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D3 Female Witch Doctor

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

This might be an old one but some people are still not aware of this release. Blizzard has gone out and done a release for the female witch doctor. The female version fo the witch doctor was believed to have been leaked accidentally by blizzard which forced them to release the page early. The female witch doctor takes on a role that many games stray from. Most games will have a female lead that is either overly attractive or overly masculine. With Diablo 3 the blizzard team made a character that looks what one would think a female witch doctor would. The best way to describe her visually is the god of the sea from pirates of the Caribbean 3. Like the movie or not that is a great visual representation of her.

The witch doctor spells are the same but whats nice this time around is you can actually see a little bit more of all the great spells the female witch doctor is going to be doing in the upcoming months. Remember the beta is coming and when that comes out millions of players will be able to enjoy all the great diablo 3 tidbits released.