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FFXIV Pugilist Class Breakdown

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Sunday I informed you about the new FFXIV Gladiator Class. Continuing with the Disciples of War, today I bring you the FFXIV Pugilist Class and overview. This is yet another class type from Square Enix in their epic overhaul of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn upcoming release sometime later this year in late 2013.

So what is this FFXIV Pugilist class? Its a warrior class that loves to use his hands and punch you in the face!

Keep in mind during this topic that everything herein is subject to change. While I do not foresee much changing in the near future, if anything does, don’t fret, I will keep this post updated with the most up to date information all the way to release.

As you probably have guessed, the FFXIV Pugilist class is a hand to hand combat specialization of the stereotypical warrior class. Usual armaments will include various types of knuckles made from steel, bone, or whatever else the Pugilist can find laying around. Because this class has a increased damage per second (DPS) potential, it will also have a reduced “tank” potential. There will always give and take to keep classes balanced.

If you are familiar with the original FFXI mmorpg by the same company, you will not be surprised to find that the FFXIV Pugilist will eventually lead to the Monk Job specialization. I will go into a lot more detail on advanced jobs, but for now here are the main jobs that will become available with the Pugilist as a base:

  • Monk – Available at Pugilist level 30 and Archer level 15
  • Dragoon – Available at Lancer level 30 and Pugilist level 15
  • Black Mage – Available at Thaumaturge level 30 and Pugilist level 15 (dont figgure, just accept it)

So to summarize, if you like to be up in the opponents face, but do not like the play-style of a typical tank, then maybe a FFXIV Pugilist is for you!

Here are the current abilities and traits for the Pugilist class:

FFXIV A Realm Reborn: Pugilist Skills

Type / Affinity
Bootshine 1 Instant 2.50s 6 TP 3y 0y Weaponskill
Delivers an attack with a potency of 130. PGL, MNK
True Strike 2 Instant 2.50s 40 TP 3y 0y Weaponskill
Delivers an attack with a potency of 150. Chance for critical damage increases by 5% when dealt from behind target. Can only be used when in raptor form. MNK, PGL
Featherfoot 4 Instant 90.00s FREE 0y 0y Ability
Increases evasion by 15%.
Duration: 10s
Additional Effect: Wind damage over time.
Potency: 25 Duration: 18s
Snap Punch 6 Instant 2.50s 50 TP 3y 0y Weaponskill
Delivers an attack with a potency of 140. 180 when delivered from a target’s flank. Can only be used when in coeurl form.
Additional Effect: Changes for to opo-opo
Duration: 10s
Additional Effect: Grants Greased Lightning (Increases damage dealt by 7% and attack speed by 5%.)
Duration: 12s
Second Wind 8 Instant 120.00s FREE 0y 0y Ability
Instantly restores 15% of maximum HP. ARC, CNJ, GLA, LNC, MNK, MRD, PGL, THM, WAR
Haymaker 10 Instant 2.50s 40 TP 3y 0y Weaponskill
Delivers an attack with a potency of 170. Can only be used immediately after evading an attack.
Additional Effect: Slow (+20%)
Duration: 12s
Internal Release 12 Instant 60s FREE 0y 0y Ability
Increases critical hit rate by 20%.
Duration: 15s
Touch of Death 15 Instant 2.50s FREE 0y 0y Ability
Delivers an attack with a potency of 20.
Additional Effect: Damage over time
Potency: 25
Duration: 30s
Twin Snakes 18 Instant 2.50s FREE 0y 0y Ability
Delivers an attack with a potency of 100. 140 when delivered from a target’s flank. Can only be used when in raptor form.
Additional Effect: Increases damage by 5%
Duration: 12s
Additional Effect: Changes form to coeurl
Duration: 10s
Fists of Earth 22 Instant 3.00s 7 MP 30y 0y Ability
Reduces damage taken by 10%. Cannot be used with Fists of Fire or Fists of Wind, and shares recast timer with both. Effect ends upon reuse. MNK, PGL
Arm of the Destroyer 26 Instant 2.50s 130 TP 0y 5y Weaponskill
Delivers an attack with a potency of 50 to all nearby targets.
Additional Effect: Opo-opo form bonus: Silence
Duration: 1s
Additional Effect: Changes form to raptor
Duration: 10s
Fists of Wind 34 Instant 3.00s FREE 0y 0y Ability
Increases movement speed. Cannot be used with Fists of Earth or Fists of Fire, and shares recast timer with both. Effect ends upon reuse. MNK, PGL
Steel Peak 38 Instant 60.00s FREE 3y 0y Ability
Delivers an attack with a potency of 150. MNK, PGL
Mantra 42 Instant 120.00s FREE 25y 0y Ability
Increases target’s HP recovery via curing magic by 5%.
Duration: 15s
Howling Fist 46 Instant 300s FREE 10y 10y Ability
Delivers an attack with a potency of 190 to all enemies in a straight line before you. MNK, PGL
Perfect Balance 50 Instant 240s FREE 0y 0y Ability
Allows execution of weaponskills which require a certain form, without being in that form.
Duration: 10s


FFXIV A Realm Reborn: Pugilist Traits

8 Enhanced Strength (Pugilist) Increases strength by 2.
14 Enhanced Featherfoot Improves evasion increase granted by Featherfoot to 25%.
16 Enhanced Strength II (Pugilist) Increases strength by 4.
20 Enhanced Greased Lightning Allows the stacking of a second Greased Lightning.
24 Enhanced Strength III (Pugilist) Increases strength by 6.
28 Enhanced Twin Snakes Improves the damage increase granted by Twin Snakes to 10%.
32 Third Wind Increases HP restored by Second Wind to 25%.
36 Enhanced Internal Release Improves the critical hit rate increase granted by Internal Release to 30%.
40 Enhanced Greased Lightning II Allows the stacking of a third Greased Lightning.
44 Mythril Peak Shortens Steel Peak recast time to 40 seconds.
48 Enhanced Mantra Improves the HP recovery increase granted by Mantra to 10%.


Will this be a class you will be playing? Please post comments below if you will be playing a Pugilist or any of the other advanced jobs associated with it. Be sure to check out next month as I go into detail about the FFXIV Marauder!!!!

FFXIV Gladiator Class Breakdown

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

Yesterday I enlightened you with the basics of FFXIV Classes and Jobs paradigm in Square Enix‘s upcoming re-release of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Keep those discussions and comments coming as that is what will drive me to keep expanding on the inner workings and requirements of each job and class that FFXIV has to offer.

Today, we are going to dive right into the Gladiator Class. Keep in mind that we are still in Beta Phase 2 and some of the finer details might change slightly over time as the game gets closer to release. When and if that happens, I will edit this post and try to the best of my abilities to keep the most up to date information.

The FFXIV Gladiator Class is pretty much what it sound like. Bash and Crunch first, and ask questions later. This is your typical warrior style class. If we trace the roots of gladiators back in history, they were the fighting slaves in the coliseums with a sword and shield battling for the amusement of the onlookers in ancient Rome. FFXIV Gladiators will resemble this ancient style of fighting. With the increased shield defense, they naturally fall into a “tank” style of play. According to the FFXIV website, some will have a taunt ability to keep all of his opponents attentions on him and away from the lesser defended friends he might be playing with.

While some of the other classes may not be as straight forward, the FFXIV Gladiator is a warrior tank. In all mmorpg’s there are always tanks at the front of the battle taking hit after hit time and time again. While they may not dish out the most damage, they will definitely TAKE the most damage and stay alive.

As of this writing, it is assumed that the FFXIV Gladiator class will be required for 3 advanced jobs that can be acquired at level 30. (Remember you can always switch classes just by changing weapons) These advanced jobs are as follows:

  • Paladin – Available at Gladiator level 30 and Conjurer level 15
  • Warrior – Available at Marauder level 30 and Gladiator level 15
  • White Mage – Available at Conjurer level 30 and Gladiator level 15 (I know it doesn’t make sense to me either)

Check back often to see the other classes and jobs that FFXIV has to offer.

So is this your class of choice? What advanced jobs will you take first? I look forward to discussions, post below your thoughts and what you will be playing in the comments below!

Here are the current abilities and traits for the Gladiator class:

FFXIV A Realm Reborn: Gladiator Skills


Type / Affinity
Fast Blade 1 Instant 2.50s 70 TP Weaponskill
Delivers an attack with a potency of 150. GLA, PLD
Rampart 2 Instant 90.00s FREE 0y 0y Ability
Reduces damage taken by 10%.
Duration: 20s
Savage Blade 4 Instant 2.50s 60 TP 3y 0y Weaponskill
Delivers an attack with a potency of 100.
Additional Effect: Increased enmity
Combo Action: Fast Blade
Potency: 200
Fight or Flight 6 Instant 180.00s FREE 0y 0y Ability
Increases physical damage dealt by 30%.
Duration: 20s
Flash 8 Instant 2.50s 8 MP 0y 5y Spell
Increases Enmity in all nearby enemies. GLA, PGL, MRD, LNC, ARC,
Convalescence 10 Instant 120.00s FREE 0y 0y Ability
Increases HP restored by spells or actions by 20%.
Duration: 20s
Riot Blade 12 Instant 2.5s 100 TP 3y 0y Weaponskill
Delivers an attack with a potency of 100.
Combo Action: Fast Blade
Potency: 200
Bonus: Restores MP
Shield Lob 15 Instant 2.50s FREE 15y 0y Weaponskill
Delivers an attack with a potency of 120.
Additional Effect: Increased enmity
Shield Bash 18 Instant 2.50s 150 TP 3y 0y Weaponskill
Delivers an attack with a potency of 110.
Additional Effect: Stun
Duration: 3s
Provoke 22 Instant 40.00s FREE 25y 0y Ability
Gesture threateningly, increasing enmity in target. GLA, PGL, MRD, LNC, ARC,
Rage of Halone 26 Instant 2.50s 60 TP 3y 0y Weaponskill
Delivers an attack with a potency of 100.
Additional Effect: Increased enmity
Combo Action: Savage Blade
Potency: 240
Bonus: Reduce target’s strength by 5%
Bonus Duration: 20
Awareness 34 Instant 120s FREE 0y 0y Ability
Reduces the chance of suffering critical damage by 15%.
Duration: 20s
Sentinel 38 Instant 180s FREE 0y 0y Ability
Reduces damage taken by 30%.
Duration: 10s
Tempered Will 42 Instant 180s FREE 0y 0y Ability
Immediately cures Bind and Heavy, while preventing knockback and draw-in effects.
Duration: 10s
Bulwark 46 Instant 180s FREE 0y 0y Ability
Increases block rate by 60%.
Duration: 15s
Circle of Scorn 50 Instant 25s FREE 0y 5y Ability
Delivers an attack with a potency of 30 to all nearby enemies.
Additional Effect: Damage over time
Potency: 30
Duration: 15s


FFXIV A Realm Reborn: Gladiator Traits

8 Enhanced Vitality (Gladiator) Increases vitality by 2.
14 Enhanced Rampart Increases damage reduction granted by Rampart to 20%.
16 Enhanced Vitality II (Gladiator) Increases vitality by 4.
20 Enhanced Flash Adds Blind effect to Flash. Duration: 12s
24 Enhanced Vitality III (Gladiator) Increases vitality by 6.
28 Enhanced Fight or Flight Extends Fight or Flight duration to 30 seconds.
32 Enhanced Convalescence Improves the HP recovery increase granted by Convalesence to 30%.
36 Enhanced Shield Bash Extends Stun duration inflicted by Shield Bash to 6 seconds.
40 Enhanced Rage of Halone Increases strength reduction inflicted by Rage of Halone to 10%.
44 Enhanced Awareness Extends Awareness duration to 25 seconds.
48 Enhanced Sentinel Increases damage reduction granted by Sentinel to 40%.


Want to see more classes? Come back tomorrow to see the FFXIV Pugilist class!

FFXIV Classes and Jobs

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

As you are aware, FFXIV is launching a new 2.0 version of itself called Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (FFXIV). Some of you may have questions about some of the terms that are used in the game. I know that Square Enix does a fairly decent job describing things, but some people are still wondering exactly what FFXIV Classes and FFXIV Jobs are.

So, I thought I’d spend a few minutes and help you out. This post will just cover the basics. I will go into more detail later in later posts describing each in separate posts later. But for now, lets get a handle on exactly what the differences in FFXIV classes and jobs are. Each day this week, I will be adding a new topic or detailed ffxiv guide explaining in full detail the types of play that the new game is trying to achieve. As always if you have questions or comments, post them below.

FFXIV Classes and Jobs

So, first, lets go into eactly what is a class and a job. Usually these are the same thing in most mmorpg games. And you would be right in thinking so.. There was even a time where the FFXIV Live team wanted to get rid of both and put it all in the same category, but the man himself Yoshi-P put out a letter detailing that the distinction would remain. And I for one am glad he did.

There are four different classes in FFXIV.

  • Disciples of War – These are the masters of weapons and combat
  • Disciples of Magic – These are the magic users, casters, etc.
  • Disciples of the Hand – These are the cafters
  • Disciples of the Land – These are the gatherers.

With this in mind the FFXIV classes available so far are:

Disciple of War include:

Disciples of Magic include:

  • Arcanist
  • Conjurer
  • Thaumaturge

I wont list them all right now as we will be going over them in full detail in the coming days but this gives you a good idea of what to expect. Keep in mind also, that you are NOT locked into one class. You can change at any time, just by switching your weapon of choice. Now, once you do swap a weapon you start out at level 1 in that new class and you have to level up that class as you would any other. But hey, no more creating 10 different characters just to level them all up. Here its one character for everything. Rather nice no?

Here is where things start to get interesting. Some of the abilities from one class can meld over to another. For instance, if you are leveling up both a archer and a conjurer, you can mix and match some of their skills and abilities even while adventuring in a different class! Again, we’ll go into much more detail later, but for now, remember this post called FFXIV Classes and Jobs.

Moving on to Jobs. A job is a specific version so to speak of a class. At release there will only be 1 job for 1 class, but Yoshi-P has alluded that they plan to add multiple jobs for each class in the near future as they add in more content.

So lets take a closer look at a job. Mystra loves Bards. Can she play one? Yes. She starts out as a Archer but after a few levels she will get the option to upgrade to the Bard job. But what does that mean? We’ll get into the specifics later, but for now it means that she will get access to Bard specific spells and abilities but will limit here interaction with other classes. She might not be able to use some of here conjurer spells like she used too. Keep in mind that this is entirely optional. She does not HAVE to become a Bard. She can continue leveling as a archer with some conjurer abilities. This is usually better when soloing, but as you get into raiding and dungeons your group will start calling for some very job specific needs.

Just remember you can always switch back just by swapping weapons you change back to different classes.

Is it starting to make sense?

It is strange until you start playing a little, then these things will become more familiar. Keep checking back over the next few days and I will go over all of the ffxiv classes and jobs that you will be able to play.

If you know what class you will be starting out as, please post in the comments below. I’d like to hear why you like that class!




FFXI Alpha User Experience From

Monday, April 26th, 2010

FFXI Alpha User Experience From 4gamer.netThe people over at have done a translation of a players experience for ffxiv into English.

The players talks about some really great additions to the game. Best of all is going to be boats. Boats in the game are going to be a lot they where in previous ff games. It is bringing back the good old times playing ff2 in the states.

As well you can learn about how character creation is done in the game and find out about the first few hours of what to expect when players the game. The translation was originally posted over at ffxiv core but we thought it was so good we brought it here as well. Be sure to check out the parts below on boats and a bunch of other cool stuff.

Character Creation: To Limsa Lominsa!

All races except Miqo’te are present in the character creation. A few of the gender/tribe combinations were also unplayable, but you could give your character a first and last name, along with a great number of options available for:

  • Height
  • Voice
  • Skin color
  • Hair style
  • Hair color
  • Hair highlights
  • Face type
  • Eye color

Attached Image Attached Image

Finally, choose your birthday and guardian deity, followed by your starting point. The only one available for play in the alpha test was Limsa Lominsa.

By the way, Limsa Lominsa and its surrounding areas only make up about a fifth of the final product area.

Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image

After you make your character, there’s a cut scene. It appears you’re on a boat, and it pans across the scene to show other people lounging around the ship. I thought at first it was a prerendered opening, by my character showed up in the cut scene! These amazing graphics are created real-time by the in-game graphics engine.

Attached Image

All the cut scenes in-game were done in real time rendering at 1280×720 resolution with English voices and Japanese subtitles. It’s much more realistic-looking than FFXI, and, along with the on-a-boat opening, reminded me of the opening to EverQuest II. The story also changes along with your starting point, apparently.

When the cut-scene finished, I was presented with the user interface and was given control of my characters. I looked across the room and noticed many things.

Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image

  • The boat is an instance
  • NPC names were in Japanese (In FFXI, names were in English even in the Japanese version –Manly)
  • The minimap was in the top-right
  • The parts of the UI were widgets and could be moved by dragging them with the mouse

Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image

After a bit, there was another cut-scene. The storm that the boat was engulfed it seemed unnatural, as if caused by some force… My character went up onto the deck to check things out, and I was brought into a battle.

Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image

This battle was my first experience with FFXIV’s battle system. When you take out your weapon, the action gauge fills up. When it’s filled, you can activate a command from your action menu.

For example, as a gladiator, you have “slash” and “stab” in your action menu. It takes about four seconds for the action gauge to fill. After that, you attack the monster with stab or slash. You must choose a command every time you want to attack a monster.

You can put not just attacks, but magic and other special abilities, and even potions into your action menu.

Attached Image Attached Image

You can fight by just pressing slash and stab, but if you leave the action gauge where it is, you can start charging the effect gauge. The effect gauge has three levels, and the higher the effect gauge, the more powerful your action will be. Timing will be very important.

Attached Image Attached Image

This is the basic flow of battle. Of course, the timing of the action gauge will change depending on battle style and weapon.

FFXIV’s battle will feel fresh, even to MMORPG veterans. It’s not all that hard when you actually play it, and it feels like some of it is a little difficult to put into words. I’m sure battle will eventually make it into the YouTube FFXIV Channel eventually, so be sure to check that out.

Limsa Lominsa and Guildleves

Attached Image

After cleaning up the monsters, the ship arrives safely in Limsa Lominsa. This is where the instance ended and plopped me into the MMO part of the RPG. Even though it was the first day of testing, there were so many people in the city. It was quite a lively experience that I don’t think I could ever get tired of.

Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image

Here, adventurers go to the adventurers’ guild to get their guildleves and head out on their own adventures.

Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image

The things I was able to play through on my first try of this test was pretty limited, but these are just my first impressions of the alpha. Even so, there were so many things to see! I have a feeling FFXIV is going to become quite a fine, polished product through the help of test feedback, and I’m glad I get to be a part of it.

FFXIV Alpha Manual Leaked

Monday, April 26th, 2010

FFXIV Alpha Manual LeakedThe FFXIV manual has been leaked by alpha player who has his own blog called ffxivjourney. Well this little blog has so much information people are going to love it. On top of that they give you an awesome Q and A at the very end of the manual for questions players might have. Well anyways enjoy.


FINAL FANTASY XIV is a cross-nation, cross-platform massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG) that brings together people from all across the world to compete, cooperate, and communicate within the virtual fantasy realm known as Eorzea. While solo adventuring is always an option, most will agree that joining forces with their fellow gamers not only makes the game that much easier, but that much more fun as well!

* The Alpha/Beta versions contain only a fraction of what is planned in the full version. This includes playable races and clans, character customization options, selectable classes, and available areas, to name a few.

1. After logging in, select “New” from the Character Selection screen.

2. Select your character’s race, clan, and gender.
3. Choose a preset appearance for your character.
4. Customize various aspects of your character’s appearance via the available menus.
5. Select your character’s starting class*.
6. Select your character’s nameday (birthday) and guardian (patron deity).
7. Input your character’s first and last name.
8. Select the city-state in which you wish to begin your adventure.
9. Finally, select “Enter” to create your character and begin the game.

* Classes

In FINAL FANTASY XIV, a player’s class is determined by the arm or tool in his/her hand. The class chosen during character creation simply determines the items a player begins the game with. Players can change their class at any time by simply equipping different items they purchase, find, or create.

– Note

In the Alpha Version, a character’s race, clan, gender, nameday, and guardian do not affect his/her attributes.
At the onset of the game, you will find yourself on a boat, though at this point your character is already within what is called an instanced area, meaning it will not be occupied by any other players.

* Instanced areas, or instances, are areas in which only players directly related to or involved in what happens within may enter. The initial stages of gameplay in the Alpha Test will take place in instanced areas which only single players may occupy.
Instances will only be used for special events, such as the game’s opening sequence. For the most part, gameplay will take place within public areas occupied by any of a number of players.

As you progress through the opening event, the ship will eventually make port. After arriving, speak to the NPC Hob, who will be located directly ahead of you. At certain points in the game, Hob will present you with a list of options in accordance with your progress. For now, select the option presented to continue through the current event.

After speaking with NPC Hob and proceeding to the location to which you have been directed, there will be another NPC named Baderon who will present you with another set of options. After speaking to Baderon, you will automatically be transported from to a public area.

In public areas you will come across many other players. As fellow adventurers, it is up to you to make the most of your time in Eorzea together!




1. Display Name

The color of a display name reveals important information.

White – Other PCs
Blue – Party members
Green – NPCs
Yellow – Enemies

Red – Engaged enemies

* Semi-Transparent Display Names

When the display name of a PC is semi-transparent, it indicates that player is currently in a different area than you. These PCs are still displayed on-screen to help contribute to the seamless transitioning between areas. However, players should note that party invites cannot be extended across areas.

2. Minimap
The minimap displays the immediate vicinity around you, the direction you are facing, the direction the camera is facing, and the position of various NPCs.

3. Log
This display contains all of the various logs used to display text within the game, such as the system log, combat log, and chat log. Players may input text by selecting the chat prompt area.

4. Unit Frame
The unit frame displays various aspects of your character’s status, such as HP, MP, and TP.

5. Connection Status

1. Action Bar

This bar displays the various commands available for use in relation to the PC or NPC you are currently targeting.

2. Action Gauge

This gauge tells how much time is left before the next action may be executed. Though there are a few exceptions, for the most part all attacks, abilities, weapon skills, and spells require that the action gauge be full.

For certain classes, a secondary action gauge will appear when a shield is equipped in the off hand. All shield-related commands will make use of this gauge.

The action gauges of the main hand and off hand are entirely independent of one another. Should a character have a shield equipped in their off hand, two action gauges will be displayed simultaneously.

3. Effect Gauge

The effect gauge comes to life once the action gauge has completely filled. When a command is executed, the state of the effect gauge will determine certain bonuses to factors such as accuracy, power, or potency. These bonuses apply to all actions, both physical and magical.

– Other
– Passive Mode and Active Mode

“Passive Mode” is the designation given to the state in which a player’s arm or tool is not drawn. In this mode, hit points regenerate automatically.

“Active Mode” refers to the state in which a player’s arm or tool is drawn. In this mode, various battle commands are available, but movement speed is reduced in comparison to passive mode.

– Arms and Tools

There are a vast array of arms and tools in FINAL FANTASY XIV which allow players to assume the role of any of a number of classes. However, the following conditions should be kept in mind when changing equipment.

Equipping Arms – Players must be in passive mode and not engaged with an enemy.
Equipping Tools – Players must be in passive mode.

During the Alpha Test phase, there will be a total of nine types of arms and tools available (swords, hand-to-hand weapons, axes, polearms, bows, conjurer arms, thaumaturge arms, hammers, and pickaxes). Players can change their class simply by virtue of changing the arm or tool they have equipped in their hand.

The Flow of Battle

1. Ready an arm or tool, changing from passive mode to active mode.
2. Target an enemy.
3. Select a command from the action bar, and make use of the action and effect gauges to execute it effectively.
4. Strategize with other party members, deciding upon an appropriate Battle Regimen*.
5. Gain victory in battle to be rewarded with experience and skill points.
6. Obtain and distribute any loot dropped by the enemy.

* Battle Regimen

Battle Regimens are combat tactics which party members may employ against a single enemy. By coordinating and executing battle commands in a precise order, players may cause certain additional beneficial effects to occur.

A Battle Regimen begins with the stacking of battle commands. All party members who wish to take part in the Battle Regimen must stack their actions in the correct order against the desired target. One of the members then initiates the Battle Regimen, and the stacked actions will be executed automatically.

Step 1: Consult with other party members to determine the best Battle Regimen to use against a specific target. The battle commands and the order in which they are to be executed should all be decided.

Step 2: Wait until your position in the queue comes around to switch to Battle Regimen mode and select the battle command you wish to stack.

Step 3: After all participating party members have stacked their battle commands, one of the party members selects to initiate the Battle Regimen.

Step 4: Once the Battle Regimen is initiated, the stacked battle commands will all be executed automatically, chaining together to create additional effects.

Please note that factors such as distance from the enemy may prevent stacked battle commands from being executed once the Battle Regimen is initiated. In these cases, the Battle Regimen will not end, but will instead proceed on to the next command in the queue.

Enemy Toughness

An enemy’s degree of difficulty is represented by the color of the circle located in the extreme left portion of the unit frame. This display takes into account whether the player is solo or a member of a party.

Red – Incredibly Tough

Orange – Very Tough
Yellow – Tough
Green – Decent Challenge

Blue – Easy Prey

Physical Levels and Skill Ranks

In FINAL FANTASY XIV, a character’s progress is measured in two ways. Physical levels represent one’s actual physical development, while skill ranks measure how adept one is with various arms and tools.

– Physical Levels

Characters gain physical levels by accumulating a certain amount of experience points.

(During the Alpha Test phase, experience points will be obtainable only by achieving victory in battle.)

– Skill Ranks

Skill ranks are gained by accumulating skill points from various endeavors, such as combat or crafting. As a character’s skill rank increases, they will learn new actions, such as abilities and weapon skills.

* Physical level and skill rank caps will be set at 20 for the Alpha Test Phase.

Setting Actions for Use

Actions that have been acquired by a character can be set to the action bar for use. During the Alpha Test phase, the maximum number of actions available at any given time will be limited to 20.

Barring a few class-specific exceptions, actions will be available for use even when using a class different from the one on which the action learned. However, the power and efficacy of each action is determined by its affinity with the character’s active skill.

The Spoils of War

Any items received after a battle will be placed in a player’s loot list. During party play, items are distributed randomly to the lists of each member.

After a certain period of time, items on a loot list will be automatically moved to a player’s inventory. Should the player’s inventory be full, the items will be lost.

Items on a loot list are not considered in a player’s possession until they are added to his/her inventory. Until then, any items, including those which are rare (untradeable) and unique (players can possess no more than one), can be transferred to another party member’s list.

* Items received while mining/quarrying will also be added to the loot list before being moved to a player’s inventory.

If a character’s HP is reduced to 0, he/she will be “knocked out” and no longer able to move or act. A character can be revived by selecting “Return” from the main menu and choosing a destination from the listed aetheryte camps or aetherial gates.

* If a character is KO’d while participating in a levequest, he/she will be teleported back to the corresponding aetheryte.
* For the duration of the Alpha Test, characters KO’d will receive a weakness penalty which will not only lower total HP, but also reduce the speed with which their action gauge fills, as well as increase the length of casting times. This penalty will last five minutes before wearing off.

Rifts along the surface of Hydaelyn can cause “leaks” from which the planet’s lifeblood, aether, can escape. By harnessing the power from concentrated deposits known as “aetheryte,” the residents of Eorzea have seen a marked improvement in everyday life. Below is a list of the three most common types of aetheryte, and their benefits.

Aetheryte Crystals

Located in towns and camps, these giant crystalline objects are most often used as the starting places of levequests, due to their accessibility.

Upon approaching an aetheryte crystal, an Aetheryte option will appear. Selecting this will automatically do four things:

1. Restore all HP and MP.
2. Set the aetheryte as your home point (to where you will return when warping).
3. Register the location to your teleport list (first visit only), thereby allowing you to teleport to that aetheryte whenever you choose.

4. Give you the option to begin any levequests in your possession originating from that location.

Aetherial Gates

Aetherial gates are permanent discharges of aether located in various places around Eorzea. While not as concentrated as aetheryte crystals, the gates can still be used to instantly restore HP and MP, and set your home point.




Aetherial Nodes

Aetherial nodes are temporary phenomena which usually appear only after completing a levequest. They can be used to teleport instantly back to the aetheryte crystal at which a player began that quest. Only players who took part in the levequest can access the nodes, which will fade if not used promptly.




Players can return to their previously set home points at any time by selecting the Return option from the main menu. However, if a player is participating in a levequest, selecting this option at that time will result in teleportation back to the aetheryte crystal or aetherial gate used to activate the quest. The Return command can also be used while KO’d to revive your character.

By selecting Teleport from the main menu, a player can teleport their entire party to any aetheryte crystal location they have already visited. When one party member uses the Teleport option, a confirmation button will be sent to all other members, allowing them to decide whether or not they also wish to be teleported.

*Please note, both the Return and Teleport options can only be used when in passive mode.

To log out of FINAL FANTASY XIV and exit the game, select Logout from the main menu. The logout process requires 30 seconds to complete and can be cancelled at any time by inputting another command.

*Please note, players cannot log out while in active mode.

1. Region: The name of the region currently being displayed.
2. Area: The name of the area currently being displayed within the above-mentioned region.

3. Camp: The name of the aetheryte camp presiding over the current area.

4. Aetheryte camp location.

5. Player’s current position and directional bearing.

6. Aetherial gate location.

7. Map Menu Button: Select Change Map to view other acquired maps.Players can keep track of the quests they have accepted by viewing the Journal found in the main menu. Clicking on the header will bring up the following options: Levequests (Regional and Local) and Quests (Class Quests). Select the corresponding category to view all related journal entries.

* Please observe general online manners and etiquette when communicating with others.

Chat Modes


Any message input in the say chat mode can be seen by any and all players in the immediate vicinity. It is the default chat mode, and messages displayed in this manner will appear in white. This chat mode is activated by prefacing a message with either /say or simply /s. In addition, the active chat mode may be set to say mode by entering the command /say without a message following.


Any message input in the party chat mode can be seen by any and all party members. Messages displayed in this manner appear in blue. This chat mode is activated by prefacing a message with /party or simply /p. In addition, the active chat mode may be set to party mode by entering the command /party without a following message.


Any message input in the tell chat mode can be seen only by a single designated player. Messages displayed in this manner appear in pink. This chat mode is activated by prefacing a message with /tell or simply /t . The active chat mode cannot be set to tell mode. During the Alpha Test phase, PC names must be entered in their entirety (first and last names).


Shout chat mode is much like say chat mode, with the sole difference being that messages can be seen by players in a much wider area. Messages displayed in this manner appear in light pink. This chat mode is activated by prefacing a message with either /shout or simply /sh. The active chat mode cannot be set to shout mode.

Examples of Chat Commands

* All commands must begin with a / (forward slash) and contain only half-width characters.


Emotes are a collection of expressions and gestures that can be used to convey the emotional state of your character. The emote menu is bound to the E key in the default keyboard setup, and can also be accessed by selecting the second icon from the right on the action bar. By forming a party with others, players will be able to defeat monsters and complete guildleves of a difficulty unthinkable to the solo adventurer. A single party may contain up to 15 characters.

Forming a Party

To form a party, simply target and select the player that you wish to invite, and then select the Invite option that appears. If your invitation is accepted, the party will be formed automatically, with the person who sent the initial invitation becoming the party leader. The leader is the only member of the party who can invite additional members.

* Players who are already in a party cannot be invited.

Accepting a Party Invite

If another player invites you to a party, a Join party? button will appear on your screen. Select this to bring up a prompt displaying the options of Yes, No, and Cancel. Choose Yes to accept the invitation.

Party Commands

– Promote

The Promote command allows players to change the party leader. It may only be carried out by the current party leader.

– Oust

The Oust command allows players to remove members from a party. It may only be carried out by the current party leader.

– Leave

The Leave command allows players to disband from a party.

Once a Party is Formed

Following the formation of a party, the unit frames of all party members will be displayed together in the lower right portion of the screen. The party leader will be designated by the presence of a yellow diamond to the immediate left of the leader’s name.

The Trade command allows you to exchange items and gil with other players.

1. To initiate a trade, simply target and select a player, and then select the Trade option that appears.

* The recipient of a trade request will be see an Accept Trade? button. Selecting this will present the player with the options of Yes, No, and Cancel. Choose Yes to accept the request.

2. Accepting a trade request will automatically open the trade window.

3. Both players set the items and/or gil they wish to exchange in the trade slots provided.
4. Select Accept to complete the trade process.

* Selecting Cancel will abort the trade entirely.

Bazaars afford players the ability to sell and purchase items to and from one another. A player who has a bazaar set up will have the bazaar icon displayed next to that player’s name.

Operating Your Bazaar

A player’s bazaar can be set up to contain the items that player wishes to sell to others.

1. From the main menu, open the Item List and then select the Bazaar option. Highlight the item that you wish to sell, and then press Bazaar again.

2. In the window that follows, set the unit price at which you wish to sell your item(s).

* Note that 5% of the designated unit price will be taken as tax when the item sells. For example, an item being sold in a bazaar for 100 gil will require the purchasing player to pay 100 gil, but the player selling the item will receive only 95 gil from the transaction.

3. Having items in your bazaar purchased by other players will result in the gil being automatically added to your inventory.

Browsing Bazaars

By browsing the bazaars of others, players can purchase items.

1. Target and select a player with a bazaar and press the Browse button that appears. Then select the Selling option to view the items that player has up for sale.
2. Select the item you wish to purchase to complete the transaction.UI

Q: Can I undo attribute points already allocated?

A: With great power comes great responsibility. The Twelve have deemed you unworthy of that responsibility (at this time).


Q: I’ve arrived in Limsa Lominsa and watched the event scene with Baderon, the potty-mouthed proprietor of the Drowning Wench. What do I do next?

A: Access your Journal from the main menu. Select Class Quests to view a log of all that has transpired, as well as what lies immediately ahead on your path to adventure.

Q: My weapon is drawn, why isn’t that plague rat DEAD!?

A: Just as Van Ghoh could have never painted a single sunflower without clicking the Paint button in his action menu, an adventurer cannot thrust, swing, or throw her weapon until the corresponding button is clicked.

Q: Do blacksmiths and miners have any battle options other than throwing stones?

A: Not during the Alpha/Beta tests. Though perhaps through prayer will the Twelve one day grant the Disciples of the Land and the Hand with new ways to fell Eorzea’s nasty beasties.

Q: Why can’t I fight barehanded?

A: Because the Twelve do not wish it. Eorzean adventurers must have a weapon or tool equipped at all times.

Q: Where can I learn synthesis recipes? I tried copying the recipes introduced in certain levequests, but was told I do not have the crystal required for starting the synthesis.

A: Synthesis recipes are as elusive as the answers to questions such as the meaning of life and our purpose here on Hydaelyn. They must be sought for, and only the diligent shall be rewarded.

While normal synthesis requires the correct combination of crystal type and amount, levequest synthesis is often simplified, with the quest clients providing adventurers with crystals, thus their absence from the levequest recipes.

Q: How do I obtain crystals?

A: Crystalline manifestations of the planet’s aether are rare, but under special circumstances will form within the bodies of certain creatures. It is up to you to get those crystals out…


Q: Where can I synthesize items?

A: If your current class is one of the Disciples of the Hand, you can perform synthesis anywhere your heart desires.

Q: Where can I mine/quarry?

A: All miners have the ability to uncover the rough locations of mining and quarry points via their Prospect and Lithoscan abilities.

Q: I’ve found a Quarry Point, but I can’t quarry!

A: Ah, but do you have a knapping hammer equipped as a secondary arm?

Q: I cannot synthesize with my secondary tool!

A: Ah, but do you have a file equipped as a secondary arm?

Q: I’ve fallen into a rift in the planet’s surface and cannot escape! Whatever should I do?

A: The Land is a treacherous place, littered hither and yon with crevices, chasms, and bottomless pits, all waiting to consume the unsuspecting passerby. If you find yourself stuck in one of these not-so-proverbial ruts, simply open up your main menu and select Return to warp back to your home point.