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HO Hero Online at Tault.com


Fast, Cheap, and Easy!



So you are already interested in that extra edge for HO Hero Online.  Well here at Tault.com we are going to show you why we are the best.  With a history dating back to 2001 we have the most in depth database and largest user base.  What do that mean to you?  More members sharing information to benefit your gaming experience.


Now not only do you get the quickest information on HO Hero Online Exploits, Guides, Cheats, and Macros, but you get access to Xunleashed.


Xunleashed is a specific program powered by exhume technology.  Imagine the ability to see farther than every before, kill faster than ever before, and sleep while your account plays for you.  Well XUnleashed can do all that and more and its exclusive to only Tault members.


For the newest HO Hero Online Information join TaultUNleashed because you get access to:


Tault             - Exploits Che

Tault             - Exploits Cheats Guides

XUnleashed  - Bots Radars programs

Tucex           - Item trading / selling





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