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Aion Cheats – Take No Damage While Under Water

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

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Text Only Version

1 – Run into the water.
2 – Now hit the bottom of the water area.
3 – Hit the jump button.
4 – Make sure you actually are still under water when you do the full jump.
5 – If done right you will now bug the game and take zero damage while under water. Enjoy.
6 – This is a great way to help you stay protected even while you are fighting under water.

Aion Exploits – Ranged Class Mob / PvP Killing Exploit

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Aion Exploits - Ranged Class Mob / PvP Killing Exploit

Here are 2 pretty good aion exploits in the game. Some people say they do not work, others say they are working just fine. These exploits im going to assume will be best when you are using them in private servers but if you are lucky you may be able to get them to work with official live servers. One of them is great for killing mobs and the other one is great for killing other players. Enjoy both these aion exploits below.

Here is the first one that shouldn’t work above versions 1.2 so it still will be helpful for many private server members.

Here is the second one. This one is a PvP exploit that will help you kill the opposite faction with ranged attacks.

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Aion Hacks – Aions Secret New Anti Botting System Figured Out

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Aion Hacks - Aions Secret New Anti Botting System Figured Out

So there has been a big revelation about aions big anti botting system. Not everyone knew how it worked out what it exactly did. However aion made it possible by accident or not to help you find out if you have been reported, and what level of punishment you are in.

First of all lets explain how the new system works. The best way to describe it can be a translation from the site

1) “Automatic Bot penalty system” has been improved.

– Original: You can only report 1 player every 30 min
– Change: Now you get 10 report points, so you can report up to 10 players using the “Automatic Bot report” function!

Bot Report


Bot report


Bot report

  1) Every 30 minutes you will get 1 additional report point up to a max of 10.
  2) If logged out you will also accumulate report points up to a max of 10.
  3) You can view your current status of your report points by using the ‘/신고횟수’ command.

2) In order to further avoid abuse the following restrictions have been added

– Original
  1) In order report the same player again you need to wait for 30 mins

  2) You cannot use the report function in the 2 major cities
  3) Once you have been applied a penalty stage due to accumulating reports, you can’t report other players anymore.
  4) You cannot report the enemy race

– Additions
  1) You cannot use the report functionality in abyss
  2) If you have reported a player, you can’t report the same player again for 30 mins, including:

    A) Using a different character on the same account
    B) Different account on the same IP
    C) Players of the same guild

3) The restrictions when entering a penalty stage have been further increased

  1) When entering penalty stage 3, forming parties is not possible anymore
  2) If you are in a party when entering stage 3, the party will automatically be disbanded

Automatic Bot Penalty System explained

1) How to use
  – Target a player and use the “Bot report” Button from the skills window
  – Target a player and enter the ‘/자동사냥신고’ command

2) Depending on how much reports you have received you will enter different stages of penalties
  – The penalty stages automatically decrease when you are not reported for a specific amount of time (offline times do not count!)

  – If more and more reports are accumulated the penalty stage will increase

Penalty stage



Party / Raid  



You can get

Can participate


XP, Abyss Points, mining success rate and probability of obtaining gold -> 30% reduction


XP, Abyss Points, mining success rate and probability of obtaining gold -> 50% reduction

You can’t get

Cannot participate

XP, Abyss Points, mining success rate and probability of obtaining gold -> 100% decrease

You can’t get

Cannot participate

Now lets explain the nice trick you can do in order to help you find out if you have been reported for botting in the game.

– Type /restriction in game.
– Now you will have something that says “status —-” (status it he level you are at)
– Based on the information above you can figure out how deep in the hole you are.

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Aion Bans Thousands Of Real Players, Botters, and RMT

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Aion Bans Thousands Of Real Players, Botters, and RMT

So NCSoft the creators of the popular game Aion Online have finally decided to put an end to all the bots and RMT (Real Money Traders) out there by doing a large ban wave. However this ban wave did not go as they have wanted.

There have been reports from major aion sites of players being banned accidentally. The site aionsource has a post that is growing quickly by the number of players accidentally banned.

However little is known if these players have actually botted / RMT, or if they are being banned for another reason. One large reasoning going around is Aion instead of actually looking into accounts that might be botting they instead looked at accounts that have been played too long (such as hard core players that play in 8+ hour intervals) . Also they might of banned players that have gained kina (The currency in aion) via the auction house selling their wares to someone that gathered kina from a RMT.

The biggest problem going on is NCSoft decided to do this late on a friday night. Keep in mind customer support hours are M-F and close at 5pm PST. This has made all the legit players banned forced to wait more than 72 hours just to get a response as to what happened to thier accounts. This is not going to go over well for a game that has just came out and needs to get a strong following to help it fight off the juggernaut World of Warcraft, to which Aion is constantly compared to in the gaming style.

Well NCSoft has not made any direct comment about this other than they will investigate all banning that may have been accidentally done on a case by case basis. But if a few thousand players where accidentally banned then this fiasco is going to quickly blow up in the faces of NCSoft.

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WOTLK Cheats – 3500XP Per Mob At Level 55

Friday, October 9th, 2009

World of Warcraft Cheats - Reset cooldowns on Engineering Tinkers

– Go to the ramparts with an alt toon
– Get a shadowpriest or lock
– Have your shadowpriest go into the ramparts as well.
– Make your lock dps the mob to have a low healtha amount.
– Now have the mob dot on you and run out of the instance
– Wait for the mob to die and your alt will get the xp because it will be seen as if he killed the mob all by himself
– The hardest part is making sure you run out at the exact time.
– If you do it to late your alt will get the penalty of a high level mob in the area.
– Also if you do it to early well then your alt might die.
– It helps to cast fear on the mob to give your alt a better chance of living.
– Its best to just kill the mobs at the entrance.
– This is a great way to help someone in their mid 50s get to 58 asap.

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Aion Bots – MMOViper Updates (Including Windows 7)

Friday, October 9th, 2009

MMOViper has released a slew of new updates. This bot is now fully working with windows 7 and it has a ton of other updates to allow you to hunt all the easier. Keep in mind they are still adding in new updates every day so be sure to check for more. Also remember with the right subscription you can get access to mmoviper over at

–Tweaked the radar and mob listings, should now be more stable
–Tweaked the hotkey combo chains. They will now fire correctly. If you setup a chain, it will continue casting the entire chain regardless of other hotkeys that may be ready.
— Initial Pet options have been enabled
— Initial Grouping options have been enabled
— Harvesting has been tweaked
— Mob arrays have been tweaked for missing nodes/mobs
— Turning code has been tweaked

The new filename is slightly changed, so when you copy the new version over, be sure to be running the correct one. Ie, AIONViperBot.exe.

We have tested windows 7 64-bit and everything seems to be working very well. Please let us know if you have any issues with windows 7 ViperBot!!!

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Aion Cheats – Get Around Server Wait Times

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Aion Cheats - Get Around Server Wait Times

There is a brand new cheat going around the net. This cheat allows you to actually skip the entire server wait times. No longer will you be forced to wait hours to play the game you are PAYING TO PLAY. Just because ncsoft was lazy in making the game ready for the right amount of players does not mean you need to suffer. Well anyways here is part of how the cheat works from what i have gathered. Basically you just join the game then alt tab and close it and join again. There is more to it im sure but apparently using this cheat its going to bring you to the top of the queue and put you right away in the game. Well anyways enjoy this little aion online cheat and lets hope we find more aions cheats. Be sure to share what you find.

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Aion Hacks – Easy Ways To Lower Your Ping In Aion

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Aion Hacks - Easy Ways To Lower Your Ping In Aion

Well if you havent noticed just yet there are alot of people playing aion online. On top of that all those people have made the game lag way to much. here is a nice guide to help give you some ways to help lower your ping in the game. These have helped me a ton as i was pulling in near 1k ping and now im WAY down. Enjoy.

—- Tweak number 1 ——-

Some of these will edit your registry so make sure you do a backup of your registry if this is something new to you.

1. Go to your windows star on the bottom left corner of the screen.
2. Select run programs
3. Type in regedit
4. Find the followdirectory: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces\
5. Find the one tha thas your computers infomration in all the different entries listed all over.
6. Right click on that panel and select New Dword 32 bit
7. Name the file TcpAckFrequency
8. Right click it and modify it to have a 1 for the value data box.
9. Hit ok.
10. Your ping should drop some.

—– Tweak number 2 ———
TCP NoDelay

1. Do steps 1-3 above.
2. Find the directory: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSMQ\Parameters (if it isnt there then create it)
3. Right click on that panel and select New Dword 32 bit
4. Name the file TCPNoDelay
5. Right click it and modify it to have a 1 for the value data box.
6. Hit ok.
7. Your ping should drop some.

—- Method number 3 ——–

Turn off all apps, anti virus, and internet security software. Yea this is a simple one but most people forget about this.

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