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Everquest 2 – Whats next?

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

SOE the makers of the Everquest Franchise, have been very busy (behind the scenes) it seems. Today at noon PDT they are going to reveal the next game. Many fans were expecting it to be Everquest 3 (including me), however what they announced last year was that it will not be a sequel or prequel, but rather a alternate timeline (think of the new Star Trek movies), where events, places, even people may be similar, but the game will be an entirely new game.

What little I have been able to gather, is the next iteration of the game will be a sandbox style game. And it is supposed to be the largest endeavor to date of its kind. How will this be different? Well in a sandbox world there are no “loading zones”. It will be a seamless world from end to end including all dungeons, etc. Makes me wonder how you will transport to the plane of hate, but maybe that will be an exception.. 🙂

The graphics engine running the new version will be the Forge Light engine. It has been used in Planet Side 2 (also by SOE). But I have a feeling, it has been greatly tweaked and improved upon. They have described the engine as having a focus on making things as realistic as possible. This includes things like NVidia 3D Physics, real-time radiosity (lighting), motion blur, etc.

I really hope this means we will be able to make our own housing, towns, cities and more. I really cant wait to see what they have in store for the Everquest franchise, I’m sure whatever it is, it will be a worthy title of Everquest.

If you want to join in on the fun and see some of the game play LIVE, check out their twitch channel below:


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