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WOW – Make 1000 GPH In Zerg Booty Bay

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

WOW - Make 1000 GPH In Zerg Booty BayHere is a very easy way to gain a ton of easy gold per hour by just using a tank. For my account i used a paladin which was one of the easiest classes to use if its fully geared out for PvP.

All you need to do is travel to zerg booty bay. Find a player now that needs to get the bloodsail admiral title. Have them pay you 1k to 2.5k for the run through.

Now just have him sit back and go in there with your tank and quickly help him get his title. Its pretty easy for you to do and players such a rogues are more than willing to pay in order to get this title. Well there is an easy way to get your title in no time flat.