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Whether you play the game legit or un-legit you have used World of Warcraft Macros before. WOW Macros can be split into 2 main categories. The WOW Macros that you do in game such as create a hot key to do a certain action. And the World of Warcraft Macros that are used in third party programs to emulate key strokes.

Macros and Bots differ in mainly one main way which is bots thing for them selves. A WOW macro will just push keys over and over again. A good example of a WOW Macro program is autoit. Macros can not be used to help create programs such as a WOW Map program, help make your starting characters player creation easier, or create a private server. After you have created someone via your World of Warcraft Player Creation then you can just use your wow macros to help you level.

Autoit will push keys over and over again and is very useful for example something such as fishing bot created with it. However autoit does have a lot of features that will not let it do things as advanced as for example exhume. Autoit however could allow a player to create an easy to use fully function fishing bot which would allow the user to catch fish at any time of the day. Some players in the use thier World of Warcraft Maps with WOW macros to help them advance in the game.

The problem with autoit mainly is it cant really do random key strokes. That means a player when controlling a macro program would have the program hit buttons in a random order so programs like warden cant see that the players are doing things over and over again. Another problem with autoit is it is VERY detectable. Autoit in no way included any sort of means to hide its program, so if a company attempted to find it they could do so very easily. Also remember you can always use World of Warcraft macros in World of Warcraft Private Servers with little to no chance of being banned.

Here is an example of a nerfed WOW Macros Cheat From The Past

Hunter Solo Ras Frostwhisper (get past door)

- Find scholo
- Zone into it
- Remove all armor you currently have equipped
- Fall off the bridge to your right
- Make sure the fall kills you right in front of the door
- Do not release your body
- Go to the main menu and log out
- When logout is at 1 second hit the release button
- Log back into your account
- You will be in the instance in ghost form
- Walk thru the door
- Rez your character
- Put on your equipment ect ect
- Open the mini boss room door, do the door opening to ras, do the gate to ras.
- Stand outside the mini boos room
- Cast eyes of the beast
- Run to ras's room
- Stealth past the 3 mob groups
- Get ras to aggros you
- Sprint back now
- Kill ras easily.

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