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Neverwinter Bot for NW/NWO

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Viper has done it again. They have release the first bot for Neverwinter. If you are not familiar with neverwinter, check it out via this link: Neverwinter.

This bot has been out for about a month now, and just keeps getting better and better.

First, its all backgrounded. What does that mean? It means that it will run totally in the background while you do other things.. surf the web.. or run a totally seperate neverwinter game while botting on one as well!

This bot does so much and is in full development with more coming every week.

It will Fight, Loot, heal, rest (campfire) and just keep plain on going all night long.

So what is a neverwinter bot? To put it simply its program that will play the game for you. Think of it like a intelligent robot that never gets tired.

Also included is a full radar. Just look at all of those monsters!!!

Neverwinter Bot

Neverwinter Bot


Purchase Link Clicky –>Neverwinter Bot Purchase Page <–

Some of the features planned are:
Hourly using the invoke (CTRL+I) key to do your hourly prayers at a campfire
Vendoring botted items
Professions tasking
and scripted patroling. (ie the ability to run a map over and over for repeatable quests)

Its still in beta, so it still has some bugs in it, but it works pretty well. People have already botted to 60 using this neverwinter bot.

Keep in mind that the Viper team supports SOOO many other bots.. EQ2, FFXIV, AION, TERA, ROM, and more! Check them out here: ViperBot