Blade and Soul Dailes Guide

February 11th, 2016

Did you know that as of Feb 9, 2016, you can get about 13 GOLD every day just from running a few daily quests in Blade and Soul?

What is a daily quest? Its a repeatable quest that you can only do once a day. To run the entire list, it takes about 45 minutes. I have included the best way to run the route, and a spreadsheet of the ones that provide the most gold as a reward.

If it seems overwhelming, you might consider getting a Blade and Soul Bot to help you out.

As more and more people are reaching level cap, the amount of daily activities in B&S can be a bit overwhelming at first.

1 – Do OPVP dailies (red ones) in Misty Woods – you need to be at least rank Private with the faction to accept those dailies, if you are not yet do the faction dailies in the desert (Scorching sands)
ETA : 20-30 mins (depending if other faction players are camping the zone)
Rewards : Soul shards, Faction insignas
2 – Do the 4 blue dungeons once : Skittering Tunnels, Brightstone Ruins, Hall of Ogong, The Pigsty. Accept the daily quest of each in the lobby if you are using cross-server party matching.
ETA : 30-45 mins (good luck if your group doesn’t know how to do the Pigsty boss)
Rewards : Fodder materials for weapon/accessories, soul shields, moonwater valor stone, keys, crafting materials (moonwater tear)
3 – Run Tomb of the Exiles for Infernal lord horn (upgrade material). Accept the daily quest for it.
ETA : 10-15 mins if you’re lvl 45 and can carry your party
Rewards : Infernal lord horn, costume piece (if you’re lucky/rich)
4 – Do Arena dailies.
ETA : 15-25 mins depending on how long your 3v3 matches last
Rewards : Moonwater treasure chests
5 – Run Blackram supply chain. Accept daily quest. You will most likely have to use F7 to party find as you need a high grade weapon to enter through F8.
ETA: 20-45 mins (depending on how experienced your group is and if you’re skipping trash)
Rewards: Blackram supply soul shield, belt, upgrade accessories, Siren emblem
Next to that you can also help your clan with Blackwyrm, upgrade your crafts, farm costumes, swear at your screen because you did Shadowstrike for the billionth time and have yet to see the costume drop, level alts, or just have fun in arena!
That should keep you occupied for a bit every day – enjoy!

Here is short example:

A full spreadsheet of the current dailies can be found here:
Blade and Soul Dailies Guide

Blade and Soul Bot for leveling and gold farming

January 27th, 2016

So what exactly is it you ask? Well, the mmoviper team has created a program that will interface with the Blade and Soul game and automate some of the game play for you. It includes options for things like what spells to cast, where to grind, and how much loot you want to collect. It does have a learning curve, but they have a dedicated team that will assist you with guides, and videos showing you step by step exactly how to set it up and get your BSN bot up and running within about 10 minutes.

Most of the setup is already done for you, fortunately. When you run it for the first time, it configures the keys used to be the defaults that the game uses. If you change your keybindings, do not fret, there are options in the viper configuration setup to allow for custom key mappings.

Next, you will setup your hotkeys. This is what viper calls its rotation system. So, if you are a Force Master, and you want to use your Left Mouse button to attack, it is as simple as telling that bot, press that key, hold it down for x number of milliseconds, and then wait y before casting it again. You can also specify the priority of the hotkey so that you can have healing spells be top priority and get cast first to ensure that your bot stays alive. Need special AOE spells when being attacked by many mobs at once? No problem, there is a multi-mob setup just for that. Buffs, potions, spells, all configurable.

Ok, but what if you die? The bot will try to first get out of the radius of the nearby attacking mobs to safey. Then it will attempt to resurrect itself. If successful, the bot will resume grinding like nothing happened. If it fails, and you still get killed, the bot will press 4, resurrect, and then go back to where it was and try again.

Finally, record where and what you want to grind on. Its as simple as pressing auto record, and running a path in the area you are wanting to hunt in. Then save.

Finally, you are ready to press start. It will ask you which patrol area you want to hunt in. Select the one you just made, and star the bot. Sit back and watch it go, or leave and enjoy some time outside. When you come back your bags will be filled with treasures, and hopefully a few levels higher.

If you get worried about people watching you, there are options to stop fighting when people are nearby, or to just avoid mobs near other players. The idea here is to not make your self a target to be observed and noticed. The bot tries to act as human as possible, but sometimes you need to help it out as much as you can. Try not to bot 24 hours a day, and definitely

not in congested areas.


So to sum up:


Blade and Soul Bot

Blade and Soul BotBNS Bot

  1. Custom Hotkeys/Spells
  2. Custom Keyboard Configuration
  3. Custom Patrol Areas
  4. Custom Mobs to hunt
  5. Full Resurrect/Continue
  6. Player Detection/Monitoring
  7. Radar to show player/mobs/harvesting nodes
  8. Doesn’t get tired!!

Download Blade and Soul Bot

Blade and Soul Crafting and Harvesting Guide

January 23rd, 2016

Blade And Soul Crafting basics

After you reach level  11, you can sign 2 contracts with crafting guilds and 2 with gathering guilds. In Blade & Soul you do not craft items yourself – you place orders with your crafting guild and wait for them to complete your item (aka. pay the NPC a small amount of money to do the job for you). After a small amount of time the order will be done, the item will be delivered and you will get experience (trust) with that specific guild. Of course you are free to leave crafting/gathering guilds at any time and switch to another one but remember that you will lose all experience you gained with them so far.

It might be a bit confusing at first so it’s better to take a look into all 14 guilds beforehand and plan what you want to level as all of them have different connections and requirements.

There are 7 crafting guilds (names may vary depending on patch/translation you play on):

  • Blacksmith (Weaponsmith) – weapons, repair hammers etc;
  • Alchemist (Grand Medicine Institution) – elixirs, potions, antidotes;
  • Priests (BoPae) – tables (BoPae), evolution stones;
  • Local Flavor (Cooking) – food (healing/boosting stats and so on);
  • Potters – bottles, containers, mining picks, refined materials;
  • Jewellers – accessories, gems, keys to chests;
  • Astrologers (Monarch Church) – escape talismans, unsealing talismans, revival talismans;

To make it easier later on – here you have all the symbols for crafting guilds:

MMO B&S, Blade And Soul crafting guide

And 7 gathering guilds (names may vary depending on patch/translation you play on):

  • Farmers (Harvest)
  • Woodcutters (Lumbermill)
  • Fishermen
  • Hunters
  • Herbalists (Medicinal)
  • Miners (Geology)
  • Organshchiki (Masonry)

To make it easier later on – here you have all the symbols for gathering guilds:

MMO B&S, Blade And Soul crafting guide

Each crafting guild is connected to 2 gathering guilds – you will be using their resources to craft. Of course you are always free to pick what you want and buy materials from Auction House but it’s easier and cheaper to craft them yourself.

Here is a simplified picture showing which crafting guild requires items from which gathering guild:

MMO B&S, Blade And Soul crafting guide

Leveling crafts

You can level your crafts by simply ordering guilds to produce materials for you all the time. It takes time and money but is really worth it as on higher levels you automatically unlock new designs for items. It works a bit different with guilds of gatherers – you unlock new gatherable resources by finding their samples all over the world. Locations of all of them will be in a separate article.

Crafting design MMO B&S

After placing your craft a small icon will appear on bottom of your screen and when you hover over it a tiny craft window will pop up showing the status of your current crafts. From there on you can simply gather goods and repeat the same orders.

Craft order B&S

Keep in mind that higher level crafts require rarer ingredients and craftable items made by other guilds.

Leaving a crafting or gathering guild

If you want to leave a guild you can do it by simply right-clicking the guild logo in the Crafting Tab (L) and choosing the “Leave Guild” option.

Bypass Tera Hardware Ban

June 25th, 2015

Hello every banned people ever,

Here is Naria’s guide to bypassing TERA’s hardware ban. I’ve used this method many times to come back to the game after a permanent ban.

It works as long as you keep a low profile. Once they know you’re back, they will manually check and you will get banned. So make sure you pretend that you’re not back at all.

Proof videos:

Before Bypass:

After Bypass:

*What TERA Launcher does: * TERA launcher uses a spyware called iesnare. This is a flash spyware which is undetected by your computer and it will plant a flash cookie which will act as a unique key for your hardware. This means that no matter where you are, you will be identified as a unique individual so long as you are using the same key. This key is generated when you first launch TERA on your computer.

This generated key lives in 6 locations: 5 in registry, and one in your local folder:

What to do to bypass the ban? Simple.

1) Locate any computer that has never ran TERA before, or never been hardware banned before.
2) Log into a working TERA account on the newly acquired computer
3) Copy C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\(*select one)\\stm.sol to your banned computer.
4) Copy the very last string key (looks like this: XMjAxNCAFyNUyACwNTKoxAA8Z2qc5Dh2LFdHCLK/fAjlMreNSLnPjepAKBMAAQCwfWX0CAhO9FlB2s6FBfL0=)

Video getting the Flash Cookie:

5) Open RegEdit
6) Change the following registry values to the key acquired above.

Video getting the Registry Keys and what they look like:


HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\ProgramChecksum\SNPR1




(Note that changing one key will likely update the remaining 4)

After Bypass:

If this method didn’t work for you, that means something else other than your hardware is being tagged. It could be: 1) Your windows ID and 2) Your IP. These are relatively easy to reset.

Showing windows ID reset bypassing the ban:

Explanation as to how this works: You are replacing the unique cookie from a ‘fresh’ computer with your banned computer. This effectively fakes the authentication process indicating that you’re a clean user.

From my short google trip, it looks like a majority of online game and mmorpgs are using this method. This is a very effective way to keep unique individuals away from games without having to know much about whereabouts of the person, as each hardware has their own unique GUID provided by the manufacturers when your hardware was printed.

Beauty of this method is that you can get unbanned as many times as you want, if you walk into your local computer store. The publishers might even start getting people with “newly bought” hardware saying that they’re banned. (That would be so funny.)

The ugly side is that every instance of ID that you’re banned, it has a chance that the hardware will be banned on some other game somewhere. As far as I know, the only bans I received is for TERA, but if in the future that or iesnare finds out that there are people bypassing their cookies, they may add the hardware IDs to global ban on all (meaning games you’ve never touched) games.

Alternatively, they might smarten up and stop using flash cookies and stop violating our privacies.

NOTE: If you got banned pretty recently, do not forget to reset your IP. They will also track you by your IP address, and I’m assuming you can learn how to change the IP by yourselves!

Feel free to paste this anywhere you go. Just make sure to credit ‘Naria’

ArcheAge Exploit – Infinite Apex

November 24th, 2014

From time to time, various exploits will pop up in ArcheAge. It seems that the game is just riddled with them sometime.

The latest one is a APEX exploit that will let you basically get an infinite numeber of APEX. But you better hurry, if the last APEX exploit is anything to go by, this wont last but a few hours before its closed and fixed.

To read how its done, visit this link: Apex Exploit


Definition of APEX:

APEX is an item that grants Credits when opened. It can be traded between players, or purchased/sold on the ArcheAge Auction House. This allows industrious players to earn Patron status using their in-game currency (gold) while it gives players with less time a way to generate gold.

ArcheAge – Taming World Bosses

October 3rd, 2014

ArcheAge Taming NetIntroduction:
In Archeage you can capture a variety of different world bosses to be your pet. This means you can have some bad-ass looking miniature versions of bosses fight alongside you!

There are a grand total of 6 different weird and wonderful world bosses you can tame.

This guide will teach you all about the different world bosses, their locations, how to capture them and what the bosses can do as your pet.

Taming Nets:
So what’s the first thing you need to know about capturing world bosses? How to capture them.

You’ll need to initially craft either a Legendary or Mythic taming net (Depending on which boss you’re going for)

Legendary Taming Net captures:

Windlord (Lilyut Hills + Arcum iris)
Farkrag the Wanderer (Gweonid Forest + Falcorth Plains)

Mythic Taming Net Captures:

Tarian the Grim (Dewstone Planes)
Daruda the Watcher (Solis Headlands)
Harrod the Gatekeeper (Villanelle)
Flamelord (Solis Headlands)

For the full guide and complete tutorial, go check it out:

How to tame world bosses in ArcheAge

ArcheAge Guide – The most popular builds currently available

September 30th, 2014

You will often  find yourself mixing and maxing the various skills that are available. Some will seem to work, other not so much. Here we have collected what the community generally accepts as the quote unquote “best” class/skill combinations. As you progress, you may decide that these do not quite work for you, but as a general rule, if you chose one of these combinations you cannot go wrong. If you want to cheat and go ahead and see how you can best use these combinations, head on over to TaultUnleashed – ArcheAge

Witchcraft+Sorcery+Shadowplay = Hermit / Daggerspell
Want to make people put your name in their death note? well you’re on the right track with this. Some will argue that you’re missing a bit of damage for a mage, but who cares, you can kill pretty much anybody equally geared unless they’re anti mage.

Auramancy+Archery+Shadowplay = Treasure Hunter / Primeval
I’ve seen a stream where the 10 players on the arena match where using this exact build… so that might give you an idea of how popular it is. It’s just the most viable pvp archer build in this stage of content, no way around it

Battlerage+Auramancy+Shadowplay = Politician / Darkrunner
Another super common build, great mobility, good damage, gap closers, cc, if only you could throw fireballs…

Battlerage+Defense+Shadowplay = Fighter / Blighter
Probably the most well rounded melee build, a good amount of gap closers, nice cc, decent mitigation, and stealth so you can gank anyone anywhere, can’t go wrong with this as long as you understand the limitations of melee.

Defense+Auramancy+Occultism = Defender / Skullknight
T A N K, baby’s first character, you rarely die, superb in pve, annoying in pvp, good build for raid/guild leaders who steal all the loot from their guild because they’re the main tank

Occultism+Sorcery+Shadowplay = Angel of Death / Reaper
You’re open to most attackers, but play like an opportunist and you’ll do great, you have amazing sustainable damage, quite a few combos and some of the best area attacks

Witchcraft+Occultism+Sorcery = Darkweaver / Demonologist
Aoe disabler mage, not as popular as your average stealth ganker, but very desired in any group and much more durable

Battlerage+Defense+Auramancy = Soldier / Abolisher
The melee tank, it’s a very solid build for guild leaders or anyone who wants to boss people around and stand in the front of a raid.

Defense+Archery+Shadowplay = Strategist / Stone Arrow
A bow and a shield? who would have thought, it does work, one of few things AA did right, it’s definitely T1 against physical classes, but trust me most tryhard mages will make you cry


I also include a few support classes:

Auramancy+Songcraft+Vitalism = Priest / Cleric
This is what most people pick when they want to play a full support character and don’t do much research about the game. It’s very good indeed, but please consider other builds before picking it, you’ll have a really rough time before 30, and even after that you don’t have a spammable attack. Remember any heal will cancel your auras so you have to recast them. Great for those who want to help their friends all the time or if you want to turn your girlfriend into a walking healthpot/buffbot 24/7.

Defense+Auramancy+Vitalism = Bodyguard / Templar
Everyone loves a healer, a healer that blocks arrows and melee atacks and can break out of cc’s is even better. I’d just like to say Vitalism isn’t what you expect even at higher levels, while you have some extraordinaire heals, the cooldown of most abilities is way too long, so you might want something less passive than this build to avoid falling asleep

Witchcraft+Auramancy+Vitalism = Sage / Hierophant
The most badass healer you can be, horrible for solo play, but godly for groups, suitable for anyone who likes to support and do more than playing whack-a-mole with health bars or playing songs far from the action.

ArcheAge Tips – How to get Gilda per day doing daily quests

September 30th, 2014

ArcheAge Blue Salt Brotherhood

You can pick up these quests in Austera, Lutesong Habour, and Caernord.

If you start in Solis Headlands the best way to do the route is:

Solis Headlands (Austera)[To pick up the quests] -> Mahadevi (City of Towers)[Pick up the hellhound leashes] -> Arcum Iris [Raise mount]-> Tigerspine Mountains [Plant 3 flower vases] -> Falcorth Plains [Raise mount]-> RECALL back to Solis Headlands to collect all the quests.

(30+) Five Blue Salt dailies that each provide one Gilda each:
A Rare Perfume
Use 30 Crushed Flowers, Ground Grain, Crushed Spices, or Chopped Produce to create a perfume
Guerrilla Marketing
Available after completing A Rare Perfume
Place a vase in 3 spots in Lilyut
Raising a Wild Elk
Go to Gweonid Forest and raise the elk calf you’re provided
Raising a Wild Horse
Go to Solzreed and raise the faol you’re provided
Roadsend in Danger
Collect 8 barrels of gunpowder near Roadsend in Dewstone



Archeage Priestess of Nui

Four Priestess of Nui quests that provide one Gilda each:
The Goddess of Nui (10-30)
Talk to priestess again

The Hereafter’s Energy (16-30)
Bring a Memory Ink to a Priestess of Nui

Gifts for the Goddess (21-30)
“/flowers” a Priestess of Nui

A Lily Offering (26-30)
Bring a Lily to a Priestess of Nui





Archeage Scarecrow

Crafting Daily:
Hearty Meal, Premium Hearty Meal and Rare Hearty Meal
Each are crafted at the Farmer’s Workstation and turned in to an auctioneer for 1 Gilda Each
Edit: Note that the above require RAW Meat, which are gathered from pens made with 10/20/30k Husbandry, and not typical Duck/Chicken/Goose meat.







Mentor quests for Sharpwind Mines (30+) and Burnt Castle Armory (40+)
3 Gilda each
Repeatable ad infinitum:
Trade runs to Haranya
1 Gilda each
Trade runs to Freedich Isle
3 Gilda each



Looking for more ArcheAge exploits and guides? Head on over to TaultUnleashed – Archeage, you won’t be dissappointed!

Elder Scrolls Online Beta Key Giveaway (TESO BETA KEY)

February 28th, 2014

eso beta key
Grab your TESO beta keys while they last:

Elder Scrolls Beta Key Giveaway – TaultUnleashed

This weekend will be the biggest beta event that the Elder Scrolls Online has ever had. Join in the fun. No NDA.

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NWO Professions Bot – APB Released!

October 19th, 2013


Introducing APB Infinite v 0.4.3


  • Run Multiple Characters
  • Auto Login to Gateway
  • Buy Items from the Gateway Store
  • Open and Sell Items from your Inventory
  • Refine Rough Astral Diamonds
  • And Much More to Come…

Download Link

This is a great little bot that will level up your professions in Neverwinter Online. What is great about this little app, is it runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And it never misses a profession task. Just setup what you want your profession minions to queue up, and start the bot up. It will keep a connection to the NWO Professions server and automatically press Collect Reward and Start New Task automatically for you.

Having a problem with not enough Astral Diamonds? Well no more, not only can you refind rough astral diamonds via this nwo professions bot, but you can queue up tasks that will earn you diamonds.

I know leveling up the professions is very tiresome. You have to keep checking back every few minutes to hours to see if they have completed. Sometimes they complete in the middle of the night, and you are sleeping, so you cant refresh and start a new task. That is where this bot really shines. It never sleeps! So download it today, crank it up, and get all of your professions maxed out!