would bet he ability to exploit the mercenary system. An atlantica online exploit giving you the ability to have more than the cap of 8 mercaniers aside you will allow you to advance to levels much faster than other players and give you an extreme amount of loot up on others.

Atlantica Online Guides and Secrets!

Atlantica Online Guides and Secrets are the things that make a player go from good to great and without the fear of having your account banned. A good example of an atantica online secret might be the locations of key areas in player versus player. Knowing areas that will help you ambush players or areas that you can use the enviornment to your advantage would be an atlantica secret that makes even the best of players fear you.

A great example of a atlantica online guide would have to be mastering the Town Control / government system. Having an in depth guide showing you all the ins and outs and ultimately how to master the area is going to make you a force to be reckoned with from the gold you will obtain. Or how about just having a good in depth atlantica online leveling guide to show you exactly how you can become the highest level player in the game with little to no effort on your part.

Atlantica Online Bots and Hacks!

One of the key things every player is after in atlantica online is going to be the bots and hacks. Atlantica Online bots allow a player to do a variety of things. Maybe you are after an atlantica bot that helps you level quickly and easily over night with little work from your part. Or maybe an atlantica online crafting bot is what you need to help you make those amazing items you have been after for so long. Eitherway its going to make your gold and experience hit new heights.

Many players have been searching for atlantica online hacks. A good example of a powerful hack in the game would be a speed hack that allows you to move much faster than you should be able to in the game, which as well could be used with combating players to help you get your turns faster to once again attack. Another type of hack would be one that allows you to actually manipulate the games client allowing you to go and do extra damage to other players in the game..

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