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Elder Scrolls Online – Leaked – Ebonheart to Mournhold

Saturday, July 27th, 2013

Elder Scrolls Online Leaked Beta footageYesterday we brought you a couple of videos showcasing some of the new Elder Scrolls Online leaked beta footage. Today we bring you a full 45 minute video showing the scenery in full high-resolution detail. The video starts out in Ebonheart. Where the protagonist takes a quest to travel to Mournhold. You will see the entire ride (horseback of course) from Ebonheart to Mournhold. This one of the few (very few) videos that have been leaked for the upcoming game Elder Scrolls Online. This leaked beta footage will get your mouth watering for more.

During the video, you will see a few fights, one with a Shalk.. sorta of a big beetle. It goes down pretty fast. As the character runs across the world, he levels up. This seems to suggest that you can get exerience from visiting new points of interest.. a common theme that seems to be in all of the newest mmorpg games.

We arrive in Mournhold at 22:32. From there we take a a escort quests, and continue to view the countryside, escorting Elynisi to a Inn… But the character gets bored and just continues exploring on his own. Around 36:22 we arrive at Tal’Deic Fortress. The character keeps going on until the 46 minute mark, where the video ends. It seems that the beta content is limited to specific areas, as the character was not able to continue on past a stone wall crossing.

The overall feel seems to be just like playing Skyrim. The graphics, fonts, even playstyle has a Skyrim feel to it. I cant wait for a chance to play myself. Until next time. Keep checking back for more.

And here is the 46 minute video in streaming format (Be sure to watch in full 720p):

You will need something like UTorrent or Bittorent to download:

magnet:?xt=urn:btih:6926178b5139f053c5f2c6cce0d228 6604a1ea85&dn=Elder+Scrolls+Online+-+From+Ebonheart+to+Mournhold&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracke 3A6969&
Here is the 10 min “niteblade” video that has been flooding the web.


Some good news is that on FRIDAY, live at QuakeCon 2013 they are going to stream live ESO footage! I cant wait!

Elder Scrolls Online – Leaked Beta Footage – July 22, 2013

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Elder Scrolls Online Leaked Beta footageWe were asked if we could find any ESO leaked beta gameplay footage on the web. We did a quick search and this is what we found. I’m sure you can find more videos on youtube, or the like, but this one seems to be of high quality. While the gameplay is not all that great, it is a glimpse of what is coming down the pipe.

The playstyle in this video appears to be filmed in a “lets play” style with some commentary and one very novice gamer. But hey, its ESO leaked beta footage!

I dont know if this is against the current NDA (if there is even one), so I dont know how long this video will last. I know quite a few people have been requesting just this sort of elder scrolls online leaked beta footage, so here it is.

Well, that is it for now, keep checking back for more ESO news and all things related to Elder Scrolls Online.

See the comments for more links from other users if the links get taken down.

Most of the streaming links have been removed, but these direct download links are still up.

  1. 10 min “niteblade” gameplay (leaked on reddit, approx 10 mins of a “first play”, darkelf, or something or another)
  2. 5 min preview of From Ebonheart to Mournhold

Update: full 45 min video of the elder scrolls leaked beta gameplay footage.