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Rift Online Battleground BG Bot Released

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Rift Online Battleground BG Bot ReleasedOn a great note the first major battleground bot for rift online was released today. The bot has all the bells and whistles you could need for a basic rift battleground bot.

Setting up the rift battleground anti afk bot might take a little bit longer than people are use to with bots. That’s because the bot seems to be very new and very rough around the edges. The bot will have you actually take the time to set things up such as movements in the game and so forth. Once you have those all down you can run the bot relatively easily.

Keep in mind though this bot is going to be somewhat easy at being detected so be sure to follow the directions given to help your character look as if they are not botting but actually playing the game legit.

This bot will have multiple updates as well as time goes on so be sure to check it out and start enjoying playing rift all the more.

Rift Defiant Leveling and Gold Cheating Guide

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Rift Defiant Leveling and Gold Cheating GuideRift Defiant Leveling and Gold Cheating Guide

Here is going to be a quick recap of all the major defiant leveling guides and cheats out there, and rift defiant gold guides and cheats that you can currently use.  The defiant is one of the 2 sides in rift online you can pick from.  The other is the guardians.  The defiant you could classify as the horde in world of warcraft and the alliance would be the guardians.  Anyways back to what are the major defiant level and gold cheats and guides out there.

Rift Defiant Leveling Guides and Secrets

The first major one is going to be ways to use a secret for artifacts in the game.  This used correctly will help you easily level in the game with little to no work on your part.  The next leveling guides out there that are major are the true leveling guides that you can find over at taultunleashed here is their rift defiant guide leveling section.  Some other big ones for the defiant are ways to use crystals to give you extra boosts most players don’t know about.  Ways to help you complete your defiant daily’s faster, and finally ways to use your attributes correctly when it comes to leveling.

Rift Defiant Leveling Cheats and Exploits

The major defiant leveling cheats and exploits in the game that you can use to help you are the following.  Ways to exploit rogues to give you full health instantly in the game easily.  Bug out your soul specs so you can use multiple soul spec abilities in the game.  Defiant spawn spots for mobs that you can kill over and over again to get yourself in game xp very quickly.

Rift Defiant Gold Guides and Secrets

The major gold guide sand secrets for the defiant in rift online are using rifts to drop extra items you can sell in the game.  Ways to build your classes far stronger than they should be, and the best quests in the game and how you can complete them for even more in game gold.

Rift Defiant Gold Cheats and Exploit

The major defiant gold cheats and exploits are going to be the following.  Get extra rewards for completing rifts in the game.  Killing mobs in the fire quest that give you extra gold in the game.  Teleport in the game to help you get to spots that you can farm mobs far more easily for extra in game gold.  Camping mob spawns that give extra high amounts of in game loot and more.

Anyways those are all the major things out there for the defiant side in rift online.  If you want to learn more in depth about any of these then be sure to go check out taultunleashed because they have all this and more on their site.

Rift Planes of Telara Hacks Security Questions

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Rift Planes Of Terra Hack ScamsQuestion by Love RiftRift Planes of Telara Hacks Security Questions
Im interested in hacks for rift online but i know nothing about the hacking community or where to get hacks. Can someone help tell me what are the best hacks for rift online and what each one does in the game. Also what sites should i use and what sites should i avoid for rift hacks.

Best answer:
Well first of lets go through all the major types of rift hacks out there.

– The first major one is going to be a rift speed hack. This hack will allow you to run faster than any player in the game. While it wont let you control how fast you attack as thats server side it can let you run incredibly fast in the game.

– The second is rift teleportation hacks. Rift teleport hacks will allow you to instantly move anywhere in the game. This is done by just selecting the x y and z cords in the game. These cords represent the entire games worlds directions. You can figure out your cords pretty easily then just hit the button to instantly teleport there.

– The third would have to be a rift flying hack. A flying hack basically makes the game thing you are doing a super jump. Then you can control whatever you want while in the air. Its also known as a rift superman hack.

– The fourth would be a rift radar hack. This hack would allow you to see things you should be able to normally in the game. From items off your radar, to players that shouldn’t be visible on your radar. A good radar hack can show everything.

Rift Hack Security

Well when you are using a rift hack you need to figure out what your hack is doing. The majority of hacks out there will inject into the game. This means they are sending information to the game. Such as a speed hack will tell the game that if you are going speed x to increase it to speed x*2. That is a very lamens way of putting it. So when it comes to runes hacks the speed hacks, flying hacks, and teleportation hacks will get you banned. While yes you will be able to use them for a few weeks. Eventually your account WILL BE BANNED> So dont use those hacks at all.

When it comes to a radar hack thats done correctly. Then you are safe. A rift radar hack will just read information the game sends. So lets say rift is sending information saying player A is a few hundred feet away from you but he isnt in radar distance yet because the radar shows only 20 feet. Well then a good radar hack will be a 3rd party program that shows up to 100 feet ahead of you. So then you can now see 5 times farther. Also radars can show invisible players, special items, and more.

Rift Hacking Sites

– Random sites that have hack in the name. These are scams stay away from them.
– Sites that have you download something right away for the hacks. These are scams stay away from them. They probably have a trojan in them.
– Sites that just sell a flying, speed, and teleportation hack. These sites are scams or will get your account banned.

The top two sites out there would have to be the following.

– is pretty great for getting all the latest and greatest rift hacks. They have everything thats out there and you can pick and choose what you want to use. Here is their rift hacks page.

– The next major one would be mmoviper if they decide to release a rift radar hack or rift leveling bot. They have been making bots for over ten years so you know they are some of the best out there. Give them a try.

Rift Leveling Bots and Farming Bots Review

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Rift Leveling and Farming Bots Reviews

With rift being out there have been a few people that are after rift online leveling and farming bots for the game.  Right now you mainly have just a few choices and in this article we will go through thema dn help users decide what they do and do not want for thier botting features.

The first is going to Macrogoblin – Macrogoblin rift leveling bot is going to be one of the least favorable bots out there.  Our review of the macro goblin rift farming bot showed that the bot is very basic.  Its basically just a version of autoit that runs.  The creators you can see clearly meant to just rush something out to get the rush of players in the intial riftr gaming phase and had little to no caring for actual in game botting for the game.

The second one is riftlevelbot – This bot is a total scam so be careful.  The bot has zero information in it and once you pay you get a junk bot that does nothing but takes money from you.  Be careful when purchasing this bot because you are going to be loosing money if you end up buying it.  The creator is clearly someone very shaddy that just wants to steal your money.

The third bot in developement is going to be MMOViper – They have by far the most advanced rift bot.  First of all the bot uses all offsets to work unlike the other two up above which are just scams.  The bot also is going to be able to do everything all other mmoviper bots can do.  Which is set mobs to hunt, skills to use, pathst o travel, routes to use, and more.  The bot is by far the best out there however the bot is in beta still and will be fully released to the public shortly.

There is a good rift review of all the leveling bots out there.  Be sure that you pick one that wont get you scammed and will give you the best botting for your pleasure.  Also remember when you decide what rift bot you want to use make sure you check them out for scams and other things that they have done in the past.  Because there is nothing worse than wasting your rift online money on junk.

Rift Gold Dupe Cheat

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Rift Gold Dupe Cheat

There is currently a demi gold dupe out in rift online.  This gold dupe allows you to almost instantly amass a ton of gold in the game.  What the gold dupe does is it finds a way so players can with little to no work on their part farm a ton of gold in the game and in the long run be pretty much set.  Well now that we have given you a little introduction lets talk about this gold dupe and how you actually get this rift cheating guide working.

For starters you have to find a specific mob in the game.  Keep in mind we are not going to give you the mobsname because its a secret that only players can learn more about over at taultunleashed for all their rift gold dupes.  Now whats special about this games mob is it does not hav ea normal spawn cycle like most mobs in rift online.  This mob is on whats called an instant spawn.  To see an instant spawn in action you just hav eot kill the mob.  Once the mob is dead he will then auto respawn within a few seconds to let you fight him all over again.

So now the way you exploit these auto spawning mobs is you find ones that drop items that be sold for gold in the game.  This particular mob actually drops an item that sells for around 10 gold in rift online.  So you just keep on killing him over and over again and colleting this item for a ton of in game gold.  However now you can take it even one step farther…

What you do now is set up an auto killing script or bot as many would call it.  With this rift online bot you can set it to contantly kill this one mob onver and over again and then start looting the stuff he drops.  The best time to run this is either when you are in the same room with your comptue rand eating something, or maybe you are sleeping and you have it set up to make a beeping sound whenever someone comes near.

So after you have found the instant spawn mob, made sure he drops something that be sold for gold, and set up a rift macro to run over night.  You should be able to wake up with a ton of rift in game gold and eventually be totally set for having all the rift online gold you can handle with this rift gold dupe.

For more in depth on rift online stuff be sure to come check out