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Aion Online Cheats – Exploits

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

This is a quick area to help people whoa re curious about all the major cheats and exploits in aion online. First of all as i always say first is cheats and exploits are normally the same thing. They both allow you to do something in the game that normally you should not be able to. Best of all with cheats and exploits is you can know have an even better edge on other players because of them. Major cheats and exploits in aion online can be some of the follow categories.

Aion cheats and exploits allowing players to gain extra kinah in the game. With these cheats you find an exploit to gain tons of extra kinah. Some players do this from finding a way to manipulate the game and giving them the ability to dupe kinah. Other players use this to find a way to actually make a quest bugged so they can repeat it or have it accidentally give out multiple rewards. Another way is to find bugged items that allow you get kinah in the game from killing mobs or selling certain items.

Another major cheat and exploit is going to be for gaining experience. Examples of these is bugging mobs in the game to make them much easier to kill. Maybe you can fly to a certain spot and get a mob to bug out and sit there so you can kill him instantly without being attacked. Or like the kinah quest rewards you can complete a quest multiple times for quick xp. Also some players use special bugs in the game for instant respawns on mobs. This is one of the larger ways to get extra in game xp. With these you can find a spawn of mobs in the game that is bugged and instead of them taking time to respawn they will respawn instantly. If you use some AOE spells (area of effect) you can kill them easily.

Remember those are just some of the major exploits and cheats in aion online. You can always get tons more in the game for different things. From pk ones to help you killing players quickly, to ones that let you go to certain places in the game. You can find tons of great aion online cheats and exploits over at .