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SC2 Best Top Rushes For Protoss Zerg and Terran

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Brady Games Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide Review ScamBrady Games Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide Review Scam or NotSC2 Best Rushes For Protoss Zerg and Terran

What is a Starcraft 2 Rush?

A rush in starcraft 2 has one goal in mind.  Its to help you beat your opponent to the ground before you both have a equal build up of units to fight it out.  Rushes in starcraft 2 not only will catch your opponent off guard at times, but it helps to limit their starting resources to give you an advantage in the long run.

Things to Think About While Rushing

When you rush you use all your resources.  The goal is to build so many units so quickly that your opponent can not react quickly enough to stop you.  Then you eventually will overwhelm them and win the match

Remember just because your rush might fail doesnt mean you will loose the match.  With most rushes you can destroy your opponents resource gathering enough to cripple them for awhile..

Rushing Based On Each Race

Remember every race has different pros and cons when it comes to rushing so you need to figure those out as quickly as possible to help you ultimately win the match.

Zerg: When playing as the zerg your best rush is going to be the zergling rush.  You can pump out more units than anyone else in the game and if done right you can kill off your opponents drones, probes, or scvs giving you an advantage of minerals overall.  Once you cripple their economy then its time to kill them off with roaches, or hydralisks.

Protoss: The protoss used to be just regular zealots because of their strength but since recent updates its not longer the best move for a protoss player.  Your best bet now are dark templars.  Dark templars are forever cloaked and if done quickly enough you can kill off your opponent before they can get anything out to detect them quickly enough.  This rush is great for killing someone who can do nothing to stop you in the game..

Terran: When it comes to terrans reapers are your friend.  Not only can they do massive amounts of damage from a distance but they can jump around the map.  With just a few reapers you can kill off your opponents mineral harvesting and ultimately cripple them from being able to expand.  Thus giving you a quick win.

Rushing Isnt Just A Tactic Its a Way of Life

As it stands those are the best rushing strategies in starcraft 2.  They are the best because they are helping players win the most matches the fastest way possible.  Know that you know what your opponent is going to try and do against you then you have a good bet on how you can stop them adn ultimately kill them off in the long run.  Happy rushing and be sure to check us out for other strategies about starcraft 2.

Brady Games Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide Review Scam or Not

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Brady Games Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide Review ScamBrady Games Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide Review Scam or Not

Brady games is known for making pretty much all the official released guides for games. However what most people aren’t aware of is the quality of these guides they release. Some times they can be very useful but Brady games has now taken the guide market for mmos and lets look at the collective sc2 Brady games guide and the normal one they have.

The first guide for Brady games is the signature series. This one has all the single player campaign walk through for all missions you can do in the game. It also covers the bonus objectives in the game. You can find special maps that only come with the guide. As well it shows you in picture the locations of units, enemy bases and key spots for the game. If you just wanted to play the single player portion of the game then maybe the guide is for you. Most of this stuff can be found by just searching the net and asking questions.

The normal guide is pretty much the same thing but it doesn’t have as many maps, or special unit information. Id say spend the extra money and get the official guide, but there is one key part missing. With starcraft 2 you normally want to do multiplayer. Brady games in no way helps you at being a better player in the game. They tell you what to do and how to do it so you can get the single player portion of the game done. However if you want to be one of the best players out there you will need to know all the secret moves in the game and how to accomplish them as well.

This is a large problem most people have with Brady games they give you the bare minimum. For example their world of warcraft or aion guides just cover the basics in no way will it help you level faster, give you great quest run downs, or show you the best ways to do things in the game. They give you a glorified instruction manual. Which is unfair to the public. If you just wanted something to read thats fine and if the guide was only 5-10 dollars thats fine too. But they are charging 20+ dollars for premium content and giving you basic information.

Overall i would rate the guide a 10 on single player, but a zero on multiplayer. So overall the guide is only a 5. If you want to actually become a better player you will need a guide like the things they have over at taultunleashed. They give you the best online multiplayer guides, cheats that you shouldn’t be able to do, and hacks to make you even a better player. They don’t mess around when it comes to being the best player out there.

Starcraft 2 Shokz Guide Review – SC2 Shokz

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Starcraft 2 Shokz GuideStarcraft 2 Shokz Guide Review – SC2 Shokz
Here is a quick guide review comparing the starcraft 2 shokz guide to the major guide site out there called taultunleashed. We are going to give you a quick recap of the faults and pros of each and how they compare.

Sc2 1v1 Guides – Shokz has a great area for 1v1 guides and how to fight other players. Taultunleashed also gives you all the latest guides out there.
SC2 2v2 Guides – Shokz stats that it will be adding more information over time. Taultunleashed currently has all the latest sc2 2v2 strategy guides out there.
SC2 Build Orders – Both shokz and taultunleashed has all this information posted on both sites.
Replays of strategies – Shokz does not have many reply videos of things. Taultunleashed has plenty of reply videos listed for multiple guides.
Tournament Strategies – Shokz does not have any tournament strategies, taultunleashed has tons of ways to win against the best of the best.
Race Defenses – Both taultunleashed and shokz give you ways to stop units with different units from the opposing races.
24 Hours support – Shokz has none, while taultunleashed is being constantly updated.
Zero day updates – Shokz updates bi weekly while taultunleashed updates daily.
Cheats – Shokz has none. Taultunleashed has tons.
Bots and Hacks – Shokz has none taultunleashed has tons.
Secrets – Shokz does not have any right now while taultunleashed is adding more daily.
Price – Shokz is 37 dollars, while taultunleashed is only 8.

I hope this guide tells you the major differences between the two and allows you to decide which guide site is best for you and will make you a better player. Be sure to keep checking out for all the latest cheats, guides, strategies, secrets, and more for sc2.

Starcraft 2 Cheats – Top Five SC2 Cheats Being Used

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

Starcraft 2 Cheats Out ThereIn this little article we are going to tell you the top 5 starcraft 2 cheats going on right now and what they do.

The first major one is a new rushing exploit that only terrans can use that normally will give you an instant win in the game. Its pretty easy to do and has a step by step guide for how you can do this rush.

The next one is a exploit that will allow you to speed up building your tech labs in the game. This exploit basically will give you about an extra 30 second upgrade on most every player in the game you are against. Great for winning a rush. This is sure to be nerfed in the upcoming patches.

The third one is more for single player but its a list of all the working single player cheats. These wont give you achievements but you can go and become pretty much a god in the game.

The fourth is with mind control and its an exploit letting you control more units than you should be able too. Blizzard did not intend for players to become this powerful nor did they want players to be able to exploit this bad boy like most players have been doing in the game.

The fifth one is one of the biggest ones int he game. There is a cheat out there allowing players to zoom out far more than the game normally allows. In starcraft 2 they keep your zoom out factor rather low helping keep the game balanced for people on lower resolution monitors. Well this cheat will bypass that and allow you to zoom out even farther. This is very helpful for managing large scale battles or multiple bases at once without running around.

Well those are the top five starcraft 2 cheats out there currently. Be sure to keep coming back here to learn about more. Also if you want to actually use these cheats and exploits be sure to check out taultunleashed for the latest information on these. Thanks for reading.

StarCraft 2 Guide On Area Maps – Staredit

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Starcraft 2 Guide On Area MapsStarCraft 2 Guide On Area Maps – SC2Edit

Simply as there have been maps obtainable for the unique Starcraft game, so too will there be Starcraft 2 area maps. The new map editor for this new model of the sport will have the ability to assist wall traps, doorways and auto weapons which aren’t potential within the authentic game. You may place any object on the map so long as it is outlined in the data whatever the tile set with which it is associated. The upgrades will even be extended and downgraded with the usage of triggers.

The largest change in map creation with Starcraft 2 might be in the data editor. It’s here that every sport database can be exposed for modification. The map sizes might be much the identical as within the original, however they’ll fluctuate on a per participant basis. You will be able to obtain enlarged versions of the maps as properly to make it easier for you to plan your strategy. The terrain cells of the old editor have been transformed so that they match those of the new editor that might be a part of the package deal if you purchase the game.

In Star Craft II, the heroes could have a much wider range of unique skills that differ from the common abilities. However, within the new recreation, heroes won’t be part of a multiplayer skirmish and will likely be solely obtainable in single player games. The Terrans won’t be additional weakened and can have plenty of counters to melee units. Nonetheless, the Firebat choice will still be included in the map editor. At the same time the Zerg Mutalisks will still have the capability of hitting multiple targets simultaneously.

In the area maps for Starcraft 2 you’ll nonetheless have the ability to choose scenario maps. These are used in melees or in the Use Map Settings of the game. In the melee maps, players begin at totally different places, so once you look over the map you will need to be aware where all these starting positions are. Most gamers print off the map before they start enjoying to allow them to research it and plan their strategy. They hold the map beside them on the computer and check with it when needed.

Most casual melees are played on cash maps, which offer you entry to unlimited assets and money. Initial caps are set at 50,000or more units to get rid of the need for expansion units. Use Map Settings should not as structured as melee maps and use specialized triggers and setups as a way to change the sport play. The main focus in Star Craft 11 can be on single player campaigns, which are lengthy scenarios.

In the primary maps of the original games, you can’t insert any textual content, however this will likely be different in the map editor that comes with SC2. It is possible for you to to create new art will record all sorts of data, which StarEdit 2 is unable to do and create new models and characters. Like Star Craft, the sequel will also have maps primarily based on movies and books.

Starcraft 2 Guide How To Fix Lag

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Fix starcraft 2 lagFix for starcraft 2 lag?
My starcraft 2 game is laggy for single player and even worse for multi player. My question is if anyone know s away i can fix my lag problems easily. I know it has to do with the hardware but it might have something to do with the software because my online games are horrible. Even if my hardware was bad i still shouldnt get that bad of online gaming. So does anyone know a way to fix this starcraft 2 lag im having.

Best answer:
Well there are always 2 parts when it comes to a slow game the first is with your hardware and the second is with your software. Lets start with your hardware.

If you haven’t already you should have at least 2 gigs of ram but id recommend at least 3 gigs of ram to make sure you can take care of it all. You need to have at least 2.4 ghz for a processor. Also be sure to get a decent graphics card. you can get a good one for around 150 dollars if you look hard and long enough for one.

Also if you don’t already have it, make sure you have some kind of high speed internet. A old 20k a sec connection wont cut it and you’ll need something fast enough to load the games in a timely manner. Also this helps because you need to almost constantly have an online connection for single and multiplayer games due to the new system.

Now lets look at software. First of all make sure you have an up to date operating system and if you can get windows7 in there it has all the bells and whistles you could need from an operating system. Make sure you run your windows update and get all your things updated. Then check out your graphics card manufacturers website and see if you have the latest drivers for your graphics card that is a big one. Check your router or firewall to make sure you have the ports open for the game you are playing. Also see what other applications are running when you are running the game. Lots of applications can bog down a system and if they are stealing your internet that can make you suffer even more.

Try turning off your virus protection system when you are playing online as anti virus software can really hamper a computer. Then go and check your internet speed. Id go to and make sure you have a good speed and see if you are loosing any packets. Because if you have a high packet loss that will bog down your game for multiplayer a lot.

If you do all those suggestions you shouldn’t have any problem with your computer running in tip top shape. Enjoy starcraft 2 and enjoy a much faster computer for online and single player gaming.

I hope this answers your question for how to fix starcraft 2 lag and slow game play.

Starcraft 2 Map Editor Staredit Guide

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Starcraft 2 Map Editor Staredit GuideHow to Use the Starcraft Map Editing Feature

Here is a great guide on using one of starcraft 2’s most amazing things.  Its a guide on using star edit.  Staredit is the map creation program that comes with starcraft 2 and allows you to make a ton of different things.  From rpg games, to racing games, to tower defense games.  The new staredit does that and more.  Well anyways here is the guide enjoy.

In enjoying Starcraft, you must use map editor at various times regardless that the game could also be advanced and complicated enough with out it. It is very likely that as a beginner you’ll need assist in using a device for modifying a Starcraft map that will help you make your personal campaigns and scenarios. The essential type of map editor is StarEdit, which is what you should use to get began earlier than you go on to more superior editors. Via StarEdit, you can modify a lot of the features of the sport and build your personal type scratch. You may type utterly typical missions, which are simple fights between the races or highly uncommon ones, equivalent to a sport of interstellar football.

You could understand that in map enhancing the terms mission and state of affairs are synonymous within the instructions for methods to use the Starcraft editor. Nevertheless, the time period marketing campaign refers to a sequence of scenarios or maps which are linked collectively so that you could simply progress from one state of affairs to the next.

Probably the most fundamental feature of StarEdit is its map modifying ability. In utilizing this function you may place completely different options of terrain, such as rivers and cliffs, wherever you want on the map. As well as, you can even place buildings or troops in varied locations. You can too changes elements of the scenario, which known as state of affairs editing. These adjustments can include things like how many players there are, how many races will probably be concerned and which items and upgrades are available.

You can edit and formulate the briefing session and the messages each participant receives earlier than and throughout the mission. There’s also a characteristic that means that you can hyperlink scenarios right into a marketing campaign so that when a participant finishes one he/she mechanically advances to the next. When enhancing the map, you must include triggers. That is basically a statement about how the mission is to behave. There are an infinite number of triggers you should use in a single map, but even advanced maps comprise solely about 300 triggers. A set off consists of describing how a mission ought to play out and what occurs when certain circumstances are met.

Within the StarEdit, there are pre-assembled artificial intelligence scripts for you to select from. These aid in assigning laptop-controlled forces. They tailor the behavior of enemy species to specific situations for every mission. You can combine and match these with various triggers to manage the computer.

With a view to play the mission you created along with your map, you should first start the StarEdit and choose both Play or Customized from the single player option. You may also select a new sport from the menu and then select the state of affairs you wish to play. The melee map is the essential map through which you build a map for a melee or different multiplayer games. You’ll be able to play these maps in Melee, Free For All or Use Map Settings. After you acquire expertise with building just a few melee maps, then you can start experimenting with constructing a couple of superior maps.

For more starcraft 2 guides check out taultunleashed

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Starcraft 2 Terran Lift Off Bunker Rushing Guide

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

So we are going to give a little more insight for the terran vs terran lift off marine rush and if it works. So the point of this rush is basically you put your marines right next to your opponents and build a bunker so you can kill him relatively easily. First of all when you are doing this rush you have to make sure its on a map where you have a mineral field near your opponent and you know where they are going to spawn (you might have to search with an scv to find out).

Now you build right next to him and start massing marines. Also you build as fast as you can a bunker right next to their base. The point of this is you are going to distract their scvs so they will stop harvesting minerals and start trying to stop you. If you are lucky to get a bunker built thats great because it will take the scvs awhile to break it down. If you dont get one built keep trying to and right before its destroyed cancel it and try building a new one to help keep your minerals.

Then you keep bringing on in your marines to keep the pressure on them and since they will be attacking you with their marines just pop them in a bunker. Bring over one or 2 scvs and repair your current bunker and build a new one.

If you put enough pressure on them they wont be gaining enough minerals to keep up with and you should have a bunker full of marines which they have no way to stop. The game will end quickly and youll have another win under your belt. Keep in mind by doing this your going to make someone pretty made and wont get a good game normally when playing this style. However a win is still a win so enjoy it.

Be sure to keep coming back for our starcraft 2 news and information on all the underground things going on in the world of starcraft 2. Also check out taultunleashed for premium starcraft 2 things.

Starcraft 2 Game Breaking Bugs

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Starcraft 2 Game Breaking BugsThe first one is with windows 7 64bit. Starcraft does not like 64 bit machines and you can expect to be forced to run the painful auto fixer once a day. It takes a good 20 minutes and is annoying as hell to run. So be for warned about that.

Replaying the game bug. If you beat the game and you for example forget to a do a mission. SUCH AS THE PROTOSS ONES. Well then you are SOL. You have pretty much one of 2 choices. Join a late game that you made before you actually went to char. But that sucks because you have to complete all 3 missions at char in order to beat the game again. Blizzard made a giant mistake doing this. Basically its going to force hard core gamers to play the game all over again instead of just joining certain missions they want for extra perks.

Force closed bug – if you close the game down but a force close (like cntrl+alt+delete) you will be normally forced to reinstall the entire game because starcraft 2 will be corrupted easily. Its painful that a game so well built can have a flaw like this one.

The newest one is the over heating bug. Basically if you keep the game running in the game hub screen (place you do upgrades, pick missions, check out random things), it keeps on rendering the stuff going on and can actually overheat your graphics card. Be careful.

All in all this is pretty good for the release, but blizzard got a little shady how they did the single player campaign in forcing people to play the entire game over again if they want to go from normal to hard to hardcore if they missed anything. Its annoying and unfair to the players that want to just enjoy the challenges and fun of starcraft 2.

Well be

Starcraft 2 Hacks – What all is out there?

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Starcraft 2 Hacks GuideIf you are like most players you always want to win. Well with starcraft 2 hacks you can do just that. The problem with using sc2 hacks is at times you aren’t sure if you are at a site with working hacks or just installing a trojan on your computer to steal your information. Well we will go through the sites to get hacks from and what all is out there currently.

Currently players have found a few major hacks in the game and the first one is the no fog hack. What this hack does is it totally removes the fog of war that most players have to deal with when they start a game. It does this from a a very special hack in the game. When you use the no fog hack it allows you o see everything out there and gives you an extra advantage on your opponent. Because if you know what they are planning on doing you can easily get prepared to stop it.

The second major hack out there is called a sc2 trainer or starcraft 2 bot. The first one allows you to create a custom games and set up different variables. So it will allow you to for example have 5000 minerals instantly in any single player game. This is great because it makes playing your opponent all the easier and helps you to decide what the best strategy there is for winning a match. The second one is a starcraft 2 bot which gives you the ability to let the computer play for you. So for example lets say you build the perfect defense and now you want to know what the next step you should take is going to be. Well you just let this starcraft 2 bot play for you and in turn the game will show you what the best move for any player out there is and how to win.

The final hack out there is going to be actual in game mineral hacks. With these hacks you exploit code in a custom map and in turn use it to your advantage. Example is for tower defense there is a hack out there that allows you to change your damage, change you speed of attack, and change your range. With this you have a giant leg up on the competition because you are piratically in god mode now. You dont have to worry about them being able to fight back at all with this set up.

Now we said earlier we would tell you the best place to find hacks. The majority of sites out there are scams so you need to watch out. What they do is take a working cheat, manipulate it to put a trojan in it, then they offer it for download on their site. Then when you just want an advantage and you check out the site you are instead stuck with malice code on your computer. The only major starcraft 2 hacking site out there is going to be taultunleashed. They have the largest database of starcraft 2 hacks a player could ever need to use.