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SW:ToR – Developer Blog & Advanced Class System

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Welcome ladies and gents to the next set of updates for one of the most anticipated upcoming games. The Old Replublic!

This update brings you the Advanced Class System and a new Developer Blog introducing for the first time to the Star Wars Expanded Universe, The Voss.

The Advanced Class System looks similar to the Expertise System from Star Wars Galaxies, where you have a certain amount of points. You spend points in the basic section of your class, then you can add to that by spending points in an Advanced section. Looks good to me so far! At least this way there will be somewhat some differences between player characters.

The Developer Blog is based on introducing a new planet and species to the Star Wars Universe, the Voss. Have a read of the article. It’s a long one, but definitely worth the read.

Here are the links to the ToR updates. Enjoy šŸ™‚

SW:ToR – Previews Galore! Bounty Hunter Class, Interviews, Advanced Classes

Thursday, May 13th, 2010


This update is a big one. Bioware and LucasArts have given a number of sites theĀ privilegeĀ of a small segment to the game which provides us with tiny insight as to what we can expect. Other sites have had theĀ privilegeĀ of interviewing some of the Developers.

I won’t press on. Here are the links:;title;2

The updates reveal the first playable class, the Rattataki. For those how are unaware of the species, it is the species of Asajj Ventress. This is what she looks like (depicted in theĀ CloneĀ Wars series)


SW:ToR – Blood of the Empire #2

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

This update brings you the next segment of theĀ Blood of the Empire comic. I wish I had more to say about this update, but simply… I don’t. I just never got in to the comics much Ā  Ā  at all. I much prefer updates on the game itself. Hence the reason why I’m excited to bring you news of a large number of previews across different sites.

I’ll be adding those updates shortly.

Here is the link for the web-comic:

WOW Dueling In Dalaran N. Bank Cheat

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

WOW Dueling In Dalaran N. Bank Cheat
Here is a great cheat as to how you can actually duel inside of the north bank at dalaran.

1 – Find the duel flags that are shown in the picture above. A hint will be they are at the ne ramp right outside of the circle of will. This is important because you have to be inside of the circle of wills dueling area and not in the underbelly

2 – Now mount up and have the person you want to duel mount up as well. Run along the red line shown in the picture above. The line will take you right to the ramp and you will get a message to pop up. The message will say that you are going to get out of dueling mode in 10 seconds from traveling to far. Keep on going up the ramp instead of turning around shown in the picture below

3 – Now go to the well in the picture above and start dueling to everyone’s amazement.

Aion Steel Rake Door Jumping Exploit

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Aion Steel Rake Door Jumping ExploitHere is a current exploit in aion as to how players can lag themselves on top of the door in Steel Rake.

What you want to do is find the barrels near the doorway first of all. There are a bunch of them near the door way so sometimes you have to change which one you are trying to get on. Now get away from the barrel that if you jumped towards it and glided you would end up right on top of the barrel.

Go and jump towards the barrel now of course and right when you land on it hit the jump button. If you have done this correctly you will now be on top of the door way.

For those who cant get that way to work:

Get on the barrel right next to the door. When you are next to it get yourself a ton of lag in the game. So turn up your FPS in the game and start doing other things you can so the game is lagging for you. Now jump a ton from the barrel right next to the doorway until the game actually lags you and puts you on top of it.

WOW Make 5500 Gold Per Hour With Limited Supply

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

WOW Make 5500 Gold Per Hour With Limited SupplyHere is a great world of warcraft guide on how you can easily make over 5000 gold per hour just using limited supply.

The reason this guide is so great is it helps give you a better versatility in playing the game. Instead of just hunting or doing jewel crafting in the game this is a way to show you have to use the auction house and vendors to amass tons of gold relatively quickly.

Basically you need to invest about 20 minutes a day collecting items from vendors on Sundays. Then go and list them quickly. Repeat this on wed and Friday. Then start it all over again. Also you always want to be sure not to over stock items or buy duplicates of anything. Its best to have about 3 of every item with one in the auction house for sale. Also using this with an auction addon such as auctioneer will make things much simpler on you. Anyways here is the guide in all its glory.

(1) Lebowski
– Buy 5g 40s – Sell 32g 37s
– Buy 8g 52s – Sell 27g 21s
(2) Sid Limbardi
– Buy 1g 90s – Sell 30g 78s
(3) Magus Zabraxis
– Buy 2g 85s – Sell 23g 5s
(4) Alchemist Gribble
– Buy 2g 85s – Sell 23g 5s
(5) Rorelien
– Nothing Worth it
(6) Johan Barnes
– Can buy low level enchant recipes from him if you want, not worth it though
(7) Jezebel Bican
– You could buy the glyph but not normally worth it.
(8) Vodesiin
– Buy 10 gold – Sell 61 gold 48s
Spend: 31g 52s
Sell: 197g 94s
Profit: 166g 42s
Time: 2 Minutes, 40 Seconds (Buy in Honor Hold, Fly to Temple of Telhamat, Buy in Temple of Telhamat)
(9) Timothy Daniels
– Nothing
(10) Puluu
– Nothing
(11) Muheru the Weaver
– Buy 6g – Sell 28g 40s
– Buy 6g – Sell 27g 66
(12) Maktu
(13) Loolruna
– Buy 5g 10s – Sell 24g 48s
– Buy 5g 10s – Sell 20g 04s
– Buy 5g 10s – Sell 23g 04s
(14) Haalrun
– Buy 4g 50s – Sell 20g 64s
– Buy 3g 60s – Sell 28g 15s
– Buy 4g 50s – Sell 17g 40s
(15) Juno Dufrain
– Buy 2g – Sell 28g 17s
Spend: 41g 90s
Sell: 189g 81s
Profit: 147g 91s
Time: 3 Minutes 03 Seconds (Fly from Temple of Telhamat to Cenarion Refuge, Buy in Cenarion Refuge, Fly to Telredor, Buy in Telredor, Fly to Orebor Harborage, Buy in Orebor Harborage, Portal to Shattrath)
(16) Fabian Lanzonelli
– Buy 12g – Sell 20g 77s
– Buy 15g – Sell 34g 92s
– Buy 12g – Sell 26g 94s
– Buy 14g – Sell 24g 50s
– Buy 10g – Sell 29g 04s
(17) Leeli Longhaggle
– Buy 5g – Sell 16g 33s
– Buy 3g – Sell 37g 82s
(18) Innkeeper Biribi
– Buy 3g – Sell 21g 18s
– Buy 3g – Sell 13g 25s
Spend: 77g
Sell: 136g 17s
Profit: 59g 17s
Time: 1 Minute 39 Seconds (Fly from Shattrath to Allerian Stronghold, Buy in Allerian Stronghold)
(19) Ordinn Thunderfist
– Nothing
(20) Mari Stonehand
– Buy 12g – Sell 137g 81s
– Buy 6g – Sell 35g 46s
(21) Daggle Ironshaper
– Buy 6g – Sell 31g 38s
(22) Salle Sunforge
– Nothing
(23) Oran Blusterbrew
– Nothing
(24) Arrond
– Buy 5g 70s- Sell 29g 57s
– Buy 5g 70s- Sell 29g 70s
Spend: 35g 40s
Sell: 301g 54s
Profit: 266g 15s
Time: Fly from Allerian Stronghold to Wildhammer Stronghold, Buy in Wildhammer Stronghold, Fly to Sanctum of the Stars, Buy in Sanctum of the Stars, Portal to Shattrath)
(25) Madame Ruby
– Buy 4g – Sell 60g 70s
– Buy 6g – Sell 110g 12s
– Buy 12g – Sell 15g 50s
– Buy 5g – Sell 20g 65s
– Buy 7g – Sell 49g 05s
(26) Aaron Hollman
– Buy 3g 40s- Sell 21g 27s
– Buy 3g 40s – Sell 20g 80s
– Buy 3g 40s – Sell 17g 47s
– Buy 3g 40s – Sell 22g 12s
– Buy 4g – Sell 52g 46s
(27) Viggz Shinesparked
– Buy 8g 52s 50c – Sell 21g 54s
– Buy 1g 60s – Sell 14g 04s
(28) Eiin
– Buy 3g 60s – Sell 19g 20s
– Buy 3g 60s – Sell 25g 85s
– Buy 3g 60s – Sell 19g 09s
– Buy 3g 60s – Sell 17g 32s
(29) Nasmara Moonsong
– Buy 3g 20s – Sell 36g 69s
(30) Gidge Spellweaver
– Buy 3g 20s – Sell 19g 10s
(31) Andrion Darkspinner
– Buy 3g 20s – Sell 27g 77s
(32) Cro Threadstrong
– Buy 5g – Sell 32g 88s
There have been reports that they have moved this recipe to be learned from a trainer though I cannot confirm.
(33) Wind Trader Lathrai
– Buy 6g – Sell 28g 44s
– Buy 4g – Sell 20g 3s
– Buy 6g – Sell 27g 73s
(34) Skreah
– Buy 7g 60s – Sell 33g 75s
Spend: 114g 32s 50c
Sell: 680g 33s
Profit: 566g 0s 50c
Time: 1 Minute 41 Seconds (Fly around and Buy in Shattrath)
(35) Uriku
– Buy 3g – Sell 20g 25s
– Buy 3g – Sell 22g 28s
– Buy 3g – Sell 24g 71s
– Buy 3g – Sell 20g 32s
(36) Borto
– Buy 3g 40s – Sell 26g 88s
– Buy 7g 20s – Sell 56g 62s
Spend: 22g 60s
Sell: 171g 06s
Profit: 148g 46s
Time: 1 Minute 46 Seconds (Fly from Shattrath to Telaar, Buy in Telaar, Portal to Shattrath)
Spend: 0g
Sell: 0g
Profit: 0g
Time: 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
(37) Dealer Rashaad
– Buy 9g 50s – Sell 42g 49s
– Buy 9g 50s – Sell 35g 53s
– Buy 0g 57s – Sell 16g 85s
– Buy 0g 45s – Sell 6g 46s
– Buy 0g 45s – Sell 12g 82s
– Buy 38g – Sell 89g 81s
– Buy 0g 36s – Sell 6g 25s
– Buy 9g 50s – Sell 39g 07s

(38) Dealer Sadaqat
– Various herbs and potions
Spend: 58g 33s
Sell: 249g 28s
Profit: 190g 95s
(values excluding items from Dealer Sadaqat )
Time: 4 Minutes 24 Seconds (Fly from Shattrath to Stormspire, Buy in Stormspire, Portal to Ironforge Auction)

Total Spent: 381g 07s 50c
Total Sold: 2226g 13s
Total Profit: 1545g 06s 0c
Total Time: 16 Minutes 44 Seconds
That ends up being about 93g 98s 18c per minute, leading to a conversion of 5638g 90s 51c per hour
The route is quick for me as a level 70 Mage using
Portals to Shattrath City and Flying DIRECTLY to locations
(I don’t use flight points as shown in the video, that was for simplicity’s sake)
I also have an epic flying mount.