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Cataclysm Adds Auto Quest Technology

World of warcraft is doing something brand new this time around with world of warcraft cataclysm. In the old system for mmorpgs. A player would go out and talk to a NPC in a town or somewhere else. Then they would complete the quest given to them, but finding an item, killing a mob, or … More »

Cataclym Talent Trees For Priest, Shaman, Druid, and Rouge

Here is a nice little video showing the newest cataclysm talent trees for the priest, shaman, druid, and rouge. Also included are 2 sites that show you the talents more in depth. One in text and one in javascript. … More »

Followup – FFXIV Not Very Likely On Xbox 360

We did a post about how FFXIV (Final Fantasy 14 / XIV) had a very high chance of coming to the XBOX 360 but just a few days later a response was posted talking about how this is not going to be very likely. This is due to a few major issues concerning XBOX Lives Gold Service. … More »

FFXIV Coming To XBox360 Afterall?

Sony might of tooted their horn a little to soon when it comes to Final Fantasy XIV coming to the xbox 360. Now it looks like there is a high chance that 360 owned can enjoy the great followup to the very online successful Final Fantasy 11 (FFXIV) … More »

25 Player Ruby Sanctum Run In Cataclysm Beta

Here is a great video of a group of players doing the 25 man ruby sanctum run in the world of warcraft cataclysm beta. The video is decent quality and lasts for over five minutes so you have plenty to enjoy. I’m going to say that this might be the expansion that gives players another … More »

How To Create Your Own Aion Private Server

Here is an amazing guide how to create your own private server in aion online. Aion online is an amazing game however players hate having the extreme grind later in the game. Now this gives you the ability to create your own private server. From running around the game as an admin. To being able … More »

New Temple Behind Uldum

Here are some awesome pictures using a private server to view the cataclysm landscape. Here you can see an awesome new template behind uldrum. These are just a few areas of the upcoming cataclysm patch. Also at the bottom you can see the maelstrom vortex. It basically one of the coolest looking things ever to … More »

Make 30,000 Gold in 40 Hours As A Rogue

This guide is going you show all you rogues how to make some quick and easy gold. It will require some repetitive work but its very easy to do and in the end will net you over 30,000 gold if done right. Make sure you have the following 1) A level 75+ Rogue 2) Moll-e … More »

D3 Female Witch Doctor

This might be an old one but some people are still not aware of this release. Blizzard has gone out and done a release for the female witch doctor. The female version fo the witch doctor was believed to have been leaked accidentally by blizzard which forced them to release the page early. The female … More »

Aion Online Cheats – Exploits

This is a quick area to help people whoa re curious about all the major cheats and exploits in aion online. First of all as i always say first is cheats and exploits are normally the same thing. They both allow you to do something in the game that normally you should not be able … More »