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Hunting / Leveling Bots allow you to sleep while the game plays for you. All you need to do is start the bot, select your class, and do some minor tweaks. Then you hit run and let the bot run for you. The bot will easily hunt for you and will loot not only items but gold as well. Then you enjoy the benefits and hit level 70 right away. If World of Warcraft Bots arent you thing then be sure to Try using World of Warcraft Cheats, World of Warcraft Dupes, or World of Warcraft Exploits

Battleground bots will allow you to stay in the battleground and yet not be kicked for being non playing as well. You just let the bot run and walk away. The bot will play your character which includes attacking other players and then you can gain a ton of rep and in turn get all the great battleground perks.

Fishing bots are the last and major thing players enjoy. These allow players to get special items but mainly farm gold easily. You just find a good spot and let the bot run. You can even customize the bot to only obtain certain items and drop the ones that you do not like.

Here is an example of a nerfed WOW Bots Cheat From The Past

WOW Guide: How to Link Customized Items

- First go and find the lootlink add-on online. You can do a simple google search to find it.
- Take the add-on you have and put it in your WOW add-ons folder. AKA the same thing you do with most add-ons.
- Log into your World of Warcraft account.
- Select your plug-in and make sure its active via your character add-ons button area
- Select and item you want to look link.
- Log off and close wow.
- Go to your world of Warcraft file and find WTF/Account.
- Go into there and find something called saved variables
- In there find looklink.lua.
- Use notepad and put this file into notepad.
- IN the notepad you will see lots of arrows giving you information on the item.
- Use that area to change the names to anything you want to pick
- Save the notepad file.
- Log into your WOW Account.
- Type /11
- Your item will have its name changed
- You can now link this to anyone you want in the game.
- Enjoy this little bug and use it wisely.

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