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SW:ToR - Developer Blog & Advanced Class System

Welcome ladies and gents to the next set of updates for one of the most anticipated upcoming games. The Old Replublic!

This update brings you the Advanced Class System and a new Developer Blog introducing for the first time to the Star Wars Expanded Universe, The Voss.

The Advanced Class System looks similar to … More »

SW:ToR - Previews Galore! Bounty Hunter Class, Interviews, Advanced Classes


This update is a big one. Bioware and LucasArts have given a number of sites the privilege of a small segment to the game which provides us with tiny insight as to what we can expect. Other sites have had the privilege of interviewing some of the Developers.

I won’t press on. Here … More »

SW:ToR - Blood of the Empire #2

This update brings you the next segment of the Blood of the Empire comic. I wish I had more to say about this update, but simply… I don’t. I just never got in to the comics much at all. I much prefer updates on the game itself. Hence the reason why I’m excited to … More »

WOW Dueling In Dalaran N. Bank Cheat

Here is a great cheat as to how you can actually duel inside of the north bank at dalaran.

1 – Find the duel flags that are shown in the picture above. A hint will be they are at the ne ramp right outside of the circle of will. This is important because you … More »

Aion Steel Rake Door Jumping Exploit

Here is a current exploit in aion as to how players can lag themselves on top of the door in Steel Rake.

What you want to do is find the barrels near the doorway first of all. There are a bunch of them near the door way so sometimes you have to change which one … More »

WOW Make 5500 Gold Per Hour With Limited Supply

Here is a great world of warcraft guide on how you can easily make over 5000 gold per hour just using limited supply.

The reason this guide is so great is it helps give you a better versatility in playing the game. Instead of just hunting or doing jewel crafting in the game this … More »