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Lineage 2 Weekly Cheat RoundUp

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Here is a list with descriptions of all the latest and greatest lineage 2 exploits, cheats, bots, guides, and hacks to come out this past week. We will include links to the items and descriptions for those that want to know a little bit more information about them.

Lineage 2 Fbot – This bot is a great one for picking up stuff. You can use it to not only speed up hot keys in the game, but use it as well to help you pick up different items or cast things. Its the perfect botting companion to players.

Lineage 2 Multiple IPs to L2Clinets – This is a great guide on how you can use multiple ips from the same computer to connect to the l2 client. This is big for players that want to mule stuff, create a buff bot, or work with a bot they have while playing the game.

Load Lineage 2 Faster – This guide shows players how to edit their lineage 2 client exe to allow it to load faster. It will skip some scenes, give the game more memory, and overall improve performance. This is great for when you go to new zones that are crowded.

New Lineage 2 Bot – This is a brand new working lineage 2 bot. The bot actually is free for everyone to download and comes with an easy to use installer with directions. The bot owner apparently created this in response to how much lineage 2 walker charges people to play the game.

Well those are the major lineage 2 releases this week. Keep coming back for new updates on things out there and ways you can improve your MMO gaming life.