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FF14 Lancer Class

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Here is a video of the final fantasy Lancer class in action. The perks of the class are the following. First o fall they have a little bit extra when it comes to range for attacking mobs. Which may or may not help you in the field of battle. You can see the player easily moving around the mob via side steeping and attacking them from different angles. The downside seems to be the slowness of the animations for attacking mobs with this class. He seems to have a long delay when it comes to attacking mobs which if they keep things in terms of games where your actions determine your damage then this class might not be used as much.

The lancer class is going to one of the disciples of war in final fantasy 14. The lancer class will be mainly in use of spear like weapons and have a ranged attack in the game. You can get an extra attack against mobs in the game because while you can attack from a distance the mob will have to run up to you. The lancer can also increase other players TP points in the game with their skills. The lancer has the ability to steal HP from other mobs in the game with their special ability. Finally the lancer can do a special move called collusion which it not only attack the enemy but it will give that enemies enmity to an ally that is between you and the enemy.

The lancers weapons are also something for players to fear. They can attack multiple targets at once with different sweep attacks they have. The downside with sweep attacks from the lancer is you can not hit flying enemies with them as they only attack the low parts of your enemies. The lancer can also slow down other enemies with the skewer skill. However this one as well can not hit flying enemies. The best move of the lancer is the feint skill which allows you to be sure of a guaranteed hit with your next attack but you have to dodge an attack from another mob in the game.

Well there is some information for the upcoming lancer class in final fantasy xiv.

SC2 Best Top Rushes For Protoss Zerg and Terran

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Brady Games Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide Review ScamBrady Games Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide Review Scam or NotSC2 Best Rushes For Protoss Zerg and Terran

What is a Starcraft 2 Rush?

A rush in starcraft 2 has one goal in mind.  Its to help you beat your opponent to the ground before you both have a equal build up of units to fight it out.  Rushes in starcraft 2 not only will catch your opponent off guard at times, but it helps to limit their starting resources to give you an advantage in the long run.

Things to Think About While Rushing

When you rush you use all your resources.  The goal is to build so many units so quickly that your opponent can not react quickly enough to stop you.  Then you eventually will overwhelm them and win the match

Remember just because your rush might fail doesnt mean you will loose the match.  With most rushes you can destroy your opponents resource gathering enough to cripple them for awhile..

Rushing Based On Each Race

Remember every race has different pros and cons when it comes to rushing so you need to figure those out as quickly as possible to help you ultimately win the match.

Zerg: When playing as the zerg your best rush is going to be the zergling rush.  You can pump out more units than anyone else in the game and if done right you can kill off your opponents drones, probes, or scvs giving you an advantage of minerals overall.  Once you cripple their economy then its time to kill them off with roaches, or hydralisks.

Protoss: The protoss used to be just regular zealots because of their strength but since recent updates its not longer the best move for a protoss player.  Your best bet now are dark templars.  Dark templars are forever cloaked and if done quickly enough you can kill off your opponent before they can get anything out to detect them quickly enough.  This rush is great for killing someone who can do nothing to stop you in the game..

Terran: When it comes to terrans reapers are your friend.  Not only can they do massive amounts of damage from a distance but they can jump around the map.  With just a few reapers you can kill off your opponents mineral harvesting and ultimately cripple them from being able to expand.  Thus giving you a quick win.

Rushing Isnt Just A Tactic Its a Way of Life

As it stands those are the best rushing strategies in starcraft 2.  They are the best because they are helping players win the most matches the fastest way possible.  Know that you know what your opponent is going to try and do against you then you have a good bet on how you can stop them adn ultimately kill them off in the long run.  Happy rushing and be sure to check us out for other strategies about starcraft 2.

Final Fantasy 14 Beginners Leveling Guide

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Final Fantasy Beginners Leveling GuideFinal Fantasy 14 Beginners Leveling Guide

FFXIV is in beta right now but in just a few months you’ll get to play the game if you still haven’t been able to. The games official release is going to 9/22 for collectors edition, and on 9/30 if you are getting the basic regular version. The game is very much similar to FFXI, but they have added in a ton of new features to make it even better. Some of the major ones are transportation, easy group finding, more crafting abilities, improved graphics, and best of all a revamping for solo game play.

FFXIV Armoury System

Final fantasy 14 has the ability much like final fantasy 11 that you can switch your jobs, but now you can by simply changing the gear you are wearing. So you can be one second a pugilist then become a thaumaturge and turn into a monster. Or maybe you are bored of fighting and you become a leather worker by just changing your armor. This allows players to stick with only one account and enjoy every class in the game with ease. Something few mmos can say you can do with them.

FFXIV Disciplines

Disciples are basically the classes of final fantasy xiv you can pick between 4 different disciples. war, magic, land, and hand. Each one of these then is broken up into categories. With war you use weapons, so its mainly melee and ranged damage with different weapons in the game. Picking magic of course lets you cast a ton of different in game spells, many you will remember from FFXI and other final fantasy games in the past. With land its considered herbalism and harvesting my many means. You do mining, fishing, ect ect. Finally hand is going to be the equivalent of crafting, but you can do so much more than you could do in previous games. Weaving, cooking, leather working, alchemy, and more.


The races are pretty much the same as FFXI. The world is called eorzea and you multiple races to choose from. Miqo’te (mithra), elezen (elvaan), lalafell (taru-taru), roegadyn (galka), and hyur (Hume). Then once you pick your race you can pick which clan you want to join. They are rivals but many look at them in terms of good and evil.

FFXIV Guildleves

If you want to do a quest in the game then you will select a guildleves. They are split into 3 categories valor, constance, and diligence. You select your guildleves then go out and do a quest thats related to the one you pick. It reminds me a lot of borderlands bounty boards. Its pretty easy to use.

FFXIV Solo Gameplay and Graphics

The solo play is one of the biggest things to be done. With ffxi you had the problem of being forced to quest with friends and if you had none on, or played at odd times then you where stuck with a boring game. This time around they have opened it up more to players that want to play alone. This is a giant plus for many gamers out there that arent very big on the games that force them to party with people. You can still party though for major quests in the game and other ones. Also the graphics seem to be the best for any MMO to date which is great.

WEll hope you enjoyed this final fantasy xiv beginners leveling guide

Brady Games Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide Review Scam or Not

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Brady Games Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide Review ScamBrady Games Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide Review Scam or Not

Brady games is known for making pretty much all the official released guides for games. However what most people aren’t aware of is the quality of these guides they release. Some times they can be very useful but Brady games has now taken the guide market for mmos and lets look at the collective sc2 Brady games guide and the normal one they have.

The first guide for Brady games is the signature series. This one has all the single player campaign walk through for all missions you can do in the game. It also covers the bonus objectives in the game. You can find special maps that only come with the guide. As well it shows you in picture the locations of units, enemy bases and key spots for the game. If you just wanted to play the single player portion of the game then maybe the guide is for you. Most of this stuff can be found by just searching the net and asking questions.

The normal guide is pretty much the same thing but it doesn’t have as many maps, or special unit information. Id say spend the extra money and get the official guide, but there is one key part missing. With starcraft 2 you normally want to do multiplayer. Brady games in no way helps you at being a better player in the game. They tell you what to do and how to do it so you can get the single player portion of the game done. However if you want to be one of the best players out there you will need to know all the secret moves in the game and how to accomplish them as well.

This is a large problem most people have with Brady games they give you the bare minimum. For example their world of warcraft or aion guides just cover the basics in no way will it help you level faster, give you great quest run downs, or show you the best ways to do things in the game. They give you a glorified instruction manual. Which is unfair to the public. If you just wanted something to read thats fine and if the guide was only 5-10 dollars thats fine too. But they are charging 20+ dollars for premium content and giving you basic information.

Overall i would rate the guide a 10 on single player, but a zero on multiplayer. So overall the guide is only a 5. If you want to actually become a better player you will need a guide like the things they have over at taultunleashed. They give you the best online multiplayer guides, cheats that you shouldn’t be able to do, and hacks to make you even a better player. They don’t mess around when it comes to being the best player out there.

World of Warcraft Hacks – WoWned Scam

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

World of Warcraft Hacks – WoWned Scam

So we decided to give players some more information on world of warcraft hacks out there and which ones are scams. The first major one is going to be the scam from a program called wowned.

This hack says that the creator spent 2 years custom coding this hack so it works on blizzard servers and will never be detectable. The first thing you need to know about why this is false is blizzard can easily check the packets for someone that is teleporting or speedhacking in the game. Its not hard to detect so thats the first part of this that is a scam.

The next part is him showing the video. The video doesnt seem to show many players around so he is more than likely using this on a world of warcraft private server which doesnt have many security features to stop players from using things like this.

Next you need to be careful is a general rule of thumb on these applications. First of all if its free there is a good chance someone installed some sort of keylogger to help them steal your world of warcraft account and then just take all your gold and items off it.

The second is if this was a pay item make sure the site has multiple items for sale and not just one. Sites that are just selling one type of hack are usually a scam site that is planning on giving you a hack that doesnt work and taking your cash. Most of the time these sites have a payment processor that is not clickbank or paypal. But instead its some random credit card processor that doesnt give you much in terms of protection for charge backs. You will most likely loose your money because your bank will see this as an item that doesn’t cover their protection guidelines.

Finally look for the websites age. Most sites that are scams have just been created. Instead of someone that created a site months before release talking about their product most scam sites buy the domain, post it all over the net, and then take it down in a few months and repeat the process. A site with an age of over 5 years is your best bet because you can be assured they are more legit than the other scam sites.

Well those are some great tips and overall the wowned hack is a scam and you need to not download it or try it out. If you want more legit hacks for world of warcraft just go check out taultunleashed. Anyways we hope you enjoyed the guide on World of Warcraft Hacks – WoWned Scam

Aion Guides – Target’s Target Macro Fix

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

The following video shows you how to select your target of target. The game actually has most things incorrect in how it shows you the macro and selecting thing. Here is a great way to actually use the macros to help you select your targets target.

The first one is /Select [%Target’sTarget]
The second one is /Skill Select Target’s Target
The third one is /Quickbar (and the setup for your targets target ability).

Be sure to include the correct spelling and these are case sensitive so you cant get them working without the correct capitalization. For example you must keep the [%Target’sTarget] part correctly capitalized or it wont work for you. This also applies to [%PreviousTarget] changes that you make.

These also added in a patch that makes you need the delay command now if you are using the /Skill or /Quickbar commands. Because if you don’t add a delay in there it wont select the previous target. Id recommend something like /Quickbar 4 3 1 /Quickbar 3 3 1 /delay .1 /Select [%PreviousTarget] as that should work perfectly for you.

You can use .1 for the delay but sometimes thats not enough and it might fail id just use 1 or maybe use .5

The only one that i found that you wont be required to use a delay is /Select [Target’sTarget] /Quickbar 3 3 1 /Select [%PreviousTarget]. I think this is because they added a cool down when you use a skill instead of when you are just selecting a target and its instantly.

Well anyways thats the guide for how to properly use the target’s target macro and how it can help you buff, attack, and do a bunch of new things in the game. If you want to learn more about aion guides, macros, and more then be sure to check out the left side of the page where we have tons of information on it.

Also if you want the underground stuff then you need to check out taultunleashed as they have all the cream of the crop when it comes to premium aion online guides, macros, and more. Well i hope you enjoyed our Aion Guide – Target’s Target Macro Fix.

Starcraft 2 Shokz Guide Review – SC2 Shokz

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Starcraft 2 Shokz GuideStarcraft 2 Shokz Guide Review – SC2 Shokz
Here is a quick guide review comparing the starcraft 2 shokz guide to the major guide site out there called taultunleashed. We are going to give you a quick recap of the faults and pros of each and how they compare.

Sc2 1v1 Guides – Shokz has a great area for 1v1 guides and how to fight other players. Taultunleashed also gives you all the latest guides out there.
SC2 2v2 Guides – Shokz stats that it will be adding more information over time. Taultunleashed currently has all the latest sc2 2v2 strategy guides out there.
SC2 Build Orders – Both shokz and taultunleashed has all this information posted on both sites.
Replays of strategies – Shokz does not have many reply videos of things. Taultunleashed has plenty of reply videos listed for multiple guides.
Tournament Strategies – Shokz does not have any tournament strategies, taultunleashed has tons of ways to win against the best of the best.
Race Defenses – Both taultunleashed and shokz give you ways to stop units with different units from the opposing races.
24 Hours support – Shokz has none, while taultunleashed is being constantly updated.
Zero day updates – Shokz updates bi weekly while taultunleashed updates daily.
Cheats – Shokz has none. Taultunleashed has tons.
Bots and Hacks – Shokz has none taultunleashed has tons.
Secrets – Shokz does not have any right now while taultunleashed is adding more daily.
Price – Shokz is 37 dollars, while taultunleashed is only 8.

I hope this guide tells you the major differences between the two and allows you to decide which guide site is best for you and will make you a better player. Be sure to keep checking out for all the latest cheats, guides, strategies, secrets, and more for sc2.

WoW Cataclysm Exploits – Top 4 World of Warcraft Cheats

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

WoW Cataclysm Hacks – Top 9 Hacks and Exploits

The following video is going to show you the top 9 wow cataclysm hacks and exploits going on in the game. The first major one is how players can get their own chicken pet in the game. All you need to do is make a quick macro in the game and you’ll eventually get a message that you can actually have the chicken as a pet and begin using it.

The second one is newmans landing that all players can reach in the game. Whats cool is its an hidden area in the game. Its more than likely going to be used for some later end game content many believe it to be a new dock for wow cataclysm that was accidentally made available to the public.

The third is the unlimited bank account cheat. All you need to do is make a level 1 character and mail everything to your main. The items will stay in your mail box for 29 days for you. Its great if you are running out of room in the game and need a nice place to keep it.

The 4th is the lesser bloodstone ore. All you need to do is have a miner in the game and you need to get to level 35 and take the krazak quest. Then just go to the a mountain cave in dry whisker at booty bay in the far north arathi highlands. Get 4 loads of lesser bloodstone ore there. Also you have a ton of other chest spawns in there. You then just do the quest and sell the extra bloodstone ore in groups of four to other players in the game. You normally can make about 95s per each one. Great for a low level toon.

Well there are some of the top 4 world of warcraft exploits and cheats out there, Watch the videos second part for more.

Starcraft 2 Cheats – Top Five SC2 Cheats Being Used

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

Starcraft 2 Cheats Out ThereIn this little article we are going to tell you the top 5 starcraft 2 cheats going on right now and what they do.

The first major one is a new rushing exploit that only terrans can use that normally will give you an instant win in the game. Its pretty easy to do and has a step by step guide for how you can do this rush.

The next one is a exploit that will allow you to speed up building your tech labs in the game. This exploit basically will give you about an extra 30 second upgrade on most every player in the game you are against. Great for winning a rush. This is sure to be nerfed in the upcoming patches.

The third one is more for single player but its a list of all the working single player cheats. These wont give you achievements but you can go and become pretty much a god in the game.

The fourth is with mind control and its an exploit letting you control more units than you should be able too. Blizzard did not intend for players to become this powerful nor did they want players to be able to exploit this bad boy like most players have been doing in the game.

The fifth one is one of the biggest ones int he game. There is a cheat out there allowing players to zoom out far more than the game normally allows. In starcraft 2 they keep your zoom out factor rather low helping keep the game balanced for people on lower resolution monitors. Well this cheat will bypass that and allow you to zoom out even farther. This is very helpful for managing large scale battles or multiple bases at once without running around.

Well those are the top five starcraft 2 cheats out there currently. Be sure to keep coming back here to learn about more. Also if you want to actually use these cheats and exploits be sure to check out taultunleashed for the latest information on these. Thanks for reading.

Star Wars The Old Republic Xbox 360 Version

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Star Wars The Old Republic Xbox 360 EditionStar Wars The Old Republic Coming To Xbox 360?
Will the star wars the old republic MMO be coming out for the xbox 360 in the near future? Im very interested in this game but I’m not a fan of paying for a game online with a subscription model. So my question is can i get this game for the 360 eventually and if i can will i be able to get around all the game fees that they charge for it? Also they have proven that a game like this will be great with the previous entries in the series.

Best answer:
Well you have a few parts to your question so let me try to answer them all. For starters there is no information on this game being released for the xbox 360. While bioware has released some amazing games over their time line and a majority of them have been released for the 360 nothing has been said about making this game available to people that want it in the 360. They may announce it at a later time but nothing as it stands has been posted yet. Also something that will hold them back for it is xbox live.

Microsoft feels that if someone wants to use their online network they need to join xbox live. However mmo developers want a piece of that pie which Microsoft is not going to give anyone any time soon. So a lot of mmos will not come out on the 360 just because developers think if they have to charge people to play the game it will hurt them. Also there is a rumor that Microsoft wants some of the online subscription fees that are being charged to developers for this game.

As for a subscription price you will always have that no matter where the game goes. Look at final fantasy 11 that game has been released on multiple consoles and all of them charge a monthly fee. The fee is charged to maintain the servers, add new content, and supply the game with updated patches. While they might be charging a high price for monthly they do so because it costs many million of dollars in order to get a mmo released that is quality.

Also you hate paying monthly fees but if you want to play the game on the 360 dont you pay for xbox live which is in either monthly quarterly, or annually (yearly). Its the same thing just they charge it a different way to you.

Well i hope that answers your question on star wars the old republic coming to the xbox 360.