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Quest Cheats - This might be the most widely used type of exploit in the game. Players basically just find a bug in a quest and exploit it over and over again. Examples may be how you can turn in a reward and get it multiple times, how you can killing a special mob unlimited times, or maybe finishing a quest and the xp reward is much larger than it should be. Some Quest World of Warcraft Cheats can also be World of Warcraft Dupes.

Player killing cheats - These are the ones that allow you to kill others faster. Examples would be a player being able to hid in the wall in a battleground allowing them to easily kill their opponents without detection. OR a special glitch in game that gives you the ability to grab the flagged and bug yourself in the cliffs so you can easily run back to base. This one of the more famous World of Warcraft Exploits.

Pathing Cheats let players reach levels that they should not normally be able to very quickly. You first need to find a glitch in the game. It may be a cliff you can stand on where a mob can hit you every 10th hit, or a spot where a mob will respawn right away. This will allow you to kill that specific mob over and over again giving you benefits you normally can not have. With World of Warcraft Pathing Cheats you can gain massive amounts of World of Warcraft Gold.

Duping Cheats are the the thing most players will seek in any game. World of Warcraft dupes are the rarest things in the game and it seems that all players will try to obtain them. Keep in mind that dupes are fixed very quickly once they are found. If a dupe is released the first place to get it is TaultUnleashed.

Here is a example of a World of Warcraft Cheat WOW Cheat posted on our site from the past.

Make you race look whatever you want (only you may see this)

1 - First open up model.mpq in the data folder you have for world of Warcraft folder.
2 - Find the nightelfemale.m2 and move it to your computers desktop.
3 - Find texture.mpq in the data folder of your wow folder.
4 - Find the files Nightelf*.* and NightElfFemal*.* and extract them all. Be sure not to exact the male files because this is an example of how to do it regarding a female player and not a mall. So if you do that it will mess things up completely.
5 - Go to start then run and run batch Rename.EXE.
6 - Find the words Nightelf and Orc in all files you have extracted out.
7 - Create a new folder
8 - Move the files you have extracted into this folder. They should be Character\Orc\Female or something else along those lines
9 - Log into your World of Warcraft Account now
10 - You should be able to see your characters models have changed for you.
11 - Try doing this with a pet and you can obtain the same results in the game.
12 - Keep in mind this isn't a major cheat as its only client side but its still fun to do if you want things to look differently. This is also a great thing to do if you want to make the game more humorous and you have nude models.
13 - Keep in mind you cant get in trouble for this cheat because its all being done client side and nothing is actually being sent to blizzard for them to detect you doing anything bad. Worst case scenario is warden will see a difference in your game files and shut the game down, but its not very likely to happen to you.
14 - Be sure to tell others and enjoy this amusing little cheat in the games graphic folders. Have Fun!!

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