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So you just started playing WOW and not sure what to do now? No problem we can help you get on the right track. We here at Tault have all kinds of WOW guides and more for your gaming enjoyment.

Character development: We show you how to customize your character based on his qualities to be the best he can be. Remember guides can also be World of Warcraft hints and tips. So at times people might get those 2 confused but they are almost always the same thing just at times a guide is more in depth.

Quests, Quests, and more Quests: Questing is the thing in World of Warcraft and we know that. We have tons of quests and how to accomplish them as easily as possible. You can even have WOW Guides that are how to use certain World of Warcraft Hacks in the game. What some players use World of Warcraft Guides for are when they are creating World of Warcraft Macros.

Secrets: While exploits are things the developers would change if they knew about, secrets on the other hand are different. They are things the developers only want a few people to know because they make players far stronger they they should be. Well we find all the secrets out and share them with our community.

Here is an example of a nerfed WOW Guides Cheat From The Past

WOW Bot: 100% Working WoW 1.10.0 fishing Bot

- Set your graphics to thier loewest levels you can pick.
- Find your file thats called
- Copy it then change your setting to 800 by 600
- Log in game and deleted the file
- Do a UI restart
- Start a compile list and use the following things
- Find a zone thats right and use the blue feather color
- Remember it might take a few time sto work but once you get your colors right its amazing.
- Enjoy your new fishing macro.

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