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Starcraft 2 Hacks – What all is out there?

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Starcraft 2 Hacks GuideIf you are like most players you always want to win. Well with starcraft 2 hacks you can do just that. The problem with using sc2 hacks is at times you aren’t sure if you are at a site with working hacks or just installing a trojan on your computer to steal your information. Well we will go through the sites to get hacks from and what all is out there currently.

Currently players have found a few major hacks in the game and the first one is the no fog hack. What this hack does is it totally removes the fog of war that most players have to deal with when they start a game. It does this from a a very special hack in the game. When you use the no fog hack it allows you o see everything out there and gives you an extra advantage on your opponent. Because if you know what they are planning on doing you can easily get prepared to stop it.

The second major hack out there is called a sc2 trainer or starcraft 2 bot. The first one allows you to create a custom games and set up different variables. So it will allow you to for example have 5000 minerals instantly in any single player game. This is great because it makes playing your opponent all the easier and helps you to decide what the best strategy there is for winning a match. The second one is a starcraft 2 bot which gives you the ability to let the computer play for you. So for example lets say you build the perfect defense and now you want to know what the next step you should take is going to be. Well you just let this starcraft 2 bot play for you and in turn the game will show you what the best move for any player out there is and how to win.

The final hack out there is going to be actual in game mineral hacks. With these hacks you exploit code in a custom map and in turn use it to your advantage. Example is for tower defense there is a hack out there that allows you to change your damage, change you speed of attack, and change your range. With this you have a giant leg up on the competition because you are piratically in god mode now. You dont have to worry about them being able to fight back at all with this set up.

Now we said earlier we would tell you the best place to find hacks. The majority of sites out there are scams so you need to watch out. What they do is take a working cheat, manipulate it to put a trojan in it, then they offer it for download on their site. Then when you just want an advantage and you check out the site you are instead stuck with malice code on your computer. The only major starcraft 2 hacking site out there is going to be taultunleashed. They have the largest database of starcraft 2 hacks a player could ever need to use.

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Goblin Mount

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Here is the world of warcraft cataclysm goblin mount. The mount comes with a built in radio which is pretty spiffy because you get custom music as well. The wow cataclysm goblin mount you get from doing a quest in the game. The mount is a giant car that is constantly putting out gas and smog. The mount you can use to jump ramps and you can run over other players in the game with.

This mount is very different from other mounts because of how advanced it seems. While yes the dwarves have machines as well the goblin mount is more along something a mad scientist meets a hick would make. The mount also seems to give you the ability to actually do short speed bursts with it.

I do wish the mount had a little more dark music for when you are in it, because it seems far to happy and chipper for such a mischievous race in goblin lore. Goblins are pretty much the ferengee of world of warcraft universe and they should be treated as such.

Well the video is short but it gives you the basic idea of the world of warcraft goblin mounts and how different they are from the normal mounts in the game. Well i hope you enjoyed this video on the wow cataclysm goblin mouns and be sure to check out our other posts for more information for world of warcraft cataclysm and all the goodies the game has coming for you this year.

Starcraft 2 Zerg Rush Against Protoss

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Starcraft 2 Zerg RushStarcraft Protoss 2 Gateway Opening Rushing
So i have been playing the game a lot since it has come out but im having problems playing against the zerg. It seems i keep getting owned by other players when they rush me with the zerg. Whats my best bet to actually kill off the zerg players in the game. I have the main 2 problems keep coming up when playing. The first is it takes way to much time to get my gateway and first pylon out. The second problem is early mid game the zerg keep killing me before i can stop them. So what is my best plan of attack in order to stop the zerg rush using the protoss.

Best answer
Well you need to change your style first of all. The races are all equal overall so no one should always be able to kill the protoss if their zerg. You need to figure out your build order more so you can stop protoss rushes in the game. Here are some of the best ways to stop the zerg early in the game.

1) The first one is called a walling move. Basically use your building to make a narrow path that the zerg have to go thru in order to reach your base. Whats great about this is it forces them to fight your zealots of 1v2 or 1v1. What makes this great is zealots are strong than pretty much any tier 1 type of toon in the game. So you can easily kill the zerglings and win the match.

2) When you build the wall in technique. You should use sometimes cannons on the sides so zerglins will be attacked while trying to rush you. This helps because when they are fighting your zealots they will also be getting attacked from all sides. Also remember to get some dragoons out as fast as possible as they can deal more damage than zealots can with their reach.

Most of the time when it comes to rushing and fighting the races in starcraft there is a lot needed for depending on the race you are fighting. Because protoss versus terran is totally different than protoss versus zergs. That is something that makes the game so great. While at the same time its a pain in the butt because you have to change your strategy’s for game. It gives you such a greater reward when you do actually win.

Anyways i hope that answers your question for fighting a starcraft 2 zerg rush using protoss

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Secret Island

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Here is a video showing some of the new things for world of warcraft cataclysm. Keep in mind this was a very early alpha of the game. What happened is someone got their hands on the alpha and in turn made an emulator for it. What tends to happen to alphas is its a very raw code. So for example things that might be released halfway down the year for the game is put in the alpha build and taken out of the beta build.

In this video you can see a brand new major island in the game. This secret area is located next to the badlands as the video shows. There is a major town near the badlands that has a dock. When you travel out from that dock in superman mode you can see a new island in the water. The island consists of 2 parts. One is more rocky and like a mountain, while the other has a flat surface to it and is a lot thinner in size.

These 2 islands where removed immediately after it was leaked of their existence int he alpha build. This only leaves more speculation what their point is. It is rumored that during cataclysm another major landscape change will take place after the first patch. This will release these 2 islands which is a major part in getting to deathwing and the final boss battle of the patch. However no one is for sure what is going to happen.

Well anyways enjoy the video and seeing the new world of warcraft cataclysm island that the developers dont want you to even know exists in the game. If you want to see more hidden things be sure to check out our other posts in the wow cataclysm section here.

Starcraft 2 Lag Hack

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Starcraft 2 Lag HackStarcraft 2 Hacks?
So i have been using InHale hack for starcraft 1. I even used it all the way up to level 2.0.1 but the thing is i dont really like using it anymore. I have gotten bored of starcraft 1 and i want to start playing starcraft 2. My question is there a working iNHale starcraft 2 hack out there? Does anyone know the easiest place to find one and if so is it working?

The sc2 hack right now will show you what players lag is when they join a match. Whats great about it is if you open up a match and you are a the creator you can deem who should and shouldnt be booted. This hack allows you to see theri ping information which is great for us who dont want to play with laggy players. There is nothing worse int eh game then having someone with a bad connection playing a game with you and lagging it the whole time. Because then i just quit the game and i know how a loose to my record. It makes no point that they didnt fully fix this problem in starcraft 2.


Well your answer is a yes and no. First of all starcraft 2 did do a lot to fix these problems with lag other players have been having. They have made the game first of all region specific so you cant go and play someone from America if you are located in Europe for example. Starcraft 1 already had something like this so thats nothing giant but its nice.

Also in starcraft 2 they did add in a lot of features for searching games. You can now look for someone that has the similar lag as you so you wont be lagging out like crazy and if you have a bad lag then you can find someone who has a bad lag as well i suppose ha.

Right now there is nothing that will tell you 100% what someones lag is. People can mask their ips easily to trick the starcraft 2 servers. So your best bet is sticking to playing just with friends in the game. Also if you are good enough and you get up there to the platinum league or diamond then you own t have to worry about people having bad connections, because anyone that is up there has done so by being a really good player in the game.

Also if you find someone cheating you can always report them and blizzard will more than likely ban them form the game giving you a little bit of extra security in keeping your account safe.

I hope that answers your questions on starcraft 2 and the best way to keep keeping with others that have a decent connection speed.

Starcraft 2 Mods That Need To Be Made

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Starcraft 2 Mods That Need To Be MadeHere is a great list of all the starcraft 2 mods that need to be made. This is a list of the original major sc1 mods out there. Basically a starcraft 2 mod is going to be a game type that you can play with awesome new perks. From go kart racing, a map with infinite resources, or a rpg. With the new starcraft 2 client you can do this and more. So what where some of the best mods in sc1 that need to be made for starcraft 2?

Gundam Century – Replace all the starcraft 2 normal characters with gundam ones now. For example the manga mechs in gundam will replace the robots for the terrans and some of the protoss. This is great for giving a brand new look to the game for players.

NeoTech – A mod that gives all the terrans more interesting look for futuristic weapons and more.

Open Rebellion – A mod of the entire brood wars made with the graphics of starcraft 2.

Robotech – A mod with the robots replaces with the ones from the robotech game in the 1980s

Starcraft Sickle – Brand new units for the game. The terran have new tanks. There is a new zerg unit. Also new classes for the protoss players.

Team fortress – This version makes the game like half life team fortress in multiple aspects.

This is only a small preview of starcraft 1 mods that need to be moved over to starcraft 2 as soon as possible. It is known that poeple are making even better mods as time goes by. For example right now someone has a final fantasy mod going around. Basically the game is like playing ff7 with your units and how battles are done.

There is also a bunch of major oldl classic game mods going around. So you can place galaga, lifeforce, and a bunch of other mods out there. Its only a matter of time til they remake a super mario brothers version of the game too.

Anyways look forward to a bunch of new mods coming out for starcraft 2 and be sure to keep checking for updates on these sc2 mods as they will make the game all the better when added in.

Starcraft 2 Secrets Guide Review – Rushing Enemies Guide

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Starcraft 2 Secrets Guide ReviewStarcraft 2 Secrets Review-Rush Your Enemies into the Dirt

Is it the best starcraft 2 out there?

Starcraft 2 is going to be one of the worlds best selling games. Even before its released it has already placed in the top 100 pc games of all time for release numbers.  What makes this game even better is it took everything from starcraft which is in the top 5 best selling pc games every and they just added more.  New graphics, new units, but the same amazing balance and game place.  Well now if you are going to be playing a new game you are going to need a new guide to help guide you though.

How does the starcraft 2 secrets guide stack against the competition??

Well the guide has a good amount of information but its nothing amazing.  Most of the guides are just build orders and how to do newbie rushes with some depth to that.  However they mainly get their information from major sites out there.

About Starcraft 2 Secrets

The guides is written by t dub sanders.  He has done many guides out there from the PvP warcraft bible to the farmville secrets guide.  His newest one is the starcraft 2 guide which gives you all the basic strategies for the zerg terrn and protoss.  As well he gives some of the more advanced strategies.  He also gives links to youtube videos he has made or others have mad.  His guide is neatly organized but you can still spend a little bit of time and build it yourself with a little self work.

Comparison To Guide

The guide has most everything you can find out there.  The taultunleashed guide has a bit more though.  First of all taultunleashed has a strong user database which can give you updated guides before he can, because he has to either find the strategy from another site, or find it himself in game which can take time.  The basic information most any player can get as well.  Taultunleashed also gives hidden exploits and hacks for those that want them.  These allow you for example to remove the fog of war online allowing you to decimate your opponents.  Also when it comes to exploits you will find none at the starcraft 2 secrets guide.  They only do the legit stuff so finding units that are bugged and can kill everyone you wont find there.

Overall the guide is decent.  It doesn’t have anything that makes it stand out from the competition right now.  I would personally give the guide a 6 out of  10 just because most all the guides are around a 6 right now. still ranks about a 8 or a 9 and kills all the other guide sites out there.

Free Cataclysm Leveling Zygor Guide Review – Scam or Not

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

Zygor Guide Review - ScamFree WoW Zygor Guide Review – Scam or Not
So im looking into getting a world of warcraft cataclysm guide and im interested in getting the zygors guide. The app seems pretty neat as it runs int eh game and tells you where to go. Also it allows me to check off quests i have already done, skip ones i dont want to do, and does an auto update for my level. All in all its a good guide but i had some questions about it. First of all all this information is based on the videos i have seen. None of them actually tell me how well the guide works in the game. Does it actually auto update correctly? Is it constantly updated? Will i be able to easily level my toon in only a few weeks from using this? I would like some answers if anyone can help.

Best answer:
Well the zygor strategy guide is pretty in depth. yes it does give you all the things they mentioned. You can easily level your toon and follow an in game guide to help you complete all your tasks right away. However you have other options. Remember that is just one of dozens of guides out there. Also instead of having just one guide why dont you try having thousands of guides. The site taultunleashed has all that and more. They have all the major guides out there including the ones that people dont want you to know about. They have a constantly updated forum for guides as well.

On top of those perks you get some other benefits joining the site. First of all you get access to exclusive bots that can keep you from being banned. Access to hidden cheats in the game that keep your account safe. And on top of all that you get the ability to get access to all their games. You are not confined to just using one game and then being forced to pay if you want more. Now you can view everything for one low price. Its even cheaper thant he zygor guide if you buy it.

My review on the guide is this. Zygor is going to be one of the top guides out there. Its either zygor or dugi if you are going to buy a guide today. The big differences between them is dugi has other guides that you get on top of your purchase. So dugi has an upper hand there, but zygor seems to be a little better for leveling. The zygor client levels faster than other clients and it seems to keep wow from crashing the most.

I do not believe the zygor guide is a scam. My personally review is an 8 out of 10 while taultunleashed i would give an 9 out of 10.

Free World of Warcraft Cataclysm Gold

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

Free World of Warcraft Cataclysm GoldFree World of Warcraft Cataclysm Gold

World of warcraft gold is the number one thing people are after in the game. It allows you to do most everything in the game. From winning pk battles, to buying new mounts, to getting the top gear for more raids and other end game content.

WoW Cataclysm Gold Hack

Almost everything in wow cataclysm revolves around having a ton of gold in the game. World of warcraft cataclysm is expected to be the largest launch of a game in history. With world of warcraft alone having over ten million subscribers and almost all of them wanting to upgrade to the newest expansion. The numbers for wow cataclysm means that almost everyone is going to join and its going to be a giant launch. Now if you are going to be ahead of those millions of other players then you will gold, and the easiest way to get wow gold is through cataclysm cheats, cataclysm dupes, and cataclysm hacks.

Now some players say that you are hurting the game, or you are going to ruin it. But keep in mind that people are still cheating to this day and wow still has one of the worlds strongest economies. Nothing is crashing, people are still playing, but now those people still cheating have a giant advantage on those who dont.

Now if you are after the fastest way to get world of warcraft cataclysm gold for free you have a few more options.

Number 1 is beg players in the game for gold which might work but the majority of the time gets you muted, and sometimes reported for harassing other players.

Number 2 is actually playing the game and doing quests which can take forever and sometimes people just dont want to invest that much time.

Number 3 is using hacks and cheats. They give you a ton of gold. Require almost little to no work. And in the end you are richer than you could ever be.

So you now have 3 main choices of how you can get world of warcraft cataclysm gold for free. Now its your pick to decide how you want to actually get that gold and start enjoying the game. Also be sure to check out our world of warcraft section here for the latest wow gold.

WoW Cataclysm Gold Hack

Starcraft 2 – 1 Battle cruiser vs 13 Marines

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

Here is a guide showing how strong a battle cruiser is and how many marines it takes to kill one.  You first of all need to have your marines with their shield upgrades on.  The marines should be 650 minerals to make.  This does not include the 150 for minerals and 150 for gas requires to upgrade their shields.  The battle cruiser on the other hand requires 400 minerals and 300 gas.

The point of this video is to show the cost efficiency of using a battle cruiser versus marines.  The overall cost for gas and minerals is 700 for the battlecruiser and 650 for the marines.  While the battle cruiser has the ability to fly the marines have the ability to focus multiple targets at once which helps them as well.  The battlecruiser however will keep doing the same damage until all its hp is gone.  While the marines will do less and less damage for everyone that is killed.  Also have a fleet of 10 battlecruisers is much easier to manage than a fleet of 130 marines.

So overall it shows that while marines can be useful in large numbers a good setup of battlecruisers is the best bet.  This does not even account for the extra perks battle cruisers have to kill units.

Well thats the whole little video.  You can decide on what you think is best, but it shows you how for costs most all units do the same damage and it helps keep the game balances from a player using tier 1 to tier 3 items.
If you are interested in rushing guides, defense guides, or attacking guides for starcraft 2 be sure to check out as they are the number 1 site when it comes to starcraft 2 guides.