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SC2 Betas Free With Gamestop Preorders

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

SC2 Betas Free With Gamestop PreordersGamestop without any notice just started putting up images stating that anyone that preorders sc2 gets a free beta invite to the game.

This is somewhat of a jerk move because all the players that pre ordered the game months ago are not being called about this extra perk they are getting. The only way they can get in on this action is if they drive to a gamestop and tell them that they have preordered the game.

If you haven’t already preordered one of this years best games then you should run over to your local gamestop and get a preorder and your beta key. Blizzard just announced that started next week players will get access to the creator tools, so a flurry of new content is going to show up online for custom made beta games. If you saw the preview a few months back you can make an entire fps with just these tools, however lots of players are excited for new custom game types such as the famous ones players on the Warcraft 3 Servers.

Here is the link to starcraft 2 on gamestop’s own site talking about the beta invites.