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Elder Scrolls Online – Maps

The elder scrolls online map of Tamriel is quite large. It is exepected that players will be able to explore up to 50% of the map at launch, with other zones coming online as DLC (Downloadable Content) sometime later. The original map of the world as seen HERE is quite vague. However, with the closed … More »

Elder Scrolls Online – Leaked – Ebonheart to Mournhold

Yesterday we brought you a couple of videos showcasing some of the new Elder Scrolls Online leaked beta footage. Today we bring you a full 45 minute video showing the scenery in full high-resolution detail. The video starts out in Ebonheart. Where the protagonist takes a quest to travel to Mournhold. You will see the … More »

Elder Scrolls Online – Leaked Beta Footage – July 22, 2013

We were asked if we could find any ESO leaked beta gameplay footage on the web. We did a quick search and this is what we found. I’m sure you can find more videos on youtube, or the like, but this one seems to be of high quality. While the gameplay is not all that … More »

FFXIV Marauder

“Marauders are fearsome front line combatants whose arsenal of actions enables them to strengthen their offensive and defensive prowess, whichever the situation demands. Charging into battle with a massive axe, the marauder quickly draws the attention of enemies, and turns their attacks against them.”

Last month I informed you about the new FFXIV … More »