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Aion Cheats – Take No Damage While Under Water

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1 – Run into the water. 2 – Now hit the bottom of the water area. 3 – Hit the jump button. 4 – Make sure you actually are still under water when you do the full jump. 5 – If done right … More »

Aion Exploits - Ranged Class Mob / PvP Killing Exploit

Here are 2 pretty good aion exploits in the game. Some people say they do not work, others say they are working just fine. These exploits im going to assume will be best when you are using them in private servers but if you are lucky you may be able to get … More »

Aion Hacks – Aions Secret New Anti Botting System Figured Out

So there has been a big revelation about aions big anti botting system. Not everyone knew how it worked out what it exactly did. However aion made it possible by accident or not to help you find out if you have been reported, and what level of punishment you are in.

First … More »

Aion Bans Thousands Of Real Players, Botters, and RMT

So NCSoft the creators of the popular game Aion Online have finally decided to put an end to all the bots and RMT (Real Money Traders) out there by doing a large ban wave. However this ban wave did not go as they have wanted.

There have been reports from major aion … More »

WOTLK Cheats - 3500XP Per Mob At Level 55

– Go to the ramparts with an alt toon – Get a shadowpriest or lock – Have your shadowpriest go into the ramparts as well. – Make your lock dps the mob to have a low healtha amount. – Now have the mob dot on you and run out of the instance – Wait … More »

Aion Bots – MMOViper Updates (Including Windows 7)

MMOViper has released a slew of new updates. This bot is now fully working with windows 7 and it has a ton of other updates to allow you to hunt all the easier. Keep in mind they are still adding in new updates every day so be sure to check for more. Also remember … More »

Aion Cheats – Get Around Server Wait Times

There is a brand new cheat going around the net. This cheat allows you to actually skip the entire server wait times. No longer will you be forced to wait hours to play the game you are PAYING TO PLAY. Just because ncsoft was lazy in making the game ready for the … More »

Aion Hacks – Easy Ways To Lower Your Ping In Aion

Well if you havent noticed just yet there are alot of people playing aion online. On top of that all those people have made the game lag way to much. here is a nice guide to help give you some ways to help lower your ping in the game. These have helped … More »