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SC2 First Major Beta Custom Release – Gokart…

Monday, April 26th, 2010

SC2 First Major Beta Custom Release - Gokart...So blizzard just released the long anticipated dev tools for creating your own maps and game types, and now the first major one was released. Go kart…

The game type is nothing amazing but it is a great way to show all the versatility that people can use now with this release. They have long hyped up the ability to create your own FPS shooters by the famous ghost recon demo done with their dev tools. Now this is something a beta player has created. If you watch the video you can see there are even some custom sounds added to it just to give it more of a mario kart feels. Well heres hoping someone creates an amazing mario kart mod down the road.

SC2 Beta Map Editor

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

This is going to be something most everyone wants.

Blizzard has announced that starting next week starcraft 2 will have a beta map editor this is going to be awesome for players like myself that where getting bored of how the game is all rush. Also it will allow some of the better creators to finally start making amazing things like the ghost fps that was shown awhile back. Anyways the last week of april is going to be amazing.