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Working Aion Kinah Hack – Dupe For All Servers Scam

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Above you will see a video that says it is the aion online kinah hack.  This exploit says it will make you more kinah than you could ever use in aion online because of how it works.  Also the hack they say is easy to run and it works on all versions of the game.  Now lets give you a quick low down on this hack and the reality of it.

First of all this aion online hack is a scam.  DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE ITEM.  It is going to be either a trojan, or some sort of virus so they can steal your aion online account.

The video shown shows them first opening up a server on aion online.  If you look at it you can easily tell that its not a public server or is a public server taken with time lapses in it.  This is how they trick you into thinking this is a working hack.

All they did is first of all show them in aion online with a low amount of in game kinah.  Then they show themselves switching to opening up the application (It might just be a simple .exe they created or a photoshop).  Then they pause the recorder and edit the aion online private server values, use photoshop, or use cheat engine.  All of these will make it seem like they have a ton of kinah in the game now.  When in reality they don’t.  This is done so it will trick you into thinking that they have found a new working aion online kinah hack for the game.  Remember once again this is a scam being used to steal your in game accounts or worse if they get the chance.

Here are some easy tips to help you avoid scams like that.  First of all anyone that says they have a way to hack the game for more kinah are lying.  The only ways to get kinah will be from in game quests, selling stuff, bots, and cheats to find loopholes in the game.  There is no kinah hack because kinah information is stored server side.  So if someone wanted to get kinah from hacking they game they first would have to break into the games servers which would easily get them caught then they would steal all the kinah they could find.  This is something that no one can really do easily and if they manage to do it they wouldnt take the risk of selling a hack to the public because it would easily be traced back to them and get them ultimately arrested.

I think this should help players when it comes to finding out more about aion online kinah hacks and if they are scams or not.

WoW Cataclysm Gold Secrets Guide And Tips

Friday, August 6th, 2010

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Gold Secrets GuideWOW Cataclysm Gold Making Secret and WOW Cataclysm Expansion Tips

The third major release of world of warcraft is coming out soon.  Now we will help you with some great expansion tips and ways to help you learn secrets for making wow cataclysm gold.

WOW Cataclysm Gold Making Secrets Guide

Now you have some time before world of warcraft cataclysm comes out and so you still have plenty of time to get yourself some in game gold quickly.  Well since you are here you are after the secrets to making world of warcraft cataclysm gold so here is the best ways for you to do it.

As an avid wow player me and other have played this game religiously for hours upon hours finding all the best ways to get gold in the game.  Well now we are going to share these secrets with you from the website

So now you want to know is taultunleashed a reliable site?  Well they have over 1 million members.  They have been around for more than ten years.  They have easily the largest wow population fansite out of any cheating site out there.  They also give players more ways to get wow cataclysm gold than you can know.  With their easy method to get in the game and get gold you can be assured they are the best.  Also you always a have a choice as to how you want to join them.  They even recommend people join for free by sharing information.

WOW Cataclysm Expansion Tips and Tricks

1) Get at the least 20 solid members in your guild and recruit new pals
Even smaller guilds can outrank the largest guilds on the server, just make sure that you have not less than 20 hardcore guild members who will consistently play rather a lot and contribute to your guild expertise and make it easier to with your guild energy leveling.

The time before an enlargement is all the time the very best time to recruit some new pals into the game. As everyone knows, associates are among the greatest property you may have in WoW, both for maximizing your effectiveness in sport and in maximizing the fun.

2) Max out your professions
Professions in Cataclysm are being made more helpful than before. With proper preparation, reforging will likely be an incredibly in style and money making skill that may get you rich.

three) Get Heirloom items in your new Goblin and Worgen alts
Heirloom objects will solely final till degree eighty, but that does not mean your new Worgen and Goblin alts shouldn’t be decked out in them. Will probably be the quickest and easiest method for you to level as a Goblin or Worgen in WoW Cataclysm.

4) Soak in the ‘previous world’ as much as potential and follow the previous battlegrounds.
We all know that the old Azeroth we have now come to like will not be around until the discharge of Cataclysm. To remember its magnificence, attempt to play as much as potential earlier than new growth arrives.

Though the battlegrounds of Cataclysm will probably be different with the outdated one, you ought to be warned that many guilds will be a part of these battlegrounds collectively and having strats/coordination/pots and no matter else technique to get an edge over the competition.

5) Get in the WoW Cataclysm Beta and Begin Planning
To do this, you’ll have an opinion in your thoughts about which objects you will go for and what abilities you will choose etc. Be sure to know the situations and bosses in WoW Cataclysm by heart so you can share methods along with your decide up group.

6) Take a Break
Typically the largest benefit you may give your self prior to an growth is taking a break from the game. Maybe a little break and spending time away from wow cataclysm will increase your motivation for when the enlargement does come out.

7) Cowl the basics
Make certain to get every little thing in place earlier than the enlargement, this implies: build up sufficient money in an effort to buy all the brand new stuff you need once the expansion arrives, get that flying mount as it is going to be more useful than ever, grasp your proficiencies with all weapons, clear bank house, have your quest log full of completed quests so that when the expansion hits you may get a instant boost.

Well i know this was a long post but i hope it helped you find out ways to make world of warcraft cataclysm gold easily and other tips.

StarCraft 2 Guide On Area Maps – Staredit

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Starcraft 2 Guide On Area MapsStarCraft 2 Guide On Area Maps – SC2Edit

Simply as there have been maps obtainable for the unique Starcraft game, so too will there be Starcraft 2 area maps. The new map editor for this new model of the sport will have the ability to assist wall traps, doorways and auto weapons which aren’t potential within the authentic game. You may place any object on the map so long as it is outlined in the data whatever the tile set with which it is associated. The upgrades will even be extended and downgraded with the usage of triggers.

The largest change in map creation with Starcraft 2 might be in the data editor. It’s here that every sport database can be exposed for modification. The map sizes might be much the identical as within the original, however they’ll fluctuate on a per participant basis. You will be able to obtain enlarged versions of the maps as properly to make it easier for you to plan your strategy. The terrain cells of the old editor have been transformed so that they match those of the new editor that might be a part of the package deal if you purchase the game.

In Star Craft II, the heroes could have a much wider range of unique skills that differ from the common abilities. However, within the new recreation, heroes won’t be part of a multiplayer skirmish and will likely be solely obtainable in single player games. The Terrans won’t be additional weakened and can have plenty of counters to melee units. Nonetheless, the Firebat choice will still be included in the map editor. At the same time the Zerg Mutalisks will still have the capability of hitting multiple targets simultaneously.

In the area maps for Starcraft 2 you’ll nonetheless have the ability to choose scenario maps. These are used in melees or in the Use Map Settings of the game. In the melee maps, players begin at totally different places, so once you look over the map you will need to be aware where all these starting positions are. Most gamers print off the map before they start enjoying to allow them to research it and plan their strategy. They hold the map beside them on the computer and check with it when needed.

Most casual melees are played on cash maps, which offer you entry to unlimited assets and money. Initial caps are set at 50,000or more units to get rid of the need for expansion units. Use Map Settings should not as structured as melee maps and use specialized triggers and setups as a way to change the sport play. The main focus in Star Craft 11 can be on single player campaigns, which are lengthy scenarios.

In the primary maps of the original games, you can’t insert any textual content, however this will likely be different in the map editor that comes with SC2. It is possible for you to to create new art will record all sorts of data, which StarEdit 2 is unable to do and create new models and characters. Like Star Craft, the sequel will also have maps primarily based on movies and books.

WoW Cataclysm Twighlight Highlands New Boss

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

So there are some bugs still floating around for world of warcraft that allows players to go under the game world and in turn they can move freely. This bug is still available in the current build of world of warcraft. Its over at taultunleashed if you are interested in reading about it.

Well someone has used that bug to now go to a new place in the game that isnt intended for world of warcraft cataclysm. The new location is called the twilight highlands. It has a ton of new stuff for play and something that people didnt think would be there.

In the video at around 3:20 you can see something that looks like sarlacc from the star wars universe. It has the giant mouth and tons of tentacles. The creature seems to be a major player in the upcoming wow cataclysm and might be deathwing in a form but thats not sure. Also there is speculation that this is one of the major dragons breeding grounds but once against no one is sure.

Anyways you can check out the video and see the exploit ina ction. Its pretty neat to see something that large in wow cataclysm. Its more than likely going to be end game content for the end of the expansion.

Starcraft 2 Guide How To Fix Lag

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Fix starcraft 2 lagFix for starcraft 2 lag?
My starcraft 2 game is laggy for single player and even worse for multi player. My question is if anyone know s away i can fix my lag problems easily. I know it has to do with the hardware but it might have something to do with the software because my online games are horrible. Even if my hardware was bad i still shouldnt get that bad of online gaming. So does anyone know a way to fix this starcraft 2 lag im having.

Best answer:
Well there are always 2 parts when it comes to a slow game the first is with your hardware and the second is with your software. Lets start with your hardware.

If you haven’t already you should have at least 2 gigs of ram but id recommend at least 3 gigs of ram to make sure you can take care of it all. You need to have at least 2.4 ghz for a processor. Also be sure to get a decent graphics card. you can get a good one for around 150 dollars if you look hard and long enough for one.

Also if you don’t already have it, make sure you have some kind of high speed internet. A old 20k a sec connection wont cut it and you’ll need something fast enough to load the games in a timely manner. Also this helps because you need to almost constantly have an online connection for single and multiplayer games due to the new system.

Now lets look at software. First of all make sure you have an up to date operating system and if you can get windows7 in there it has all the bells and whistles you could need from an operating system. Make sure you run your windows update and get all your things updated. Then check out your graphics card manufacturers website and see if you have the latest drivers for your graphics card that is a big one. Check your router or firewall to make sure you have the ports open for the game you are playing. Also see what other applications are running when you are running the game. Lots of applications can bog down a system and if they are stealing your internet that can make you suffer even more.

Try turning off your virus protection system when you are playing online as anti virus software can really hamper a computer. Then go and check your internet speed. Id go to and make sure you have a good speed and see if you are loosing any packets. Because if you have a high packet loss that will bog down your game for multiplayer a lot.

If you do all those suggestions you shouldn’t have any problem with your computer running in tip top shape. Enjoy starcraft 2 and enjoy a much faster computer for online and single player gaming.

I hope this answers your question for how to fix starcraft 2 lag and slow game play.

Starcraft 2 Map Editor Staredit Guide

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Starcraft 2 Map Editor Staredit GuideHow to Use the Starcraft Map Editing Feature

Here is a great guide on using one of starcraft 2’s most amazing things.  Its a guide on using star edit.  Staredit is the map creation program that comes with starcraft 2 and allows you to make a ton of different things.  From rpg games, to racing games, to tower defense games.  The new staredit does that and more.  Well anyways here is the guide enjoy.

In enjoying Starcraft, you must use map editor at various times regardless that the game could also be advanced and complicated enough with out it. It is very likely that as a beginner you’ll need assist in using a device for modifying a Starcraft map that will help you make your personal campaigns and scenarios. The essential type of map editor is StarEdit, which is what you should use to get began earlier than you go on to more superior editors. Via StarEdit, you can modify a lot of the features of the sport and build your personal type scratch. You may type utterly typical missions, which are simple fights between the races or highly uncommon ones, equivalent to a sport of interstellar football.

You could understand that in map enhancing the terms mission and state of affairs are synonymous within the instructions for methods to use the Starcraft editor. Nevertheless, the time period marketing campaign refers to a sequence of scenarios or maps which are linked collectively so that you could simply progress from one state of affairs to the next.

Probably the most fundamental feature of StarEdit is its map modifying ability. In utilizing this function you may place completely different options of terrain, such as rivers and cliffs, wherever you want on the map. As well as, you can even place buildings or troops in varied locations. You can too changes elements of the scenario, which known as state of affairs editing. These adjustments can include things like how many players there are, how many races will probably be concerned and which items and upgrades are available.

You can edit and formulate the briefing session and the messages each participant receives earlier than and throughout the mission. There’s also a characteristic that means that you can hyperlink scenarios right into a marketing campaign so that when a participant finishes one he/she mechanically advances to the next. When enhancing the map, you must include triggers. That is basically a statement about how the mission is to behave. There are an infinite number of triggers you should use in a single map, but even advanced maps comprise solely about 300 triggers. A set off consists of describing how a mission ought to play out and what occurs when certain circumstances are met.

Within the StarEdit, there are pre-assembled artificial intelligence scripts for you to select from. These aid in assigning laptop-controlled forces. They tailor the behavior of enemy species to specific situations for every mission. You can combine and match these with various triggers to manage the computer.

With a view to play the mission you created along with your map, you should first start the StarEdit and choose both Play or Customized from the single player option. You may also select a new sport from the menu and then select the state of affairs you wish to play. The melee map is the essential map through which you build a map for a melee or different multiplayer games. You’ll be able to play these maps in Melee, Free For All or Use Map Settings. After you acquire expertise with building just a few melee maps, then you can start experimenting with constructing a couple of superior maps.

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World of Warcraft Cataclysm Digital Download On Release Day

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Digital DownloadCan i get World of Warcraft Cataclysm Digital Download On Release Day
I live in the middle of no where and the closet game store is about an hour away from me. My question is how will blizzard be implementing the world of warcraft cataclysm release. I know i can get it from amazon and gamestop but usually that takes a day or 2 and i get it normally one or 2 days after the release day. Now you might say im crazy and i should learn to wait a day or 2.

Well the problem is with my work i only get so many days off a year and i want to take those days off because i really enjoy playing the game. So it would be helpful for me to find out the easiest way to get world of warcraft cataclysm on the release day so i can take of my time from work without having to time it correctly for when the package comes to me. Considering im up in Alaska sometimes they can mess up the mail and then im screwed and wasted a few days for nothing.

Anyways does anyone know about the world of warcraft digital download for cataclysm and if there is on?

Best answer:
Well i can start this off but saying youre in luck. Blizzard has plans to do digital downloads for almost all their releases in the game.

They did mention something about it but i dont want to just leave it at that and have you take my word there was some talk about it. A good example of how they have been handling it is with starcraft 2. They will allow you to download the game up to a week in advance to help with the load on teh servers for people downloading it. Then the game at 12am on the time zone will be activated for the new expansion for you. This way you wont have to wait til that night to find millions of people trying to download the expansion. Also you can get it all set up and ready before the release. They did this with starcraft 2 and it went off perfectly without even the slightest downtime for the game.

I think that answers your question best about world of warcraft cataclysms digital download and if blizzard is going to have one for people on the release of the game.

Starcraft 2 Terran Lift Off Bunker Rushing Guide

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

So we are going to give a little more insight for the terran vs terran lift off marine rush and if it works. So the point of this rush is basically you put your marines right next to your opponents and build a bunker so you can kill him relatively easily. First of all when you are doing this rush you have to make sure its on a map where you have a mineral field near your opponent and you know where they are going to spawn (you might have to search with an scv to find out).

Now you build right next to him and start massing marines. Also you build as fast as you can a bunker right next to their base. The point of this is you are going to distract their scvs so they will stop harvesting minerals and start trying to stop you. If you are lucky to get a bunker built thats great because it will take the scvs awhile to break it down. If you dont get one built keep trying to and right before its destroyed cancel it and try building a new one to help keep your minerals.

Then you keep bringing on in your marines to keep the pressure on them and since they will be attacking you with their marines just pop them in a bunker. Bring over one or 2 scvs and repair your current bunker and build a new one.

If you put enough pressure on them they wont be gaining enough minerals to keep up with and you should have a bunker full of marines which they have no way to stop. The game will end quickly and youll have another win under your belt. Keep in mind by doing this your going to make someone pretty made and wont get a good game normally when playing this style. However a win is still a win so enjoy it.

Be sure to keep coming back for our starcraft 2 news and information on all the underground things going on in the world of starcraft 2. Also check out taultunleashed for premium starcraft 2 things.

Aion Weaponsmithing Kinah Guide Secrets

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Aion Weaponsmithing Kinah Guide SecretsAion Weaponsmithing Kinah Guide Secrets

Weaponsmithing is a career in Aion that is used to create basically all of the steel based mostly weapons used by its characters. This includes the swords, daggers, axes, polearms, and maces. Warriors, Assassins and Chanters will all want these items sooner or later, which provides this profession a nice platform from which to make Kinah – they have a far larger put in base of potential customers.

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Methods to Make Kinah with Weaponsmithing
For those inquisitive about making a revenue with weaponsmithing, you could start with reaching the top stage and then getting the materials required for it. The price of leveling up Weaponsmithing will be reasonably super on its own, so it is strongly recommended that you don’t start past degree 199 or so until you’re in your 40s or degree 50. This may allow you to level it faster and extra efficiently.

Additionally, you must save the entire metals you collect from the world as these will probably be in high demand for your crafts. If you happen to see good offers on the Commerce Broker, pick them up rapidly too as these can all the time sit in the Warehouse for some time till they’re priceless again.

In the end, you will want to spend a bit of time creating your recipe stock as well. This needs to be finished in the Abyss the place additionally, you will must replenish on Divine Energy to assist proc out some rarer items that can sell for extra Kinah. It is advisable to discuss to the NPCs situated within the fortresses in the Abyss. These are solely obtainable to you if your faction controls the fortresses so chances are you’ll need to participate in some PvP as nicely to get this career leveled up.
Flipping Earnings

After getting your recipes and your supplies, it’s best to focus on crafting objects with high demand – this includes two handed weapons with gradual cast occasions and high DPS ratings, as well as certain one handed items like swords and daggers that can be utilized by a twin wielding Assassin or Gladiator. Ensure to concentrate on the ones with the highest demand and try and proc the rarest types of these gear recipes.

Once you have created your gadgets, use the Non-public Store or Commerce Dealer to sell them off. The Commerce Dealer is finest for items with excessive demand. Anything else, together with set items must be bought on a one on one foundation the place you’ll be able to assure a profit in your investment.

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WoW Cataclysm Worgen and Goblin Classes

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

WoW Cataclysm Worgen and Goblin ClassesWoW Cataclysm Worgen and Goblin Classes
So i have 3 main questions about world of warcraft cataclysm and im curious on different things relating to the upcoming expansion. My first one is what type of classes can i play if i pick the worgen class for alliance? The second one is what type of classes can i play if i pick the goblin class for the horde? My third is when is the game going to be released in the united states, and will they have a world of warcraft cataclysm midnight release?

PS this game looks amazing. Im so excited how they are going to redo the entire game based on the 1-60 experience. I hope they make tons of great end game content for the new classes and starter content too. Well i know they haven’t disappointed me yet so im not to worried.

Best answer:
Well i will start from the top for your wow cataclysm questions.

For the alliance worgen classes you can play as them all except the worgen shaman class and worgen paladin class. The goblins are pretty much the same as you can play them all except the goblin paladin class and goblin druid class.

As for the release date most people have pointed to the end of October or early to mid November for the release date. You can learn more about that on the site if you use the left navigation and look under the cataclysm link area.

When it comes to a midnight release for world of warcraft cataclysm i know a lot of the smaller gamestop stores only get 3-5 major releases each year. They are planning on halo, call of duty, and world of warcraft for their releases. So on your question for a might night release on the game is clearly going to be a yes if stores will do it because gamestop for sure will.

I hope this answers your questions about the world of warcraft cataclysm worgen and goblin classes that you can pick when the games go live. Also on the release date schedule for the game. Enjoy.