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ArcheAge Tips – How to get Gilda per day doing daily quests

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

ArcheAge Blue Salt Brotherhood

You can pick up these quests in Austera, Lutesong Habour, and Caernord.

If you start in Solis Headlands the best way to do the route is:

Solis Headlands (Austera)[To pick up the quests] -> Mahadevi (City of Towers)[Pick up the hellhound leashes] -> Arcum Iris [Raise mount]-> Tigerspine Mountains [Plant 3 flower vases] -> Falcorth Plains [Raise mount]-> RECALL back to Solis Headlands to collect all the quests.

(30+) Five Blue Salt dailies that each provide one Gilda each:
A Rare Perfume
Use 30 Crushed Flowers, Ground Grain, Crushed Spices, or Chopped Produce to create a perfume
Guerrilla Marketing
Available after completing A Rare Perfume
Place a vase in 3 spots in Lilyut
Raising a Wild Elk
Go to Gweonid Forest and raise the elk calf you’re provided
Raising a Wild Horse
Go to Solzreed and raise the faol you’re provided
Roadsend in Danger
Collect 8 barrels of gunpowder near Roadsend in Dewstone



Archeage Priestess of Nui

Four Priestess of Nui quests that provide one Gilda each:
The Goddess of Nui (10-30)
Talk to priestess again

The Hereafter’s Energy (16-30)
Bring a Memory Ink to a Priestess of Nui

Gifts for the Goddess (21-30)
“/flowers” a Priestess of Nui

A Lily Offering (26-30)
Bring a Lily to a Priestess of Nui





Archeage Scarecrow

Crafting Daily:
Hearty Meal, Premium Hearty Meal and Rare Hearty Meal
Each are crafted at the Farmer’s Workstation and turned in to an auctioneer for 1 Gilda Each
Edit: Note that the above require RAW Meat, which are gathered from pens made with 10/20/30k Husbandry, and not typical Duck/Chicken/Goose meat.







Mentor quests for Sharpwind Mines (30+) and Burnt Castle Armory (40+)
3 Gilda each
Repeatable ad infinitum:
Trade runs to Haranya
1 Gilda each
Trade runs to Freedich Isle
3 Gilda each



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