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Elder Scrolls Online – First Person Gameplay

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

ESO has been announced that it was only going to be a 3rd person mmorpg, where the player basically looks over the shoulder of his character in game. However, today we bring you some of the first official footage showing that they have indeed added a first person mode within the game. This was only added a few months ago, but I’m glad they did. With this first person view, they really have captured the feel of TES games. If you have played Skyrim, you will almost think that this is actually Skyrim video, but NO.. its all Elder Scrolls Online. The look and feel just seems more natural. While alot of people may prefer the 3rd person view, I personally prefer the 1st person. It always seems to immerse me more into the game and get a feeling like I’m actually there. I absolutely loved Skyrim and from the looks of this video, I’ll be hooked on it too.


Keep checking back for more news and other tid bits that will be coming your way to keep you just ahead of the competition and get that edge that we like to provide here at Tault.  A good day might be friday, as they are supposed to be showing live some Elder Scrolls Online video feeds showing off the game in its current state.

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