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World of Warcraft is one of the most exploited games ever created. In WOW Exploits are used quite frequently by its players. A WOW Exploit is just a guide but it shows you something malicious in the coding of WOW that can be exploited. Here are some examples of different World of Warcraft Exploits used over time. Exploits are much like cheats, but not to be confused with bots which are programs that automate things for you.

One of the first major exploits in world of Warcraft was a dupe that was done using instances. This exploits allowed millions of gold to be duped in the course of a week. Because the gold was moved throughout the economy blizzard had no choice but to attempt to find the people that duped gold and ban them, however a large amount of all gold created was still left in the economy forever damaging it. This World of Warcraft Exploit will give you a great amount of World of Warcraft Gold.

Another one of the major exploits in WOW was being able to solo raid bosses using instant casts. With these instant cast exploits a player could start a 40 main raid by themselves. Inside they could cast a spell over and over again instantly. With this exploit the monsters and the raid bosses in the dungeons where easily killed allowing some players to be far beyond others in the game still as it stands. All you normally have to do is follow World of Warcraft Guides like this and you can gain all the perks.

The third major exploit was the xp dupe. It was created by players manipulating instances. When done correctly an instance would end instantly and give all the players apart of it all the xp available. This was done rather early in the retail version of WOW but it did allow for the first level 60s on retail servers to be created in a matter of hours. This exploit was actually not caught on to until a few months later as blizzard could not detect how it was happening 100%.. If cheating is to much for you in the game then you need to use instead World of Warcraft Hints and Tips.

The Exploit community in WOW is something that will always be there. With over 7 million players WOW has the greatest risk for exploits, and because no game can be 100% secure the larger amount of players allows a larger amount of things to be tested and exploits to be found. However keep in mind blizzard is very tough on people using exploits. Unlike other games if found to be using an exploit and you are over level 20 blizzard will ban your account permanently just for using it once. If you do not want to be banned you are much safer using just hints and tips or secrets for your account.

Here is an example of a nerfed WOW Exploits Cheat From The Past

- Find your pet and select it
- Now pick your pet to feed it
- Hold the shift button then click on your food
- Do it for example to at a mininum of 10
- You will have the food selected in your in game cursor
- Drag and drop it to your pet
- The game will make you only loose 1 piece of pet food
- However it will give your pet the full amount of food you selected in the game
- Now you can easily save money on using pet food in the game by doing a demi Pet Dupe.

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