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So you want to know all the things the developers don’t want you to know. Well then you want to know World of Warcraft Secrets. WOW Secrets are things the developers actually put inside of the game when it was created. The developers made thousands of little things in WOW that they wouldn’t want anyone to know. A WOW Secret is perfectly legal and will not get you banned. In fact its encouraged to find all these secrets but the general gaming community doesn’t want people to tell about them. If found out then all those special little spots wouldn’t be useful.

A great World of Warcraft Secret example is 40 man raid dungeons. Everyone already knew of them but few could complete them. That is until a clan spent weeks figuring out how to beat the entire raid easily. The found the secret ways of getting the bosses of the raids stuck in spots. Via that aspect players could easily kill them and in turn they could reap the rewards. It was until a few months later did the secret of how to beat a majority of the 40 man raids was released. Some WOW Secrets will help with your World of Warcraft Spells in the game.

Another great secret was the special epic mount. This mount quest was very short and released after a major patch. Basically only a few players actually found out about the quest and they didn’t tell anyone. The quest gave you in turn an epic mount that was very unique. So unique that most players that saw it assumed they found a way to exploit the games mechanics. However actually the players figured out the quest and did it while it was up shortly on all World of Warcraft Servers. After the quest event was over only a handful of players actually ended up keeping one of these mounts. This has made any account selling with that mount on it worth thousands of dollars. These Secrets help no matter what World of Warcraft Server you are on.

A WOW Secret could be as little as a special way to hunt items. Or as advanced as a how to do a long quest in order to obtain a special World of Warcraft Spell. Never the less World of Warcraft Secrets is very important to the game. And finding a perfect World of Warcraft Strategy Guide for how to complete them is even harder. There are also in depth World of Warcraft Strategy Guides on World of Warcraft Secrets.

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