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GW2 Bot with Scripting support

Monday, April 1st, 2013

GW2 Radar Bot

So I found the website It has alot of really good bots on it, but today I’m going to talk about their GW2 Bot – ViperBot. This bot is amaizing. It supports background mode via a plugin, has plugin support to add your own plugins, and so much more. Here is a quick run down.

1. Patrol. You tell the bot where you want to hunt and give it “hotspots”. The bot will then run to these hotspots and look for things to kill. The best performance I have had is setting up hotspots in event areas. Because you only have to kill/tag one mob from a event to get credit and major xps.

2. What to hunt. You tell the bot specifically what you want to hunt, so it will bypass all of the trash along the way. Get a few names from the events or just enter what you want to hunt.

3. Harvesting/Gathering. Yep, you can have it run patrols gathering via the gather bot included. What is really good about this bot, is it doesnt use teleporting or things like that which WILL get you banned!!! To date, no bans using the viper bot.

4. Background mode. Have it do everything all while you surf, watch a movie or whatever.

5. Plugins. Make your own modifications to the bot to fine tune it or customize it for your class.

6. Radar. Get a birds eye view of things around you. Mobs, harvest nodes, etc.

7. Price. 30 bucks a year. You cant beat that. Most of the competition runs like 10 a month.. who wants to pay 120 bucks for a year to use a bot?

Ok, now the cons. Currently there are no pre-made profiles. You have to make your own. But in all fairness, they are really good at helping out newbs setup their hotkeys, spells, etc and get the bot rolling. They have announced a shared profile system, but its not ready for public yet.

Here is a video they have showing it off: