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ArcheAge – Taming World Bosses

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

ArcheAge Taming NetIntroduction:
In Archeage you can capture a variety of different world bosses to be your pet. This means you can have some bad-ass looking miniature versions of bosses fight alongside you!

There are a grand total of 6 different weird and wonderful world bosses you can tame.

This guide will teach you all about the different world bosses, their locations, how to capture them and what the bosses can do as your pet.

Taming Nets:
So what’s the first thing you need to know about capturing world bosses? How to capture them.

You’ll need to initially craft either a Legendary or Mythic taming net (Depending on which boss you’re going for)

Legendary Taming Net captures:

Windlord (Lilyut Hills + Arcum iris)
Farkrag the Wanderer (Gweonid Forest + Falcorth Plains)

Mythic Taming Net Captures:

Tarian the Grim (Dewstone Planes)
Daruda the Watcher (Solis Headlands)
Harrod the Gatekeeper (Villanelle)
Flamelord (Solis Headlands)

For the full guide and complete tutorial, go check it out:

How to tame world bosses in ArcheAge