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SW:ToR - Inhabitants | Deceived

This update brings you two pieces of goodies to please your ToR appetite; Inhabitants and the Deceived novel.

The Inhabitants page brings you an introduction to the first species, creatures and droids that will populate the ToR galaxy. Click on each individual critter to view their unique page. They look amazing!

We also have … More »

SW:ToR - News Article: HoloNet Biographies Updated!

Greetings folks,

The SW:ToR team have updated the HoloNet section with three new characters for your viewing.

The characters include yours truly, Darth Malgus, General Garza from the Republic, and Mandalore from the independents.

You can check out this new update here:

… More »

GW2 First Class Revealed - The Elementalist

Areanet just released the first class in the game. This class is the elementalist, best of all they also included some pictures and videos below.

Elementalists use nature to help them accomplish their goals. You can pick from the 4 different elements of fire, water, air, and earth. Elementalist can change from not only being … More »

SC2 Mac Beta Invites Are Away

Blizzard has just begun sending out beta invites to mac users today. Well sorta…

If you got into the beta you can now download the mac version of starcraft 2. Now with all the mac love going on hopefully apple will actually start promoting and working to make their gaming experience more mac friendly.

EvE Tyrannis Site Online

The official Website For EVE Tyrannis has official gone online.

The short time between this official site and the release of tyrannis is somewhat odd but still great to get a bunch of new info on the game. At the site you will find new info on planting, the new eve gate community platform, tid … More »

Aion To Give New Life To Casual Players With Extra XP

Aion announced a new feature called energy of salvation. In a nutshell its going to help more casual players level faster to keep them up with the more hardcore players.

A direct quote from the ask kinslon blog says the following.

Energy of Salvation is for players who are leveling more slowly than other … More »

Mytheon Open Beta Starts Today

The mytheon open beta has started today. Mytheon many compare to be a diablo 2 like loot system.

What the developers are hoping will set mytheon apart from the hundreds of other mmo out there is their new style of game play. Most games have a normal set of players skills but instead mytheon gives … More »

GW2 Designer Manifesto (What Makes GW2 Great)

A giant post from the creators of gw1 was posted about how they plan on making guild wars 2 amazing.

The biggest part of this is how they plan on giving all players xp in the game. If you participate in killing a mob or a giant quest you will get 100% of the … More »

WOW 2 Person Mounts Released

World of Warcraft has just released a brand new 2 person mount in the game however there is a catch to obtaining one.

The only way you can get one is through blizzards refer a friend program. If you have someone that purchases the full game and stays with it for 2 months then you … More »

SC2 First Major Beta Custom Release - Gokart...

So blizzard just released the long anticipated dev tools for creating your own maps and game types, and now the first major one was released. Go kart…

The game type is nothing amazing but it is a great way to show all the versatility that people can use now with this release. They have long … More »