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SWTOR In Game Combat Dev Diary

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

SWTOR In Game Combat Dev DiarySo now lets give you something amazing. An amazing developer diary from bioware was released today.

Its showing all the great new SWTOR combat in the game. The game apparently has all the choreographed moves in the game. It also lets you decide on how you want to do damage such as charging a weapon in the game or not. You can also fight with multiple styles such as being a bounty hunter for close combat, or a smuggler for long distance attacks. This game is going to have everything in it. Of course in the game you can be both the sith and jedis.

Also while sith and jedis are very powerful in the game they made sure to make it all balanced. All characters have powers over one another so its fully balanced. For example if you are a bounty hunter and a jedi goes after you, you can use a move to get more distance from the jedi and give you an advantage in the game. They end the video diary by saying they want you to feel what its like to be darth vader, or hand solo. Welcome to the most amazing MMO to date.