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Bypass Tera Hardware Ban

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

Hello every banned people ever,

Here is Naria’s guide to bypassing TERA’s hardware ban. I’ve used this method many times to come back to the game after a permanent ban.

It works as long as you keep a low profile. Once they know you’re back, they will manually check and you will get banned. So make sure you pretend that you’re not back at all.

Proof videos:

Before Bypass:

After Bypass:

*What TERA Launcher does: * TERA launcher uses a spyware called iesnare. This is a flash spyware which is undetected by your computer and it will plant a flash cookie which will act as a unique key for your hardware. This means that no matter where you are, you will be identified as a unique individual so long as you are using the same key. This key is generated when you first launch TERA on your computer.

This generated key lives in 6 locations: 5 in registry, and one in your local folder:

What to do to bypass the ban? Simple.

1) Locate any computer that has never ran TERA before, or never been hardware banned before.
2) Log into a working TERA account on the newly acquired computer
3) Copy C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\(*select one)\\stm.sol to your banned computer.
4) Copy the very last string key (looks like this: XMjAxNCAFyNUyACwNTKoxAA8Z2qc5Dh2LFdHCLK/fAjlMreNSLnPjepAKBMAAQCwfWX0CAhO9FlB2s6FBfL0=)

Video getting the Flash Cookie:

5) Open RegEdit
6) Change the following registry values to the key acquired above.

Video getting the Registry Keys and what they look like:


HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\ProgramChecksum\SNPR1




(Note that changing one key will likely update the remaining 4)

After Bypass:

If this method didn’t work for you, that means something else other than your hardware is being tagged. It could be: 1) Your windows ID and 2) Your IP. These are relatively easy to reset.

Showing windows ID reset bypassing the ban:

Explanation as to how this works: You are replacing the unique cookie from a ‘fresh’ computer with your banned computer. This effectively fakes the authentication process indicating that you’re a clean user.

From my short google trip, it looks like a majority of online game and mmorpgs are using this method. This is a very effective way to keep unique individuals away from games without having to know much about whereabouts of the person, as each hardware has their own unique GUID provided by the manufacturers when your hardware was printed.

Beauty of this method is that you can get unbanned as many times as you want, if you walk into your local computer store. The publishers might even start getting people with “newly bought” hardware saying that they’re banned. (That would be so funny.)

The ugly side is that every instance of ID that you’re banned, it has a chance that the hardware will be banned on some other game somewhere. As far as I know, the only bans I received is for TERA, but if in the future that or iesnare finds out that there are people bypassing their cookies, they may add the hardware IDs to global ban on all (meaning games you’ve never touched) games.

Alternatively, they might smarten up and stop using flash cookies and stop violating our privacies.

NOTE: If you got banned pretty recently, do not forget to reset your IP. They will also track you by your IP address, and I’m assuming you can learn how to change the IP by yourselves!

Feel free to paste this anywhere you go. Just make sure to credit ‘Naria’