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Rift Online Battleground BG Bot Released

On a great note the first major battleground bot for rift online was released today. The bot has all the bells and whistles you could need for a basic rift battleground bot.

Setting up the rift battleground anti afk bot might take a little bit longer than people are use to with bots. That’s because … More »

Rift Defiant Leveling and Gold Cheating Guide

Rift Defiant Leveling and Gold Cheating Guide

Here is going to be a quick recap of all the major defiant leveling guides and cheats out there, and rift defiant gold guides and cheats that you can currently use. The defiant is one of the 2 sides in rift online you can pick from. The other … More »

Rift Planes of Telara Hacks Security Questions

Question by Love RiftRift Planes of Telara Hacks Security Questions Im interested in hacks for rift online but i know nothing about the hacking community or where to get hacks. Can someone help tell me what are the best hacks for rift online and what each one does in the game. Also what sites should … More »

Rift Leveling Bots and Farming Bots Review

With rift being out there have been a few people that are after rift online leveling and farming bots for the game. Right now you mainly have just a few choices and in this article we will go through thema dn help users decide what they do and do not want for thier botting … More »

Rift Gold Dupe Cheat

There is currently a demi gold dupe out in rift online. This gold dupe allows you to almost instantly amass a ton of gold in the game. What the gold dupe does is it finds a way so players can with little to no work on their part farm a ton of gold in … More »