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WOW Dueling In Dalaran N. Bank Cheat

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

WOW Dueling In Dalaran N. Bank Cheat
Here is a great cheat as to how you can actually duel inside of the north bank at dalaran.

1 – Find the duel flags that are shown in the picture above. A hint will be they are at the ne ramp right outside of the circle of will. This is important because you have to be inside of the circle of wills dueling area and not in the underbelly

2 – Now mount up and have the person you want to duel mount up as well. Run along the red line shown in the picture above. The line will take you right to the ramp and you will get a message to pop up. The message will say that you are going to get out of dueling mode in 10 seconds from traveling to far. Keep on going up the ramp instead of turning around shown in the picture below

3 – Now go to the well in the picture above and start dueling to everyone’s amazement.

Aion Exploits – Ranged Class Mob / PvP Killing Exploit

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Aion Exploits - Ranged Class Mob / PvP Killing Exploit

Here are 2 pretty good aion exploits in the game. Some people say they do not work, others say they are working just fine. These exploits im going to assume will be best when you are using them in private servers but if you are lucky you may be able to get them to work with official live servers. One of them is great for killing mobs and the other one is great for killing other players. Enjoy both these aion exploits below.

Here is the first one that shouldn’t work above versions 1.2 so it still will be helpful for many private server members.

Here is the second one. This one is a PvP exploit that will help you kill the opposite faction with ranged attacks.

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