Warhammer Online Dupes, WAR Dupes, Warhammer Online Gold Dupe

Warhammer Online Dupes, WAR Dupes, Warhammer Online Gold Dupe

>Warhammer Online Dupes, WAR Dupes, Warhammer Online Gold Dupe
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that aren’t actually controlled giving some players an advantage that they where not suppose to be gaining. A small part of the time using WAR Exploit can result in players having a Warhammer Online Dupe. With these war dupes they can gain a variety of extra things in the game. However dupes in MMORPGs basically will be classified as one of 2 types of WAR Dupes. Remember Warhammer Online Exploits can also be Warhammer Online Dupes, but not the other way around.

The first is going to do with money. These dupes are normally called gold dupes because they give players the abilities to gain massive amounts of gold with little or no effort in the game. Most of these dupes are done via trading with players or NPCs and then doing a correct button sequence that gives you an endless amount of gold in the game. After doing a Warhammer Online Dupe many games have alerts that go off basically telling the GMs of the game world that someone is using a WAR Dupe. When these alerts go off normally a player is banned or suspended for using Warhammer Online Dupes. However at times they are left off with nothing less than a warning to stop there future actions or be banned. With a massive amount of Warhammer Online Gold a player can do almost anything in the game.

The second types of dupes are going to be in relation to experience. These are also known as XP dupes. These are mainly done one of 2 ways. The first would have to be when players abuse quests to get extra xp rewards by having the quest reward given multiple times when it shouldn’t only be a few times. The other way players would actually use a WAR dupe is by killing a specific mob over and over again. These are also considered in the game to be a xp exploit but sine you are going to be gaining xp on a timed basis over and over again it is also classified as an XP dupe. Keep in mind though using these xp dupes will also get your account more than likely suspended or banned for doing so. So always be careful when duping and don’t ever tell people in the open game world but rather in close net forums such as TaultUnelashed. Remember as well if you want to get massive amounst of gold or xp in the game you can always use instead Warhammer Online Guides.

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