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FFXI Alpha User Experience From

The people over at have done a translation of a players experience for ffxiv into English.

The players talks about some really great additions to the game. Best of all is going to be boats. Boats in the game are going to be a lot they where in previous ff games. It is bringing … More »

FFXIV Alpha Manual Leaked

The FFXIV manual has been leaked by alpha player who has his own blog called ffxivjourney. Well this little blog has so much information people are going to love it. On top of that they give you an awesome Q and A at the very end of the manual for questions players might have. Well … More »

WOW - Increase Your Icecrown Raid Performance By 500%

Here is an awesome way to increase your performance with the icecrown raid by more than 500% and it only requires 2 addons.

First of all make sure everyone gets the following 2 addons.

AVR – Addons – Curse AVR Encounters – Addons – Curse

The first plugin gives you a virtual overlay on top … More »

Warhammer Online Patch 1.3.5 On PTS

A Major warhammer online patch has been released on the PTS. This patch covers some of the major things players have wanted in the game.

Here are some of the major additions to this patch. Keep in mind this is not everything. If you want the full list of all the patch goodness released you … More »

Warhammer Staff Gives An Apology For Billing Mess up

The other day the executive producer for warhammer online gave an apology for the giant billing fiasco that affected thousands of players at the very least.

This apology is in response to the billing mistake that happened between March 18 and April 7. A majority of players where being billed for multiple months of warhammer … More »

SWTOR In Game Combat Dev Diary

So now lets give you something amazing. An amazing developer diary from bioware was released today.

Its showing all the great new SWTOR combat in the game. The game apparently has all the choreographed moves in the game. It also lets you decide on how you want to do damage such as charging … More »

Cataclysm Deathwing Human Form Leaked

So last week a member of scrolls of lore was able to go on a trip to Irving California and view the Blizzard HQ.

There he was given a tour of the entire facility and was allowed to take pictures of the whole event. Well apparently he took some pictures of things not suppose … More »

Fallout MMO Still In Limbo But Hope Is Out There

If you have ever played fallout then you know it was and is one of the greatest games ever. Here is in a nut shell whats going on.

The original creator of fallout, interplay, wants to create a fallout MMO. Bethesda who bought the rights to create the new fallout games is arguing that they … More »

Tault New Section 100% Live

We have been teasing about this for awhile, but now finally we have made our new section 100% live.

Here you can now read all the latest things going on in mmos. From mmo news, to free cheats and bots, to great new bots and cheats on other sites. This is going to be … More »

WOW - Make 1000 GPH In Zerg Booty Bay

Here is a very easy way to gain a ton of easy gold per hour by just using a tank. For my account i used a paladin which was one of the easiest classes to use if its fully geared out for PvP.

All you need to do is travel to zerg booty bay. … More »