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Diablo 3 Follower System Leaked

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Today is another great day for all you hard core diablo 3 fans. They just released a big video on what is called the follower system. This system is very similar to that of picking mercenaries from diablo 2. You basically get a type of player to join you in the game, however there is a big different this time around. These followers seem to be of their own classes with a mix. So in the following video you see they have a few major things outlined in it.

The Diablo 3 Enchantress follower class – This class looks very similar to that of the sorcerer in diablo 3 but with a different look and feel. In the video you can see they can hold items, have different armor perks, and have their very own spell levels and configurations. This is a great for players looking to build up on one follower over the course of the game.

The diablo 3 Scoundrel class – This class is much of a rogue it seems that he can do multiple types of ranged attacks mainly. As he is upgraded he looks to have some light armor with a certain type of thievery look to him. It seems awesome that he also has the ability to use someone called scavenge (maybe a new way to loot things in the game). Also he has the ability for the black market (Maybe a way to easily purchase goods while traveling in the game).

The diablo 3 Templar class – This class is the most exciting to me. It looks to be a paladin barbarian mix. When he is decked out he seems to have armor that would resemble that of max tier armor in world of warcraft. He also has some great spells that seem to be that of a paladin. Protection, loyalty, intervene, ect ect. His attacks however seem to be more along the lines of something a barbarian would do. Such as the one where he is jumping into battle.

Well those are the 3 followers we know of so far and some of the perks they have. Be sure to keep reading for more diablo 3 information as time goes by.

D3 Female Witch Doctor

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

This might be an old one but some people are still not aware of this release. Blizzard has gone out and done a release for the female witch doctor. The female version fo the witch doctor was believed to have been leaked accidentally by blizzard which forced them to release the page early. The female witch doctor takes on a role that many games stray from. Most games will have a female lead that is either overly attractive or overly masculine. With Diablo 3 the blizzard team made a character that looks what one would think a female witch doctor would. The best way to describe her visually is the god of the sea from pirates of the Caribbean 3. Like the movie or not that is a great visual representation of her.

The witch doctor spells are the same but whats nice this time around is you can actually see a little bit more of all the great spells the female witch doctor is going to be doing in the upcoming months. Remember the beta is coming and when that comes out millions of players will be able to enjoy all the great diablo 3 tidbits released.